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Get your leaking tap repaired or replaced

A leaking tap usually means that the tap washer needs to be replaced although it can also be caused by a damaged valve seating. The cause of the dripping or water leaking at the base will vary depending on the type of tap and mixer set up you have installed in your bathroom, kitchen or laundry or even your leaking washing machine tap. 

It is important to fix a dripping mixer tap quickly before it creates damage under your sink, in your walls or your behind bathroom tiling. Nu-Trend have plumbers who can diagnose water leaking from the tap base & give you relevant advice to either repair or replace it.

The most common leaking tap plumber requests we receive are for;
– shower taps or mixer valves
– dripping mixer taps
laundry tap leaking from the wall
– kitchen 

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Our team can visit your location during work hours and are also available for leaking tap plumbing emergencies all suburbs of Sydney.

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Our plumbing team has the latest equipment to repair, remove or replace any type of leaking tap in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry.

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We have a team of licensed plumbers that are real, get their hands dirty to repair any type of tap & we don’t use fake photos from the internet either.

When you have a tap that is getting old then the chances are the rubber washer or the valve inside the body will begin to wear. It is pretty common when you consider how much usage your taps get everyday, especially in your kitchen, bathroom and laundry. They get open and closed thousands of times a week so the materials will eventually break down and as they do it increases the chances of water dripping or leaking around the base of the tap near the water inlet pipes.

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Don’t take our word for it, if you are looking for a plumber in Sydney that has great reviews then we have more than 170 that you can read. Lots of great reviews for our plumber repairs, bathroom renovation and bathroom plumbing services in Sydney.

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"Perfect experience with Rob replacing basins, mixers and plumbing components.

Extremely clean, tidy and courteous with a can do attitude.

Thanks Nu-Trend!"
"Amazing experience with NuTrend Plumbers. They were on time, sourced out the problem and fixed it straight away.

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How much does it cost to fix a leaking tap?

The cost to repair a leaking tap or the charge to change a tap washing will depend on;

  • The time of day you need a call out e.g working hours, after hours or a 24 hour emergency service
  • The location of your property
  • The type of tap that needs to be replaced
  • The age of the tap, older ones may require more time to repair
  • If the leak is caused by something simple like a worn washer

A typical visit by a plumber will cost between $80 ex gst and $150 ex gst and a straight forward leaking tap repairs should take less than thirty minutes to complete in most situations. If the plumber discovers something unexpected or the tap is difficult to remove then it may take longer. Nu-Trend provides a free cost estimate via eMail or telephone once we have a few details.

We will give you the option to repair the tap or replace it. That way you can decide exactly how much money you want to spend to get the tap repaired and stop the water leaking. You might want to replace an old tap with something more modern or it might be an expensive designer tap that just needs the washer replaced. 

Either way you can choose and our plumber will get it done for you quickly. To save money consider these choices;


  • Be as flexible about the call-out time as possible. If our plumber can visit within our schedule we will charge a lower rate vs emergency call outs. 
  • If you have other plumbing jobs that need attending to, then you can have the leaking tap fixed at the same time to avoid the extra call-out fee for multiple visits.
  • Get quotes from at least three plumbers as you may find that some Sydney plumbers have been known to charge up to $450 ex gst for fixing leaking taps when people didn’t confirm costs before hand. 

Sydney plumbing company

Nu-Trend has a team of qualified and licensed plumbers that are available to repair a blocked drain that might be effecting your plumbing for a residential, commercial, rental or industrial property in Sydney. Generally most people think about their plumbing until there is a problem like a blockage, bad smells, shower problems or blocked toilet.

Our team can visit any location with the right tools & equipment to quickly repair any type of blocked drain from sinks to stormwater pits. We regularly repair drains that are in the;

  • Bathroom (vanity, shower or bathtub)
  • Toilet
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry
  • Stormwater pits or drainage systems
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Plumber in Sydney unit plumbing services
Plumber repairing Garmando Vicario Taps in the Kitchen leaking at the base

Leaking kitchen tap repair

Your kitchen mixer might start dripping if it hasn’t been closed completely, so that is a simple fix by tightening the tap. Although if the valve or washers are worn then water pressure can build up and maybe a few minutes after you finish using the taps you will hear a slow drop or see water pooling on your benchtop.

Our plumber can repair the mixer or completely replace the tap hardware with new fixtures very quickly.

Water tap leakage repairs

Water slowly dripping from a tap is the most common leak that everyone will experience in their life. The more frustrating tap leak is when you can’t see it because it is beneath a cupboard, under a sink or behind storage units. 

Water tap leakage repairs might be needed for things like dishwasher machine connections, clothes washing machine taps, outdoor garden taps or even pool pump taps. There are so many different places that water can begin seeping from joins, connections or mixers around your home.

Plumber in Sydney that can install new taps
Plumber in Sydney that can install new taps from Vola

Tap replacement and installs

A lot of people try and replace their own taps but our plumbers get called to fix incorrect installations. There is a lot of tricks and techniques required to correctly replace a tap and make sure that is is seated correctly with a tight connection to the existing plumbing.

If this isn’t done properly it will cause leaks later on as the water pressure builds up around the seals. The cost to repair any damage caused might be more than the initial cost to have a professional to do it properly the first time.

Shower mixer taps leaking

One of the most complicated areas in a home to manage water safely is around the shower. You have pipes, tiling, waterproofing, taps, a mixer and shower head to deal with. Water might start leaking behind the shower head connection into the wall cavity or even behind the mixer taps. 

If this happens, water can potentially leak inside the wall cavity that you don’t even see. Although this can cause all sorts of damage to timber wall frames, flooring or cause things like paint bubbling on adjacent walls and mould.

Our plumbers can inspect your leaking shower mixer or a leaking shower mixer valve that is dripping to work out the best way to repair it but if any other damage has been caused. It’s important to stop leaking taps in the shower very early to avoid expensive repairs.

Plumber in Sydney for shower head installation
Luxury Master Bathroom Renovator in Sydney Mirage tapware installation

Bathroom tap installation

Nu-Trend’s team of licensed bathroom plumbers can help you install new taps on the wall, in the shower or on your vanity sink when you are building a new room. We can quickly make sure the plumbing is ready to be used to install any type of new tap from any brand, make or model that is available.

We can make sure your new bathroom taps are not leaking, don’t drip when they are closed and doesn’t cause any problems when you start using the new bathroom.

Kitchen mixer tap leaking?

If you notice that your kitchen mixer tap is leaking from base it could be time to have it repaired or replaced. It could be due to improperly installed seals on the base of the fixture; corrosion of internal parts; faulty construction; or excessive wear and tear due to age. It is common to have a mixer tap leaking under your sink.

If you see water leaking above the sink it may not be coming from the base. It may actually be coming from the swivel joint above.

If you notice water leaking below the sink it could be in the cabinetry where there is no visible degradation of the actual plumbing or pipework. This could be an indication that the leak is not actually from the pipe system but is leaking through from above where a poorly sealed tap meets the sink.

Either way we can inspect the kitchen sink area to work out the best repair solution for you.

Plumber repairing Garmando Vicario Taps in the Kitchen leaking at the base

How does our plumber team repair taps?

Plumber in Sydney unit plumbing services

Step 1

We will give you a phone, sms or email cost estimate once we get an idea on what repair is needed and where you are.

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Step 2

Once our plumber arrives on site they will quickly assess what is needed. It might be a simple washer or a new pipe required.

Plumber in Sydney that can install new taps

Step 3

We will quickly replace or repair the tap depending on what is required - kitchen, bathroom, laundry or outdoor taps.

Plumber in Sydney that can install new taps from Vola

Step 4

Once we complete the work we thoroughly test everything and make sure no water leaks & it all works perfectly.

There are millions of different tap brands, models and types that are used in homes in Sydney. Our plumbers have experience working with different hardware after visiting thousands of homes in Sydney to provide repair services, although, every situation is unique. 

Most of the time it is a quick repair job and completed in thirty minutes or less, getting a plumber for leaking taps means it will get repaired the right way, the first time.

In the case that it is something more complicated you’ll be given a choice to continue the repair or replace the hardware completely. In either case our team brings a range of tools including our highly advanced locating equipment that can pinpoint the location of a leak issue if required. 

Why should a leaking tap be repaired immediately?

  • Water costs – the most obvious reason to get a leaking tap repaired quickly is to minimise excessive water bills. Even a slow drip can leak litres of water every day that can lead to increased water bills. 

  • Mould – excessive moisture in a home can lead to mould build up. If the water leak is in a room that isn’t ventilated very well this can create a potential health hazard. Even if it in the kitchen, you may not realise mould forming in the cupboards under the sink.

  • Structural damage – if the leak occurs at the join between the mixer base and the pipe you could have water leaking inside a wall cavity. Left for too long this can create damage to the timber framework of your home, damaged floor boards or even concrete cancer if left long enough.

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Common questions

The cost to fix a leaking shower will normally be between $80 ex gst and $140 ex gst depending on the following factors;

  • What time of day the call out is required?
  • Is it an emergency situation?
  • If the leak is just from the shower head?
  • The distance we have to travel.


In some rare situations, we may find there are other underlying issues with water leaking behind your shower wall, from the mixer taps or somewhere else that may also indicate damaged waterproofing or wall tiling. 

The cost to fix a leaking shower will normally be between $80 ex gst and $140 ex gst depending on the following factors;

  • What time of day the call out is required?
  • Is it an emergency situation?
  • If the leak is just from tap head or also the mixers.
  • The distance we have to travel.


In some situations, there might be loose pipe connections, or water leaking inside a kitchen cupboard or behind a washing machine or dishwasher that you can’t see. Our plumber will inspect all these areas to make sure there are no other problems.

There could be cases where replacing the whole tap is more economical than replacing or repairing a small part of it which would also give you long term reliability benefits.

Your tap could be leaking for a few reasons and it will depend on the type of hardware and its age. The valve seating may have worn or the washer simply needs replacing.

Unfortunately you can’t really diagnose the cause of a leaking tap without being able to physically look at it and to see the inner workings. Once that is done the cause of the leak can be determined relatively quickly.

If you just ignore a leaking tap you’ll obviously waste thousands of litres of water which will cost you money indirectly. Therefore it just makes sense to get it repaired.

If it looks like the problem can’t be solved we will stop all work being done and provide you with a range of choices to take. Depending on the model of tap, its condition or age, it may mean the piece or part is broken as part of trying to assess it. 

Generally a leaking tap is a straight forward plumbing repair job but there can be examples where there are hidden surprises for us. Luckily with with 15 years experience we’ve come across most problems to then know what to do .