We repair all types of blocked drains

Nu-Trend is a licensed plumber in Sydney that will visit your home, business or rental property to repair your blocked drain. We don’t just repair the blockage but we’ll investigate what is causing the blockage as well. Blocked toilet, shower drain, kitchen sink, bathtub drain, commercial kitchens or even car parks – anywhere that water needs to be flowing we can repair any blockage.

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Our team can visit your location during work hours and are also available for plumbing emergencies in all suburbs of Sydney.

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Our plumbing team has the latest tools and equipment including hot or cold water high pressure jet blasting and CCTV camera inspection gear.

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You get free access to our team's experience. Free quote via email, SMS or over the phone so you know what repairs might cost.

We have a team of licensed plumbers that are real, get their hands dirty & we don’t use fake photos from the internet either.

Amazing plumber reviews

Don’t take our word for it, if you are looking for a plumber in Sydney that has great reviews then we have more than 170 that you can read. Lots of great reviews for our plumber, bathroom renovation and bathroom plumbing services in Sydney.

Nu-Trend Plumber & Bathroom Renovations went out of their way to fix a blocked drain and do a hot water high pressure jet blast which then uncovered underlying plumbing issues at my property.

Rather than not tell me about it they helped solved my blocked drain problems in Sydney quickly and efficiently.
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We cannot recommend Nu-trend Plumbing enough!

Our customer experience from start to finish has been exceptional and the team did a fantastic job at our commercial kitchen.

We will be using Nu-Trend for all our future plumbing needs. Thanks again, guys!
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Nu-Trend were very professional and very easy to deal with.

They undertook their work with care and were keen to make sure everything was done to our satisfaction. Very neat and tidy too.

Overall a great experience and we would definitely use again!
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We don't just repair, we find the cause

It is pretty easy to clear a blockage inside the plumbing, although what is more important is to understand what the actual cause was. Too many plumbers in Sydney take the quick way, clear the immediate problem and rush off to the next job. For lots of locations this can mean the pipes will get blocked again because the underlying issue causing the problems isn’t being addressed.

We don’t take shortcuts, we make sure you completely understand what is happening with your bathroom or kitchen plumbing so you can make an educated decision on how to proceed with repairs. We have the same ethos if you are the property owner, real estate agent, tenant or business owner.

See how we unblocked the plumbing on these jobs

Sydney plumbing company

Nu-Trend has a team of qualified and licensed plumbers that are available to repair a blocked drain that might be effecting your plumbing for a residential, commercial, rental or industrial property in Sydney. Generally most people think about their plumbing until there is a problem like a blockage, bad smells, shower problems or blocked toilet.

Our team can visit any location with the right tools & equipment to quickly repair any type of blocked drain from sinks to stormwater pits. We regularly repair drains that are in the;

  • Bathroom (vanity, shower or bathtub)
  • Toilet
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry
  • Stormwater pits or drainage systems
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Plumber in Sydney that repairs apartment block plumbing
How baby wipes can block your drains & plumbing so you need a plumber that can unblock drains in Sydney

Blocked bathroom drain repairs

The reality is plumbing is the one system that you rely on everyday, just like electricity. It keeps a home or business clean, hygienic, virus free and safe. It enables you to cook, clean and do many other things we take for granted.  Without plumbing you’d have no hot water, no gas to cook with, no flush for your toilets, no swimming pools or no air conditioning.

We can inspect your bathroom plumbing and repair any drains that are blocked wether it is a vanity, shower or the bath tub. We’ll even look into the waste pipe plumbing to see if there are any underlying issues in your system.

Blocked toilet plumbing repairs

Your toilet can get blocked with there are too many large objects flushed into the plumbing system like paper products, toilet paper or other items. This can build up over time and prevent water from flowing freely. In other cases there could be cracks in the plumbing that lets tree roots growing inside them and block the openings. 

Our team of plumbers are able to do a CCTV drain pipe plumbing inspection to see exactly what is happening. We don’t guess and we don’t just provide quick fixes – we make sure you know the complete picture.

plumber-using-plunger-to unblock a toilet in Sydney
Plumber in Sydney find leak or repair shower drains

Blocked shower drain repairs

The shower is the second or third most used item in any home and the drain is constantly dealing with all types of water waste. Human hair is normally the first thing that will block a shower drain, it gets tangled and mixed with soap scum or other debris that can block the plumbing.

We can clear the blockage and clean your plumbing with our high pressure jet blasting equipment to remove anything that is stuck inside the pipes.

Blocked drain & plumbing inspections

Ask your plumber if they have a CCTV digital camera inspection tool so they can see inside your plumbing. If they don’t, then how can they possibly get to the real cause of your blockage?

It might be easy to quickly clear a blockage but a camera inspection can make sure there is no other underlying issue that might cause the plumbing to get blocked quickly again.

Some plumbers might not offer this because it means they will get another call out a few months down the track. Avoid the cost & hassle by demanding a proper inspection.

Plumber in Sydney unblocking drain from tree roots
Plumber in Sydney replace illegal sewer pipe work - excavating to relocate plumbing

Plumbing repairs & replacement

In the most extreme cases a blocked plumbing might need to be replaced. You would be surprised to know that many of the sites we attend have incorrectly installed plumbing systems.

What some plumbers will do is take shortcuts & not install the plumbing to meet Australian building standards. While it might be possible for the system to function, it will never perform the way it is intended to by using the requirements of the building standards.

So it means that at some point an issue will occur & in those situations we can remove an existing system or install a new one that is designed to meet the correct requirements. This will ensure you do not experience issues in the future, or at least, reduce your chances of further problems.

What can we clear from drains?

We’ve seen lots of things inside drains when we have used our CCTV camera system and they have included;

  • Tampons and sanitary pads
  • Teabags or grease
  • Dead animals like rats
  • Cat heads
  • Syringes and nappies. 

These items have been put down a kitchen sink, toilet or down a shower drain and needed a repair to clear the plumbing system. 

How baby wipes can block your drains & plumbing Plumber that can unblock drains in Sydney to clear baby wipes from sewer pipes
South Hurstville Blocked drain plumber in Sydney clean stormwater

Stormwater drain repairs

If you have a stormwater drain that is blocked it is critical to get it fixed before there is another heavy downpour of rain. These are typically the biggest forms of water drainage for any property, especially car parks, and are designed to handle large volumes of water, so if they get blocked that water will make its way into house foundations, garages or even inside your house depending on the topography of the land.

Most cases we will treat a stormwater drain blockage as an emergency and our team can be at your site in around an hour to try and get it fixed by unblocking it.

Most stormwater drains in Sydney get blocked by debris like rubbish, grass cuttings or other large items that people leave on the street that get washed into gutters easily. It is important to remember these drain systems are connected to a building’s sewer system and could cause problems for toilets, showers & other parts of a property.

How do we unblock drains?

plumber-using-plunger-to unblock a toilet in Sydney


First step is the old fashioned way using an industrial plunger to force air through the pipes to clear the blockage.

Plumber in Sydney unblock drain


Next step is a hot or cold high pressure water jet blast using our snake-like eel that goes into the pipe.

Plumber in Sydney that unblocks drains using CCTV camera


A combination of CCTV digital camera inspection and water jet blast can get further into your system.

Plumber in Sydney dig up pipes


If air, high pressure water or industrial chemicals can't unblock it, then it is dig up & replace time.

There isn’t a single, most common, reason for a blockage but we do follow a tried and tested process to quickly assess, clear & summarise each situation. Our highly trained tradesman can generally fix a blocked vanity sink, toilet or kitchen drain fairly quickly with a bit of manual labour and plunging. More complicated issues might need our 5,000 kpa high pressure hot or cold water jet blasting tools that can literally cut through things like tree roots, grease or food scraps.

For each job we attend to our team brings a range of tools including our highly advanced locating equipment that can pinpoint the location of an issue. For the most extreme blockages a specific area might need to be excavated to fix the plumbing. Our team can quickly explain the underlying issue with a choice of repair options.

Some clients will choose to have a short term repair & then be prepared to have this done again in six or twelve months time when the issues re-occurs. In those situations we do offer regular maintenance options for monthly or quarterly checks. In other situations our team have plenty of experience doing plumbing dig ups & replacements.

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Nu-Trend is a Sydney company with more than 15 years experience completing bathroom renovations & solving plumbing problems. he Directors Rob and Rick are hands-on, and provide a personalised service.


All the work carried out by Nu-Trend is AS/NZ3500:2018 compliant. It is the Australian Standard for Plumbing and Drainage in NSW as set down by Standards Australia and the Australian Building Codes Board. They give the plumbing industry technical direction to enable compliance with required regulatory frameworks.

Common questions

Every property has lots of drains in different rooms including kitchen, shower, laundry, garage and even in the backyard. All of these connect to the underground piping so if a section gets blocked it can effect the way other drains operate. You will usually notice things like the toilet having a low water level, water drains slowly in the sinks, there is a foul smell near the area around drain or there are gurgling noises as a sink is emptying of water. 

If you get a completely blockage that stops all the water from flowing completely then we can visit your location to inspect the drain. Sometimes we can tell what has happened with a visual inspection & for harder to find problems we will use our CCTV Drain Camera to physically look inside the piping to show you what is in there.

We know that many people might not believe the plumber when they say there is a drainage problem. To avoid any doubts we can literally show you what is inside your pipes so you can see the blockage for yourself. 

Our camera equipment can be pushed deep inside the plumbing of your property to see what condition it is in, if there are items blocking the flow of water or even if there is damaged piping that needs to be repaired.

By being able to see in side the pipe we can accurately assess what the issue is & give you the right advice to repair or replace the elements that are not functioning correctly.

Not all plumbers in Sydney have this equipment and might be guessing as to what the issue is, but we avoid all of the doubt by showing you.

For simple blockages like a blocked toilet or kitchen drain, the cost will be between $80 inc gst to $200 inc gst for us to visit your location & clear it. There can be situations where we discover the blockage is more serious where there is something deeper in the plumbing system that needs more time or equipment to reach it, for those situations the average cost will be between $200 inc gst and $500 inc gst. 


Either way we can assess and advise you before any work is completely, our focus is to fix the immediate problem but show you what the solution is to prevent it from occurring again. Drains that get blocked are pretty common and if they aren’t repaired things like a collapsed sewer line can cause all kinds of problems later.


Other plumbing companies in Sydney will have pretty photos on their website and a list of promises. Nu-Trend is a bit different, we also show you behind the scenes from some of our plumbing jobs so you can see the work our team does & how we solve plumbing problems for property owners.


Blocked drains, toilets, and sinks may not seem like much of a problem at first, but ignoring them puts your property at risk for water damage. In addition to disrupting your daily routine, the presence of standing water in your residential or commercial property can negatively impact your health and business. There are many causes for drainage blockages including a build-up of debris in the pipes, collapsed drains, and even tree roots that have made their way into the plumbing system. Once we have cleared the blockage we will ascertain the cause and have a full idea of the extent of the issue, we’ll decide on the best course of action to solve it and take steps to prevent it from happening again.

We know that many people might not believe the plumber when they say there is a drainage problem. To avoid any doubts we can literally show you what is inside your pipes so you can see the blockage for yourself. 

Our camera equipment can be pushed deep inside the plumbing of your property to see what condition it is in, if there are items blocking the flow of water or even if there is damaged piping that needs to be repaired.

By being able to see in side the pipe we can accurately assess what the issue is & give you the right advice to repair or replace the elements that are not functioning correctly.

Not all plumbers in Sydney have this equipment and might be guessing as to what the issue is, but we avoid all of the doubt by showing you.

Slow draining water in sinks can be a sign of a blocked bath pipe, clogged shower drain or blocked waste pipes. As water pools, it drains slowly and can’t get through the pipes quickly. The blocked sink may worsen as soap, hair, food or oil continues to clog the drain which could result in flooding. To prevent clogged pipes getting worse you should try to remove the blockage or have a qualified plumber inspect it.
Low water level – a blocked toilet? A clear sign of a clogged toilet drain or sewer pipes is low toilet water levels or flushing with high bowl water height. Sometimes this can be a really slow draining toilet that is caused by a clog in the drain. These are critical to fix because a clogged toilet drain could lead to an overflow of raw sewerage if the main sewer line is blocked.
Low water level – a blocked toilet? A clear sign of a clogged toilet drain or sewer pipes is low toilet water levels or flushing with high bowl water height. Sometimes this can be a really slow draining toilet that is caused by a clog in the drain. These are critical to fix because a clogged toilet drain could lead to an overflow of raw sewerage if the main sewer line is blocked.
Strange gurgling drain noises – blocked pipes? A blocked drain will sometimes create a gurgling noise from the pipes as the water drains away from the obstruction. This weird gurgling noise in your pipes could be a sign of larger blocked drain problems. We have CCTV Digital cameras that can look inside the pipe to see what the issue is.

Hair is the most common thing to cause a blocked drain. Other oil, grease and small debris can quickly stick to hair and over time it builds up to cause a blockage. Sometimes this may be high up in the pipe and is easy to fix. Other times it may be deeper in the system and need a hot water jet blast to clear it quickly.

Unblock a drain with a plunger – if you are lucky, using a household plunger may do the trick as it can suck the air through the pipes to push the blockage through.

Food scraps are very common to be found in a blocked drain because large pieces can get trapped with other debris and reduce the water flow. As the pipe is moist these items may not really dissolve and can even become stagnant or mouldy.

Baking soda and vinegar – this is a popular method that is used that can work sometimes but you need to be careful about what proportion of each one you use and sometimes you may need to leave it overnight before the blockage is cleared. You would also need to check on the material and thickness of your drain pipes to prevent any other damage.

Absolutely. Although guess what, you can prevent drainage system blockages if you are aware of the early warning signs. You won’t need a blocked drain to be repaired if you watch and listen to your sinks, showers or toilet. In most cases it is a simple blockage that might correct itself once the debris gets free, but other times it might be your main sewer pipe is blocked by a tree root or even food. 

You need to listen or watch for things like water draining slower than normal from a sink or bath, gurgling sounds, toilet bowl not clearing quickly or even odours from floor waste drain outlets. Stagnant water is also unhygienic and can give rise to unpleasant odours. What’s more, it can cause long-term problems like structural damage and mould growth, compromising your health and the value of your property.

Nu-Trend has high pressure jet blasting equipment that can repair blocked drains in Sydney. Our equipment uses either hot or cold water with high PSI water pressure to break down debris in the pipe to clear the blockage. 

What we will typically do is use our water jet blasting equipment together with our CCTV Camera so we can inspect the pipe first to see exactly what is causing the blockage. Once we know what it is, we then push th high pressure hose down the pipe to begin clearing the debris using the water to break down the particles.

It might take a few passes to completely clear the obstacles & in some cases we will do a second camera inspection to see further into the piping in case there are other items blocking the flow of water further into the sytem.

Nu-Trend is a licensed plumber that can unblock your toilet once we have assessed what might be causing it. In most cases we will initially try plunging the pipes to force the blockage down the system. If that doesn’t work we will begin inspecting other parts & use our camera equipment to look into the sewer piping. In some situations the toilet might be blocked because your sewer line has another underlying issue like tree roots that have grown in the pipe, a build up of waste or even a cracked sewer pipe that is preventing proper water flow. In any of these situations you need a blocked toilet plumber to be able to assess your site and recommend the right solution which may even include digging up all the pipes

One of the quickest and easiest solutions to fix a blocked drain is to try pouring a pot of boiling water into the drain. In many cases this may be enough to loosen or dissolve the blockage without having to resort to more serious measures. Be careful though, you should only use method on metal or ceramic pipes, as the heat can loosen joints on plastic or PVC pipes.


There may be other combinations or methods to fix a blocked drain that you can read about on the internet or YouTube. Ultimately though if you want a drain unblocked quickly it is recommended to get a professional local plumber to do it for you. We can then also check to see if there are other underlying issues causing the problem like broken pipes, tree roots inside pipes etc


Blocked and clogged drains are a nasty problem as they can happen in the kitchen, bathroom or shower and are often caused due to build-up of grease or plant roots that have found their way into the pipes. Typically how owners don’t understanding the causes of blockages and are not fully equipped to fix the problem. A reliable plunger is a good first line of defence, chemicals might work but are harmful to pipes and the environment, but in many cases the job requires a high-pressure water jet.


The first process of unblocking a blocked drain pipe is drainage. If traditional methods such as plungers or drain cleaning liquids do not work, then you will need to contact us for help. We can determine the cause of the blocked drain, give you a cost of the drain unblocking fix and remedy the situation ensuring the highest quality of work is performed. We are fully qualified and licensed with years of experience in the plumbing industry. We have an extensive range of tools that are designed specifically for the clearing of blocked drains like our high pressure water jet which forces any blockages loose. With the common threats of water shortages, all household plumbing supplies have been designed to provide maximum efficiency while reducing cost. If you are using outdated plumbing equipment you should consider upgrading your equipment to more efficient replacements to prevent clogged drains.



If you leave a blocked drain for too long it can create further damage especially if it effects the property’s foundations or internal structures.