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We love sharing our story with everyone, it's what makes us different.

Nu-Trend's principles

Real people, real services

When I was a young child my father Michael would always talk to me with a strong, steady voice,

“…son, always treat people fairly, be honest, always be real no matter what.”

We carry these words from those early days and it guides our company today. For more than 20 years that is how we have worked as local plumbers and bathroom renovators in Sydney.

While Michael enjoys retirement, Rick, Rob & Chris stick by those principles everyday with Nu-Trend.



Infection Control

The Nu-Trend Team are COVID 19 Infection Control Certified to ensure we take every precaution to reduce the spread of this virus and keeping you safe while we work.

Nu Trend Infection Control Training Certificate



Yes we are ‘tradies’ and realise there is a stigma attached to the plumbing profession. While it does sound like a cliche we strive to be professional, courteous and deliver a high quality service no matter the project size with over 100 reviews as proof.


No Gimmicks

Yes it is true, you will find many discount offers from plumbers like “$50 discount when you mention this ad” or “Fixed Service Fee” etc. Basically the trade just copies each other for fear of missing out. Guess what? Most of these ‘offers’ are just loaded into their pricing elsewhere. We avoid these gimmicks.


High Quality

Sometimes the most difficult part is judging the quality of work that a plumber can deliver as typically it is tucked behind a wall, tiny finishing details or underground in a pipe. For us quality is about all the little details that go into making sure your job or renovation project is completed perfectly, every time.

“...son, always treat people fairly, be honest, always be real no matter what.”

Michael Karagiannis

Nu-Trend since 2009

Years of experience

Nu-Trend is a local contractor that has been in business for more than 10 years, founded by father and son team, Rick and Michael Karagiannis.

Michael has been in the building industry for more than 20 years, passing his knowledge and expertise to Rick as the family tradition lives on.

Rick has always enjoyed the fine elements of design details. Not content with solving plumbing problems he soon broadened his skills to also do bathroom renovations in Sydney. A perfect match with hundreds of reviews later & beautiful bathrooms being enjoyed by hundreds of people.


Rick from Nu Trend Plumbing and Bathroom Renovations

The passionate business owner who loves his job, always goes the extra mile & who many say “is too good for the industry”

Rick dislikes the typical industry behaviour and firmly believes in ‘no gimmicks’ and upfront, honest work.

  • Position: Director
  • Years in the industry: 17
  • Expertise / specialty: A hands-on Director and business owner who provides leadership for the team.
  • Qualifications: Licensed Plumber, Bathroom Renovator.
  • What he loves about his work? I love helping people when someone wants something and we achieve what they are after it’s rewarding for me.
  • Funniest on the job story: Doing a job on a live sewer stack and someone flushing the toilet while we were underneath. It was quite brown, but you had to laugh.
  • Favourite brand of bathroom product: Caroma Products


Robert from Nu Trend Plumbing and Bathroom Renovations

Robert is the co-owner of Nu-Trend who loves walking into different scenarios every day & trying to solve problems quickly. 

He is the organiser in the team, keeping the boys on track each day. Some dub him the ‘pretty face’ of Nu-Trend. 

  • Position: Director
  • Years in industry: 16
  • Expertise / specialty: Quoting, team organisation and logistics to keep everything running smoothly.
  • Qualifications: Licensed Plumber and Bathroom Renovator.
  • What he loves about his work? Doing something different every day and working with really good people to solve a range of everyday problems.
  • Funniest on the job story: Pranking the boys with fake emails or calls and waiting to see their reactions. Funny at times but a good way to practice real situations.
  • Favourite brand of bathroom product: Boffi Products


Chris from Nu Trend Plumbing and Bathroom Renovations

Chris joined Rick and Robert a few years ago as the number of jobs and bathroom renovations began to increase.

Ever reliable Chris gets stuck in when the hard work is required and provides the Nu-Trend team with a lot of the hard yakka.

  • Position: Plumber
  • Years in industry: 8
  • Expertise / specialty: Maintenance and domestic plumbing for houses or unit apartment blocks.
  • Qualifications: Licensed Plumber with aspirations to learn about renovations.
  • What he loves about his work?  Seeing Nu-Trend customers satisfied after a completed job where they notice the little details or finishing touches.
  • Funniest on the job story: Too many to list and he has been thinking about writing a book about funny plumber stories for everyone to read about.
  • Favourite brand of bathroom product: Boffi Products

Local | Licensed | Insured

HIA Home Owners Insurance Logo


Protection for home owners.

Local Sydney contractors.


A qualified and licensed renovator.

INSURED $20,000,000

Public liability insurance for peace of mind.

Drainer | gas fitter | plumber | renovator

Nu-Trend is a Sydney company with more than 15 years experience completing bathroom renovations & solving plumbing problems. he Directors Rob and Rick are hands-on, and provide a personalised service.


All the work carried out by Nu-Trend is AS/NZ3500:2018 compliant. It is the Australian Standard for Plumbing and Drainage in NSW as set down by Standards Australia and the Australian Building Codes Board. They give the plumbing industry technical direction to enable compliance with required regulatory frameworks.

Giving back to the community

Our gesture to help others

Our team felt the impact of a loved one being diagnosed with brain cancer. Anthony is our tiler, friend and Rick’s brother in law. 

The cancer grew back three times over a two year period and Anthony was operated on twice, missing nearly 12 months of work. He soldiered on & would be back on the tools as quickly as he could be to support his family.

The Nu-Trend team made t-shirts and have been involved with the annual Walk 4 Brain Cancer event as our way of giving back to the community and hopefully helping other people’s fight against cancer.

The Nu-Trend service guarantee

A personal, written, committment.

Rick and Rob are the hands-on Directors for Nu-Trend in Sydney. Rather than hire sub-contractors and manage their business from a distant office, they are on the tools, at your site & working towards delivering your bathroom renovation or professional plumbing service. It means you are talking directly to the owners of the business, local plumbers, the guys who are accountable and responsible rather than via email or through customer service teams.

It is why they are able to provide a written guarantee that demonstrates their confidence in standing by the quality of their workmanship and the service they deliver to every single client. They do this for everything from bidet installations, blocked drains or small bathroom renovations.

They have a very single minded commitment to deliver a high level of professionalism and quality.

Nu Trend Satisfaction Guarantee

'No Gimmicks' that's our policy

No sales tricks, guaranteed.

With so many years in the trade, the Nu-Trend team has seen their fair share of sales tricks, special offers, promotions and other gimmicks to secure business. Rather than copy what everyone else is doing they decided a long time ago to avoid all the typical gimmicks and stick to clear, upfront information and pricing, including free local quotations for general plumbing or plumber for bathroom renovations. 

Here are the most common sales gimmicks you will see and how they work, keep in mind there is a reason most service industries don’t disclose fixed prices.

$50 off if you mention this ad

This is the most common one you will see in local newspapers, online advertising or letterbox flyers. Although think about it, how can they provide a genuine discount when they haven’t even visited your property or know the real extent of the work required?

They may show ‘$50 Discount’ on their Invoice, but they have added that cost into either their labour, parts or another part of their work done. 

So you may think like you have received a discount, but you haven’t really.


This is second most common gimmick you will see in local newspapers, online advertising or letterbox flyers. It’s similar to the $50 off deal, how can they provide a genuine discount when they haven’t even visited your property or know the real extent of the work required?

They may show a % Discount on their Invoice, but typically they have either over-quoted to create a perceived discount or found ‘extra work required’ that probably didn’t need doing.  

The discount might get shown as a line item on the invoice but it has been accounted for in higher pricing or extra servicing. Either way it isn’t a genuine offer in most cases.


We love this one, it seems so simple right? Come and unblock a drain for less than $100. Although this hides what is really an opportunity to secure a job and get onto your property. They aren’t going to know what is the cause of the blockage before inspecting it, it could be deep within your pipes, a sewer, tree roots or other things.

How could all these scenarios or deeper inspections possibly only cost $79? A blocked drain could actually be a repair worth thousands of dollars depending on the circumstances.


Being on time is one of the biggest issues Customers have with tradespeople. The perception is that a tradie doesn’t care or isn’t disciplined although sometimes there are so many unexpected variables that can occur from one job to another. We will always let you know immediately.

Getting $100 for being late sounds pretty attractive, but guess what, it’s another trick where that amount is added elsewhere into the pricing of your service.


Call out fees are a tricky one. The vast majority of tradesman will do free site visits and quotations, so seeing the $0 fee isn’t really unique or different, they are generally free anyway.

The ones that do charge a fee to cover their time may then give you the amount as a discount, but guess what, it’s probably buried in their quotation anyway. One way or another any service business needs to charge or recover money for time spent.


This one sounds like a typical retailer promotional offer. Unless you do your own research and select a make and model of water heater, then get price comparisons for ‘supply only’ then how will you know if you are getting a real discount or not?

You might get $100 off the unit, but then the labour component is higher than normal. So always best to ask for a quote for exact same model and labour quoted separately so you can compare.

The Nu-Trend difference

It's all in the little details

Rick and Rob from Nu-Trend are involved with each step of every project they deal with that gives you a personal touch and concierge-like experience. With so many years of renovation experience between them they have encountered all types of bathroom plumbing problems that has developed a keen level of expertise to solve practically any situation. 

Although beyond all of that are the little things they do that can make all the difference to a delivering a high quality project efficiently and quickly.

Floor protection

The Nu-Trend team will do floor coverings from entrance to project site, even book cases or shelves to protect from dust or dirt.

Organised & prepared

All of Nu-Trend's equipment and tools are labelled, sorted and organised to deliver a quick, efficient and precise service each time.

Property protection

The outside of your property is just as important as the inside. So the Nu-Trend team will make sure those areas are protected as well.

Tidy work site

If we need to leave the site at the end of a working day we make sure it is tidy, organised & everything in place to minimise disruption.
...I can’t recommend the team strongly enough, they are professional, tidy, prompt and polite, and above all excellent craftsman...