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Nu-Trend is a local Sydney plumber that can give you a free plumbing quote for repairs at an affordable hourly rate.

Licensed plumber in Sydney

Repair leaking taps, unblock drains or repair plumbing

Nu-Trend is a local plumber in Sydney that operates from our workshop in Hurstville to provide plumbing services for homes or businesses in all suburbs. 

Choosing a plumber in Sydney might come down to price, but we know from experience that delivering the right plumbing services needs more than that. We don’t cut corners and ensure each plumbing job is done the right way, the first time around. Our philosophy applies to repairs, installations or blockages that need resolving.

Other plumbers might fix the obvious problem – but we will make sure any underlying issues are resolved as well so you don’t keep paying for repairs.

Property protection

We will make sure your property is protected with coverings from entrance to project area, even furniture to protect from dust or dirt.

Organised & prepared

All of Nu-Trend's equipment and tools are labelled, sorted and organised to deliver a quick, efficient and precise service each time.

Regular Updates

At the end of each day we will provide an update on the progress of your project. This ensures you know exactly what is happening at each step.

Tidy work site

If we need to leave the site at the end of a working day we make sure it is tidy, organised & everything in place to minimise disruption.

Respecting Property

Yes, we will work in our socks and cover your flooring to protect your property while we work.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Sounds corny, but we stand by our work with a written guarantee for our workmanship and quality.

Love letters

That's right, we'll leave a little note when required so you know the job is completed or item is ready to use.

Over 160 reviews

We will admit we get too busy to ask everyone for a review, but we have hundreds of happy clients.
...I can’t recommend the Nu-Trend plumber team strongly enough, they are professional, tidy, prompt and polite, and above all excellent craftsman...
...their plumber service standards & ability to resolve problems that occur during the daily operations of a busy club are fantastic....

Plumber Services


Fix Leaking Taps

Quickly fix leaking tap and stop wasting water with our plumber service.

Fix Blocked Drain

Blocked drain plumber in Sydney for all types of blockage problems.

Fix Water Leaks

Find and fix water leaks and stop wasting water with our plumber service.

Septic Tanks

We can provide plumbing service and support for septic tank systems.

Water Jet Blasting

We can provide water blasting services to clear blockages with hot or cold water.

Gas Lines

Have gas lines repaired, installed or upgraded at your location.

Hot Water Systems

Remove, upgrade or replace a hot water system in Sydney.

Detect Leaking Pipes

CCTV camera and leak detection equipment to find plumbing problems.

Water Backflow Testing

Get a water backlow test conducted to resolve pressure issues.

“...For over 3 years now we have been using Nu-Trend’s plumber services and have been impressed with the level of attention and care their team put in going over and above the levels that we have expected....”

Rami Fahmy

No discount gimmicks,
licensed plumbers with expertise

Other plumbing companies in Sydney will have pretty photos on their website and a list of promises. Nu-Trend is a bit different, we also show you behind the scenes from some of our plumbing jobs so you can see the work our team does & how we solve plumbing problems for property owners.

Local, licensed & insured

Plumber | Renovator | Drainer | Gas fitter

Nu-Trend is a company in Sydney that has provided plumber and bathroom renovation services since 2009. The Directors Rob and Rick are hands-on, providing a personal service.

Nu-Trend ABN registration

A business operating in Sydney, Australia, with an active ABN.

Nu-Trend licensed with Fair Trading

A qualified and licensed renovator with valid NSW Fair Trading license.

Nu-Trend with HIA Insurance

Public liability & HIA Home Owners insurance provided for peace of mind.

Nu-Trend licensed with Sydney Water

Sydney Water

We work closely with Sydney Water for all plumbing requirements.

Nu-Trend complies to Australian Standards


A renovation business that builds new bathrooms to meet Australian Standards.

Old fashioned customer service

Plumbing company in Sydney.

Do you remember the ‘old days’ when personal service was the norm? That is how Rick and Rob treat each client that chooses Nu-Trend as their plumbing contractor in Sydney. 

You deal directly with the owners of the business who have more than 15 years experience in the industry backed by 160+ written reviews

They have a very single minded commitment to deliver a high level of professionalism and quality. To deliver this they only use industry leading brands to carry out repairs, installations or fixes for taps, pipes, drains, toilets or showers.

Nu-Trend will take on any size of plumbing project across all suburbs of Sydney as well as providing 24 hour emergency plumber services.

Nu-Trend has a team of qualified and licensed plumbers that provide a range of services relating to plumbing for residential, commercial or industrial properties. It is typically considered the ‘dirty job that someone else has to do’. Generally most people don’t give a second thought to their plumbing until a problem arises with a leak or blocked drain. The truth is, plumbing is the one system that your home in Sydney that you absolutely can’t be without. It keeps your home clean, hygienic, virus free and safe. It enables you to cook, clean and do many other things we take for granted.  Without plumbing you’d have no hot water, no gas to cook with, no flush for your toilets, no swimming pools or no air conditioning.

Plumbers will plan, install, maintain and repair all the systems in your property that allow water and gas to flow in and out. Consider where these systems exist: 

  • Bathrooms
  • Toilets
  • Kitchens
  • Laundries
  • Swimming pools
  • Outdoor barbecues
  • Hot water systems or air conditioning units

What you generally see or experience is the fitting or fixture e.g the toilet, vanity sink, tap etc. Although what you don’t see is the system of piping, valves and fittings that allow these systems to work correctly. These have to be carefully selected, placed and installed inside your building walls by plumbers or gas fitters. Without this your plumbing won’t operate effectively, quietly and in a way that keeps you and your family safe. If any of these develop leaks or fail then you need a plumber to identify the problem & repair it correctly.

Experience & a written commitment.

Rick and Rob are the hands-on directors for Nu-Trend. Rather than hire sub-contractors and manage their business from a distant office, they are on the tools, at your site & working towards delivering your bathroom renovation or plumbing service. It means you are talking directly to the owners of the business, the guys who are accountable and responsible rather than via email or through customer service teams.

It is why they are able to provide a written guarantee that demonstrates their confidence in standing by the quality of their workmanship and the service they deliver to every single client.

They have a very single minded commitment to deliver a high level of professionalism and quality, they’ve been doing renovation contracting in Sydney since 2009.

Nu Trend Satisfaction Guarantee

FIX Blocked drains and clogged toilets

The most common thing that the Nu-Trend plumbing team gets called to fix is a blocked drain or clogged toilet. Any piping in your home that becomes blocked can lead to the drains not allowing water to escape which can lead to a toilet that overflows, kitchen that gets flooded or even water in the laundry floor that can cause damage to the building.

If you see a slow draining sink that can be the first indication you have a blocked drain. It can occur in the kitchen or bathroom sinks, laundry sink or even a powder room where hair, bits of food, oil, soap or even small objects get stuck in the pipes underground. 

In rare situations a wedding ring, small kids toys or even a mobile phone might end up in the pipes by accident. We can help unclog a drain and where required, rescue items from the piping.

You might dry unblock the drain yourself, but if that doesn’t work we can use our plumbing tools & equipment like our CCTV cameras to inspect the pipes to see what is causing the blockage. Getting it fixed might be as easy as getting us to do a high pressure jet blast down the pipes.

fix blocked stormwater drains

If you have a stormwater drain that is blocked it is critical to get it fixed before there is another heavy downpour of rain. These are typically the biggest forms of water drainage for any property & are designed to handle large volumes of water, so if they get blocked that water will make its way into house foundations, garages or even inside your house depending on the topography of the land.

Most cases we will treat a stormwater drain blockage as an emergency and our team can be at your site in around an hour to try and get it fixed by unblocking it.

Most stormwater drains in Sydney get blocked by debris like rubbish, grass cuttings or other large items that people leave on the street that get washed into gutters easily. It is important to remember these drain systems are connected to a building’s sewer system and could cause problems for toilets, showers & other parts of a property.

We have tools like our CCTV digital camera system that can ‘look’ inside the piping to quickly work out what is causing the issue. This makes the process of working out a solution much faster & will save you money in the long run.

Get a leaking pipe fixed

The hardest thing for most people to work out is whether or not they have a leaking pipe that may be about to burst. Most piping is in a concrete slab, under a house or running underground on a property and can’t be seen. Water might be escaping the piping system very slowly from a small crack, fracture or split in the piping.

Older ceramic pipes will typically need to get replaced by the latest PVC piping and joins, connections & shared systems should be treated very carefully to avoid ongoing issues. If required the Nu-Trend team can do a complete dig up of piping to have it all replaced correctly to current Australian standards.

Pipes that are under a kitchen sink, vanity or under a house can sometimes be repair quickly because they are easy to access & the leak is quickly diagnosed.

In other situations you might have bathroom piping that is leaking which causes paint to bubble on the walls or even tiles to fall off. We are licensed renovators so we can find the leak & then fix your bathroom as well. We don’t guess, we use tools like our CCTV digital camera system that can ‘look’ inside the piping to quickly work out what is causing the issue.

FIX A Shower leak

The shower and bath are the most used areas in any house with people using them multiple times a day. Over time the waterproofing might fail, tiles crack or even the grout start to fall out of the wall. You might even notice paint bubbling on the wall outside your shower.

Together with a leaking shower head or tap these all form part of the common problem with water leaking from a shower that we can fix. In most cases it might just need a new tap fitting while in more extreme cases they shower might need to be repaired with new waterproofing and tiling.

Nu-Trend can identify the source of the leaking water from your shower, but also do a complete inspection of the room to make sure there isn’t any other damage to the flooring or walls. We often uncover other damage that home owners don’t instantly see.

If you leave a shower leak for too long water can build up in the wall cavities or under the tiling and cause major waterproofing failures which can be extremely costly to repair, especially if they ruin the structural integrity of a building.

Replace leaking taps or install a new one

Everyone experiences a leaking tap at some point in their life, ultimately taps are a combination of metal and rubber that age over time & lose their ability to hold back the water pressure. Leaking taps can cause high water bills & if the tap is outside, water might even damage the foundation of the property if it is left long enough.

Taps that are used for dishwashers, washing machines or even fridges can also cause issues, most of the time you can’t even see them as water slowly drips down the back of the appliance.

Our plumbers will isolate the problem, replace the tap & also check for any other damage in the area. There is no point just replacing the tap and not repairing damaged wood, flooring, walls or tiling as well as this can lead to mould build up which is dangerous, especially for kids.

Our team has experience working with lots of different tap designs or brands that are either very old or quite modern. So we can fix them pretty quickly including quarter or half-turn taps, jumper washer taps, sensor taps and standard mixer taps. If you have just bought some new taps we can install them quickly for you & inspect all your piping to make sure it is suitable and ready for use.

Hot water system installs or repairs

Do you need a plumber or an electrician to repair or install your hot water system? Well, you need both actually. A plumber will connect the water services to the hot water appliance. An electrician will make sure it has the right electrical connection to function.

Most of the time Nu-Trend will be called to look at a hot water system when there is water leaking from the tank, there is no hot water even though the unit is on, there is very low water pressure or the unit has failed completely.

It is dangerous to attempt your own hot water system repairs because you are dealing with both electricity, water & a high pressure system. So one wrong move can have dire consequences.

Our plumber can quickly assess what the problem is & provide a choice of solutions which can include repairing the unit, replacing it with the same one or upgrading it to a newer model. For electric or gas hot water systems we can arrive on site ready to get it connected & ready for use. We can 

Gas fitting installation or repairs

Be warned – not every plumber in Sydney is a licensed gas fitter – you must check beforehand. Gas pipe leaks can obviously be fatal if they are not repaired quickly. Nu-Trend are licensed gas fitters in Sydney for residential or commercial properties which means we can connect a new gas line, make adjustments to an existing one or provide gas line repairs.

Generally we will help to install a new gas cooktop, relocate a gas point, add new gas points, connect a hot water system to the gas or even remove gas appliances from a kitchen in a home or business.

If you can smell gas then most likely there is a leak nearby that should be investigated. Our team is available 24 hours for gas leak detection in Sydney to ensure the leak doesn’t turn into a nasty hazzard or cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

If you are renovating a home its possible to have gas added so that you can use that instead of electricity to cook in the kitchen. Alternatively maybe you are creating an outdoor entertaining area and want to have a direct gas connection for your BBQ or getting a new fireplace or clothes dryer, we can install a new point for you.


What else can plumbers install?

A lot of people don’t really know that plumbers are capable of installing in a house or unit. Sometimes it will depend on what specific licenses they have so for example not all plumbers can install a septic tank system or do gas line installations.

Generally most plumbers will be able to;

  • Install a new shower
  • Install or replace an existing toilet
  • Install a vanity & remove the old one
  • Install a bath
  • Install new tap fittings
The scope of work required might vary based on the existing conditions of the site & if the right services are already in place. Nu-Trend has a team of licensed plumbers that can visit your site & if something can’t be installed we can advise you about what will be needed. As licensed bathroom renovators we can then also help make changes to the property to help complete any installation needed.
Common questions

Like many skilled trades there is a lot more to plumbing than meets the eye and a YouTube video won’t provide all the answers to every scenario. Plumbing in Sydney is very carefully regulated in order to keep it safe while also ensuring standards are met, for example;

Sewage and waste – have to be managed carefully in order to avoid the dangers of exposure to harmful bacteria and poisonous gases. 


Natural and LPG gas – is highly combustible and requires special care with procedures to avoid ignition or explosions.


Hot water – regulations also exist to ensure that the water in your hot water tank is of a sufficient temperature to prevent the growth of dangerous legionella bacteria. At the same time, your plumbing also needs to incorporate valves that limit the temperature of the water coming out from your shower, so that it won’t burn your skin


Piping – the materials used, sizing, types of joins and gradients used must meet the correct measurements or falls to not only be legal, but to function correctly.

So while some people may feel like it is possible to replace a washer in their leaking tap themselves or unclog a drain, you may be surprised as to the underlying issues these problems are causing that only a qualified plumber can identify and remedy correctly.

Most plumbers in Sydney will provide a very similar service. Generally, a plumber will diagnose any issues, repair them to the highest standard possible or give you suggestions and advice. The exact process or inclusions that you need will depend on the situation and these are generally grouped into the following;


Plumbing installations
If you’re installing a new kitchen, bathroom, or dishwasher, you’ll need a plumber to get the pipes connected. Your plumber can help with fridge water line installations, mixer tap installations, new showerheads and other items. They’ll take a look at your property and the existing set up, then use the right tools, pipes and equipment to get everything connected correctly & legally to ensure there are no water leaks.


Fixing water leaks
One of the most common plumbing repairs is leaking showers and taps. Not only does the dripping water become irritating, but it can lead to flooding, water wastage excessive water bills and in some cases damage to your property or that of neighbours. Your plumber will do a leak inspection and turn off the water for a look with specialist equipment. Then we can repair or patch the leaks or install any new parts or pipes needed.


Hot water system repairs and installations
There’s not much worse than running out of hot water for showers, washing machines or dishwashing, especially in winter. Find a plumber near you to help get it fixed faster when you need emergency hot water system repair or upgrades. A standard gas plumbing service can make sure everything’s safe and working as it should. A plumbing contractor will assess your hot water needs, recommend any solutions and then either repair or replace your hot water system to get up and running again. There are lots of different products and methods available these days for hot water systems.


Pipe repairs
Your pipes are crucial for bringing water in and draining wastewater away from your property. Although they can get damaged by storms, tree roots, aging, ground movement or items blocking a pipe. If you think you have a pipe problem, it’s important to find a local plumber near you and call them in for pipe repairs as soon as possible to minimise damage. If the pipes are exposed, your plumber may disconnect any water services to them, then remove and replace the damaged sections. Depending on the situation this could involve excavating or running new lines.


Blocked drains and toilets
Blocked drains and toilets aren’t just smelly they can lead to overflows, cause flooding and even health issues. If you’ve unsuccessfully tried to clear the blockage yourself, call in a local plumber. They’ll use more advanced (and powerful) tools to clear even the most stubborn drain blockages and toilet blockages without damaging your pipes and fittings. Nu-Trend has the latest high pressure hot or cold water jet equipment and CCTV Digital Camera inspection tools to do this efficiently.


Green plumbing
This is normally a type of plumbing that saves water around the home and reduces strain on the public water supply. It can save money as the less water you use, the less you pay for. Green plumbing services can include the installation and servicing of solar hot water plumbing, rainwater tank installation and grey water system plumbing.

Grease trap installation and maintenance
We can help small businesses with their plumbing like the installation and maintenance of grease traps. Incorrect installations allows greasy wastewater to discharge to the sewer where it can cause blockages and chokes.

Do people who do plumbing need to be licensed?

All of these scenarios and requirements are just a small example of why all plumbing must be done by a licensed plumber in Australia. Trying to take matters into your own hands could lead to disastrous damage to your property, or even injury or death. This becomes even more important in unit blocks or properties with shared walls. Plus on a more practical level it could void any insurance claims.

So yes, a plumber has to be licenced and it is easy to check online for their current license and for a safety certificate.

All of these scenarios and requirements are just a small example of why all plumbing must be done by a licensed plumber in Australia. Trying to take matters into your own hands could lead to disastrous damage to your property, or even injury or death. This becomes even more important in unit blocks or properties with shared walls. Plus on a more practical level it could void any insurance claims.

So yes, a plumber has to be licensed and it is easy to check online for their current license and for a safety certificate.

For the safety of homeowners all states and territories require plumbing work to be carried out by a licensed contractor. Plumbers are licensed for different kinds of work and unlicensed plumbing work is not only illegal, it can create safety problems down the track. Licensed plumbers are highly qualified, have completed their apprenticeship and accreditation to obtain their license. The Nu-Trend team are qualified plumbers in Sydney.

What warranty is included for the work you do?

7 Year Warranty for waterproofing.

1 Year Warranty for all workmanship.

We are fully qualified and licensed with 15 years of experience. We know we must deliver high-quality work to be able to support such long warranty periods and give you peace of mind.

What is our 'No Gimmicks' policy?

We see lots of companies offering sales gimmicks such as;

  • Save $50 when you mention this ad.
  • Unblock a drain for $79
  • $0 Call Out Fee
  • Senior’s Discounts
  • $100 off Water Heaters and more
If you think about it for most of these examples how could the company provide any discounts without either knowing exactly what is required for that job or seeing the site? What is happening is these discounts are being loading into the pricing you receive afterwards or added into other ‘required services’.
Do plumbers charge by the hour?

A plumber may charge by the hour or a fixed charge depending on the scope of work required.

Some jobs are quick and simple and done with a fixed cost charge while others may be a little more involved and would require an hourly rate. In either situation you can ask your plumber how they work or how they charge before you get them to complete any repairs or renovation work.

They will most likely require details about what is needed, photographs or videos to help them assess the situation or come and do a site inspection.

How much does a plumber charge per hour?

The general rate or charge for a qualified plumber per hour is $90 plus GST.

An apprentice plumber charge per hour is $60 plus GST.

In all cases though it is best to get a confirmed quotation as each plumbing service job will vary in terms of location, difficulty and what is required. We provide Free Quotations.

How much does it cost for a plumber to fix a leak?

The cost for a plumber to fix a leak can really vary depending on the type of leak it is e.g a tap leaking, a water leak on the floor, water logged backyard etc.

So the cost to fix a leak could vary from $90 to over $10,000 depending what or where the leak is located, what access is like and how major the leak is.

How much does it cost to get a plumber to unclog a toilet?

The cost to get a plumber to unclog a toilet in Sydney will vary between $90 and $500.

A process of elimination is required starting with a simple plunge but it not resolved, moving to jet blasting or even a CCTV camera inspection of the blocked pipes. Given there is not complete access available sometimes it isn’t a simple cause to know what is clogging your toilet. 

How much does a plumber charge to install a toilet?

A plumber’s charge to install a toilet actually varies based on different factors such as;

  • Does this include removing the existing toilet?
  • Supplying a new toilet?
  • Rubbish removal of existing toilet?
  • New tiling required around the base or wall?
  • Addressing any clogged pipes.
  • Moving a toilet to a different part of the room.

Every scenario is different so the cost for a plumber in Sydney to install a toilet will vary greatly.

What exactly does a plumber do?

A plumber provides a range of services such as;

  • Tap maintenance.
  • Clearing blockages.
  • Hot water systems.
  • Digging new pipes.
  • Detecting leaks etc


Plumbers install and repair pipes that supply water and gas to, as well as carry waste away from, homes and businesses.

They also install plumbing fixtures such as bathtubs, sinks, and toilets, and appliances, including dishwashers and washing machines

That may mean clearing existing sewers , running new services, fixing old services, maintaining existing services

Do you have to pay a plumber up front?

Sometimes you need to pay a plumber up front if the job is small or ‘on the spot’

At other times it may be agreed to pay via Invoice or if the job is on a larger scale a payment agreement will be put in place.

Why is plumbing so expensive?

A plumber service is expensive as it is a highly skilled trade which requires a license & involves a high level of risk for people or properties.

After 6 years of education a plumber can then deal with  gas, storm water mains to a house, sewerage etc. Any errors can cause a flood, an explosion or more.

It is extremely labour intensive work on one of the most crucial parts of a business or house – no water or sewage means no showers or going to the toilet.

All plumbers need to abide by the National Construction Code (NCC) put in place by the national governing body for plumbing regulation the Australian Building Codes Board.

What are the main types of plumbing systems?

Plumbing systems are typically made of either steel, copper or plastic.

What questions should I ask a plumber?

It seems a little silly but these are the questions you should ask a plumber before allowing them to work on your home or site.

  • Are you qualified?
  • Are you licensed?
  • Do you have any references?
  • How long have you been in the trade?
  • Is there any warranty on the work?
  • If this was your site what would you do?
  • Is there any customer satisfaction guarantee?
Are lead pipes illegal?
No. Copper pipe and tubing were widely used for domestic water systems in the latter half of the twentieth century. Demand for copper products has fallen due to the dramatic increase in the price of copper, resulting in increased demand for alternative products including plastic or steel.
What is considered a plumbing emergency?
  • A burst pipe.
  • An overflowing pipe.
  • A blocked sewer.
  • A gas leak.
  • A gas smell.
  • Sewerage in a public place.
How do plumbers unclog drains?

Yes a plumber can unclog a drain using various techniques such as an electric eel or a jet blaster depending on how tough the situation is.

Can you use a sink auger in a toilet?

No. Although if you do consider doing this, can you have someone film it with a mobile phone and upload it to YouTube, we think it could be entertaining.

How can you tell where a water leak is coming from?

“Where is a water leak coming from” is a million dollar question we get asked all the time. In most cases it isn’t as simple as finding the leak where the water is gathering. The water could be travelling from another location or even from multiple spots. Using our experience, specialist equipment and expertise we can find a leak, then fix it.

How do I unclog my main sewer line?

Unclogging a main sewer line could require various approaches depending on how bad the blockage is. We can use a CCTV camera to inspect the lines and then professional equipment like a water jet high pressure blaster to clear the problem.

Do all plumbers charge for estimates?

No, a plumber typically does not charge for estimates. They may charge for their time if they are required to source products or dispose of rubbish.

How do you check if I have lead pipes?

You can check if you have lead pipes by organising a site inspection by a qualified plumber in Sydney. We can use our CCTV high resolution camera to look into your pipes.

How much does a 24 hour plumber cost?

A 24 hour plumber normally costs double the daytime hourly rate. Nu -Trend can provide a quotation over the phone. 

Keep in mind that typically an 24 hour plumber in Sydney is leaving their family in the middle of the night to come and provide you an emergency service, hence the cost is higher than normal.

How much do plumbers charge for emergency calls?

An emergency call normally costs double the daytime hourly rate. Nu -Trend can provide a quotation over the phone. 

Keep in mind that typically an emergency plumber service in Sydney is dropping everything to attend to your needs, hence it is a higher charge.

Do plumbers unclog drains?

Yes a plumber can unclog or fix blocked drains.

How do I know if my plumbing is bad?

You can work out if your plumbing is bad based on how many times your drains clog, your taps leak or you have smells from sewage. We can provide a complete inspection of your site to give you an assessment.

How do you unclog a toilet quickly?
The fastest way to unclog a toilet quickly would be to get a toilet plunger and clear it yourself. If that is unsuccessful you may have another underlying issue that needs to be addressed.
How much water is used in a 5 minute shower?

Well Google says you might use 10-20 litres mer minute during a 5 minute shower, although a lot will depend on your piping system, where your water comes from, the type of taps or even shower head you use.

Will Drano unclog sewer line?

Well let’s just say that sometimes marketing hype can overtake the actual delivered results.

What are signs of sewage backup?

You can detect sewage backup by paying attention to ;

  • Bad smells.
  • Leaks.
  • Gurgling.
  • Toilet filling up.
  • Overflowing drains
What is the complete list of services a Qualified Plumber in Sydney can provide?

A Sydney plumber has to study for a number of years to learn a wide range of skills. These will include;

  • Read plans and calculate plumbing quantities
  • Carry out WHS requirements
  • Handle and store plumbing materials
  • Use plumbing hand and power tools
  • Carry out levelling
  • Cut and join sheet metal
  • Mark out materials
  • Weld using oxy-acetylene equipment
  • Weld using manual metal arc welding equipment
  • Carry out simple concreting and rendering
  • Work safely on roofs
  • Flash penetrations through roofs and walls
  • Weld polyethylene and polypropylene pipes using fusion method
  • Fabricate and install non-ferrous pressure piping
  • Locate and clear blockages
  • Install domestic treatment plants
  • Install stormwater and sub-soil drainage systems
  • Drain work site
  • Install prefabricated inspection openings and enclosures
  • Plan layout of a residential sanitary drainage system
  • Install below ground sanitary drainage systems
  • Install on-site disposal systems
  • Fabricate and install fire hydrant and hose reel systems
  • Install LPG systems in caravans, mobile homes and mobile workplaces
  • Install LPG systems in marine craft
  • Install gas pressure control equipment
  • Install Type A gas appliance flues
  • Purge consumer piping
  • Disconnect and reconnect Type A gas appliances
  • Calculate and install natural ventilation for Type A gas appliances
  • Install gas piping systems
  • Size consumer gas piping systems
  • Install LPG storage of aggregate storage capacity up to 500 litres
  • Install and commission Type A gas appliances
  • Collect and store roof water
  • Plan layout of a residential sanitary plumbing system
  • Install discharge pipes
  • Fabricate and install sanitary stacks
  • Install and fit off sanitary fixtures
  • Connect and install storage tanks to a domestic water supply
  • Set out and install water services
  • Install and adjust water service controls and devices
  • Install and commission water heating systems
  • Install water pumpsets
  • Fit off and commission heated and cold water services
  • Connect irrigation systems from drinking water supply
  • Provide basic emergency life support
  • Install trench support