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Converting a two tap sink to a single mixer

If you have a traditional two tap sink set up we can convert it to have just a single mixer in your bathroom, kitchen or laundry. Find out the costs & process

Convert, change or turn two taps to one mixer

Want to replace those separate hot and cold tap handles?

Licensed plumber convert a three way tap set up to a single flick mixer in Hurstville Sydney

A lot of older homes in Sydney will have a traditional two tap system set up in their kitchen sink, bathroom vanity or laundry sink. So we get asked a lot about how to change old 2 tap set ups to a single mixer. A plumber can change an old two tap set up to be a single mixer very easily and it costs from just $150 ex gst.


  • What is a two tap set up – A two tap set up is normally for separate cold water and hot water controls. The plumbing then combines both water sources so that you can adjust the temperature of the water by adding or reducing either the cold or hot water as required. It is more convenient and easier to use a single mixer.

  • Should you use a plumber – A plumber in Sydney like Nu-Trend can convert an existing two way mixer set up and remove it so that it can be replaced with a single mixer tap. We can do replacements or installations for any type of tap for your bathroom, kitchen or laundry to make sure everything is connected properly and with suitable capping from just $150 ex gst.

  • Benefits of a single mixer – The benefit of a single mixer tap is you just use one handle to adjust the temperature and the flow of the water as needed. This is more convenient to use and also takes up less space on a kitchen benchtop, bathroom vanity or laundry wall. 

  • What’s better single or 2 taps? There is no right or wrong when it comes to the choice of tap system you use, it is really down to personal preference. For most of the bathrooms in Sydney that we build they will have single mixer set ups but there are still people who prefer to have separate taps. For new shower installations most people will tend to choose for a single tap mixer that is installed on the wall. 
  • Do you have to replace the vanity? If you are thinking of changing from 2 taps to a single mixer then you might also be thinking about replacing your vanity as well so there are not extra holes near the sink. Sometimes this also means if the new vanity isn’t the same size then the tiling behind it may need to be repaired. In this situation contracting someone experience renovating, not just plumbers, makes sense. Nu Trend is a bathroom renovator in Sydney that has completed thousands of bathroom renovations

How did we change this old 2 tap set up to a single mixer?

Licensed plumber convert a three way tap set up to a single flick mixer in Hurstville Sydney

Our plumbing team was contacted about replacing an two tap set up over their bathroom basin to a single mixer to convert their separate hot & cold taps to be combined. What they had installed already was a very typical set up which had three parts in the assembly, the hot tap, the cold tap & the spout. 

They wanted to retain their existing vanity and leave it in place but have a single mixer installed, this is how we did it;

  1. Remove – A plumber deleted (removed) the old tap assembly by removing the old breach piece and installed mini taps together with flexible hoses to work with the new flick mixer tap. 

  2. Install – Doing this type of conversion in a bathroom is perfect for elderly people to use or even homes with young children a a single mixer tap is normally easier to use. Anyone can control the water temperature a lot more efficiently with a single motion of your hand and they look better too.

  3. Patch – For this conversion pictured above we were governed by the existing holes in the bathroom vanity which means two of them will remain empty. So we sourced caps to cover over the old holes. If the vanity was made out of timber it may have been possible to patch the holes, but in this instance the vanity was moulded which would have made this more difficult to achieve.

The benefit of converting from two taps to a single mixer is the reduction in long term maintenance because new tap hardware works off a ceramic disc which lasts longer in most situations.

Can you remove and replace the dual taps in a kitchen or laundry?

If you have dual taps set up in your kitchen or laundry you can have these removed by a licensed plumber and replaced with single mixer units. In fact you could completely replace your taps with a new style, different colour, non-touch models or even a pull out sink mixer tap.

In general these are the types of taps you can choose to have installed;


  • Pillar taps – these are the standard tap types marked ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ that you might see in a bathroom, laundry, kitchen or powder room. Especially in older homes. These are still used today, even in new homes.
  • Mixer Taps – if you have a modern kitchen or bathroom, it’s very likely that you’ve got a mixer tap – a single tap nozzle that runs both hot and cold, or a custom temperature combo, depending on how you manipulate the handle or handles.
  • Monobloc taps – is another variety of single tap that you turn the single handle to the left for hotter, and to the right when you want cold water.
  • Washer taps – some plumbers will call this a compression washer type of tap the one that many people know which has a rubber or plastic washing inside that has to get changed when it gets worn.
  • Disc taps – newer taps might work with ceramic discs featuring holes that let the water in depending on how the handle is operated. If your tap is super-easy to turn on from nothing to full-blast, you may have one of the disc tap types.
  • Ball taps – these will normally be in the garden, their round appearance is because of the hollow ball on the inside that controls the temperature mix and the speed of the flow. 
  • Cartridge taps – these have a cartridge inside the tap itself, when it’s operated to the left and right it controls the temperature while up and down is all about how strong the water flow is. You often see these in combination bath and shower installations.

Is it cheaper to convert a leaking two tap set up vs repairing it

If your two tap set up in the bathroom, laundry or kitchen is leaking it could mean the washers need servicing and/or replacement. 

Option 1 – Service the existing leaking two tap set up.
The cost for a plumber to do this will be between $150 ex gst snd $250 ex gst depending on the condition and age of the taps. 
A plumber can visit your home, remove the leaking tap and replace the internal hardware to stop them from leaking and to open or close a lot easier.


Option 2 – Remove your leaking two tap set up & convert it to a single mixer
Although consider this, the cost of a new single mixer starts from around $99 for a good quality product. So by spending a little bit more you can;

  • Update the look of your bathroom tap.
  • Solve your leaking tap problem.
  • Increase the level of convenience in your bathroom by using a single mixer. 
  • Lower long term maintenance costs with a single tap set up.
So overall it isn’t cheaper to convert to a single mixer because of the additional hardware (and maybe a bit more labour) that is needed but, it is more cost effective considering the added benefits.


Does the vanity have to be replaced when converting from two taps to a mixer?

Plumber in Sydney replace vanity

For the majority of bathroom vanities the taps are not integrated, they can be removed. This means you can change the taps if they are worn or broken, convert from two taps to a mixer or even simply just change the colour or style of tap.

A plumber can disconnect your old taps and install new ones quite easily.

If you want to convert your two tap set up then sometimes people will consider changing their vanity as well so that everything is refreshed & updated at once. It isn’t mandatory because as we demonstrated above even if your vanity has three holes you can still convert it to a single mixer and then cover two of the original holes. It isn’t a perfect solution but it saves money on buying a new vanity.

Either way you can either use your existing vanity or replace it – the choice comes down to a few factors we have outlined below and the biggest question is what remedial renovation work to repair tiling, painting or other items on the wall might be required if the old & new vanity units are completely different shapes and sizes.

Here’s what to consider:

  1. Size and Fit: Check if the new mixer tap can fit into the existing space or holes in the vanity. Traditional two-tap setups have separate holes for hot and cold taps, whereas a mixer tap generally requires a single, central hole. If the new mixer tap can be accommodated within the existing holes or with minor modifications, you might not need to replace the vanity and then just cap the extra holes.

  2. Plumbing Adjustments: The plumbing underneath will need to be adjusted to accommodate the single spout of the mixer tap. This usually involves altering the hot and cold water lines to merge into one. Ensure that these adjustments are feasible with your current vanity setup. A plumber can inspect the water lines to help you work out what is possible, but in most cases it is.

  3. Aesthetic and Design Considerations: Consider how the new mixer tap will look with your existing vanity. If the style and design of the tap are in harmony with the vanity, there may be no need for replacement. However, if the new tap significantly alters the look or if the vanity shows signs of wear or damage, you might choose to replace it for a more cohesive appearance.

  4. Condition of the Vanity: Assess the condition of your current vanity. If it’s in good shape, it might make more sense to modify it rather than replace it. However, if it’s old, damaged, or if you’ve been considering an upgrade, this might be a good opportunity to do so.

  5. Cost and Budget Considerations: Consider your budget. Modifying the existing vanity to fit a mixer tap can be more cost-effective than purchasing a new vanity. However, the costs can vary based on the complexity of the modification needed. A plumber can give you some pricing options on the labour to change the taps and remove, then install a new vanity.

    What you need to do separately is look at the cost of new vanities to figure out the overall budget requirement.

  6. Professional Advice: It’s a good idea to consult with a plumber or bathroom renovation specialist. They can provide advice on the feasibility of the conversion with your current vanity and suggest the best approach especially if new tiling, waterproofing or adjustments to water lines in the wall cavity is required.


Converting to a mixer tap doesn’t automatically necessitate replacing the entire vanity. It largely depends on the compatibility of the new tap with the existing setup, the condition of the vanity, design considerations, and most importantly your personal preferences.


How much does it cost to replace 2 taps to a mixer tap in Sydney?

The cost to remove a 2 tap set up and replace it with a mixer tap in Sydney will be between $150 ex gst and $800 ex gst as a price guide. 

These are the reasons for such a disparity in prices and it depends on many factors that change the potential scope of work needed for a plumbing contractor;

  • Like for like – What exactly is getting replaced e.g is it a like for like tap replacement. If it is then most likely the cost will be close to $150 ex gst to have a tap replaced.
  • Moving taps – Do the taps need to be moved or relocated to another location.
  • Conversions – Does the plumbing need to be adjusted to to accomodate a 2 tap to single mixer tap set up? If it does then there is some additional labour needed to adjust the water supply lines so it could cost between $150 ex gst and $250 ex gst.
  • Sink removal – Does the kitchen bench, vanity or laundry sink have to get removed, replaced or repaired to suit the new tap system? The costs here can be quite variable because you firstly have to budget for the new cabinetry and sink, the new taps & then the labour to remove & install the new elements.
  • Is it an emergency – How quickly the job needs to get done will also effect the price, if it is an emergency at 2 in the morning because a tap has burst then this will be double or even triple the normal pricing compared to something that is done in a few weeks time.
  • Age of the property & plumbing – How old is the property is and the plumbing can also be a consideration if the plumber discovers that the water supply lines are rusted or aged for example and need replacing.
Depending on the answers to these questions the price will vary but we can provide a free quote over the phone to help you work out your tap replacement or tap conversion costs very easily.

Thinking about renovating your bathroom?

You can get lots of quotes from bathroom renovation companies that have a list of prices, but if you dig into the detail, what are they actually offering? Not all quotations are very detailed and most companies won’t even put in writing the steps they follow or their process.

At Nu Trend we provided you with a very clear, written outline of how we carry out any type of renovation in Sydney.

You can even download it

You can combine your hot and cold water taps yourself. These days people can do anything they put their mind to, there are thousands of videos you can watch, websites to read etc. Yes combining hot and cold water taps is a straight forward conversion in most situations and as we mentioned earlier our pricing for a plumber to do it costs from just $150 ex gst for the labour needed.

Just keep in mind that attempting a DIY approach to changing a two-tap setup to a single mixer tap can present several pitfalls, especially for those without substantial plumbing experience. Here’s why it’s generally recommended to use a professional plumber for such a task:

  1. Complex Plumbing Adjustments: Converting from two taps to a mixer tap might involve altering the plumbing to merge separate hot and cold water lines into one. This can be complex and requires understanding of plumbing systems to ensure proper water flow, pressure and no leaks are created later on.

  2. Risk of Water Damage: Incorrect installation can lead to leaks or burst pipes, resulting in water damage. Professional plumbers have the expertise to ensure all connections are secure and watertight. If you have water slowly leaking under a vanity or in a wall cavity you might not see or realise for months – by then major water damage could be created.

  3. Tools and Equipment: Specialised tools may be needed for the job, which a typical homeowner may not possess. Plumbers have the necessary tools and know how to use them effectively.

  4. Compliance with Codes and Standards: Plumbing work must comply with local building codes and standards. A licensed plumber will ensure that the installation is compliant, avoiding potential legal and safety issues.

  5. Potential for Injury: Plumbing work can involve risks such as cutting pipes, dealing with hot water lines, or working in cramped spaces. Professional plumbers are trained to handle these conditions safely.

  6. Voiding Warranties: DIY plumbing can void warranties on your home insurance or the fixtures themselves. Professional installation ensures that warranties remain intact.

  7. Aesthetics and Finish: Ensuring a neat and professional finish can be challenging in DIY projects. Plumbers can ensure that the new fixtures are installed cleanly and look aesthetically pleasing.

  8. Time and Effort: DIY plumbing can be time-consuming, especially for those who are inexperienced. A plumber can complete the job more efficiently and with less disruption.

  9. Assessment of Existing Plumbing: A plumber can assess the condition of your existing plumbing system and advise if any additional work is needed, which might be overlooked in a DIY approach.

  10. Future Problems and Costs: Incorrect installation can lead to future plumbing issues, potentially resulting in more cost and inconvenience than if a plumber had been engaged initially.

While a DIY approach might seem cost-effective and you can save a few dollars, the risks and potential for additional costs and problems make it advisable to hire a professional plumber for changing a two-tap setup to a single mixer tap. 

This ensures a safe, compliant, and high-quality outcome when replacing separate taps with a new mixer.

Here are some of our recent bathroom renovations in Sydney that Nu-Trend has completed. The majority of the projects we are contracted for are complete bathroom renovations where the room is completely stripped so that the flooring, walls, tiling and waterproofing is installed brand new.

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