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Get a written assessment on the condition of your bathroom from a professional plumber and bathroom renovation company in Sydney.

What is a bathroom inspection?

Inspection service in Sydney.

Nu-Trend is qualified to perform bathroom inspections in Sydney as a licensed plumber and bathroom renovator. The wet areas of a property include the bathroom and laundry. These get constant use and must be water tight to prevent damage to the structure of your property.

A bathroom that is leaking water, doesn’t have the correct fall, broken tiles or failed waterproofing can be create underlying issues that you don’t even see. By getting your bathroom inspected by a professional you get peace of mind and can discover potential problems.

“...I didn't realise water was leaking into the floor that was causing damage to the house. Luckily I got my bathroom inspected to find the problem...”


Bathroom inspection prices


$395 inc gst

  • On site call out to your location.
  • Visual inspection of the bathroom.
  • Verbal assessment.


$550 inc gst

  • On site call out to your location.
  • Visual inspection of the bathroom.
  • Verbal assessment.
  • Written report.
  • Photos detailing the issues

Why do you need a bathroom inspection?

We have helped helped hundreds of property owners discover various bathroom problems that they didn’t know about. Sometimes you might have a water leak that is very obvious, although the harder ones to discover is when water is leaking into the walls or subfloor of your property. Don’t believe us? Here are lots of examples of different bathroom problems that could have been avoided if they had been inspected.

What do people get a bathroom inspection?


“I have had a bathroom installed recently and I am concerned there are some issues that may be not right. Do you give an independent report on whether or not the bathroom has been installed correctly?

The main issues are;

  • The freestanding bath was not installed as per the instructions and now leaks from underneath. Due to the incorrect installation of the bath I am unable to use the push down plug that goes with the bath.
  • There does not appear to be any “fall” to the waste in the middle of the bathroom, and as a result the water from the bath pools between the bath and the waste.
  • My house is double brick, but the builder decided to gyprock the walls, which has meant the measurements on our plan are different to what we have ended up with. This has affected the length of the shower space resulted in excessive splash over (which doesn’t fall to the waste hole!)


So there you go, that is just one real life example of why people in Sydney get a bathroom inspection. Katherine had paid for a bathroom renovation but has been left with all sorts of problems. So by getting an expert opinion it can be used to raise a dispute with the original contractor.

In most cases a property owner will use a bathroom inspection to work out if there are problems with a particular room because they have water leak issues, are about to buy a property or have just had renovation work completed but don’t think the work was done properly. Either way, getting your bathroom inspected by Nu Trend can give you the information you need so you can make the right decision about the room.

Nu Trend are very experienced at doing bathroom inspections because we are licensed plumbers and bathroom renovators in Sydney that work on hundreds of locations every year. So we can instantly detect problems that you may not even see or realise, this includes poor workmanship, incorrect installation of bathroom hardware or structural issues. 

What do we find in a bathroom inspection?

Plumbers who rip people off with incorrect repair quotes in Sydney for water leaks gap in pipe seal

We have found all sorts of problems over the years, in a bathroom it is common for problems to arise around the shower, bath and toilet areas especially the taps or drain connections. With so much water in these areas they have a propensity to leak so there is often signs of damage, mildew and corrosion that needs to be addressed. 

In other situations owners will do their very best to present a house for sale in the most positive light and may even do a few touchups to hide surface damage. An expert bathroom inspector will be able to see right through this and give you, a potential buyer, the facts.

There could be more complex issues like items not installed to meet Australian Standards, piping not installed correctly, wrong flooring materials and more. There are so many areas that can be a potential safety hazzard if a bathroom has not been installed correctly. The benefit of getting Nu Trend to do your bathroom inspection is that we are a qualified plumbing company and bathroom renovation serviec. So we are dealing with these areas every day of the week. 

We can inspect any type of bathroom that is in a house, unit, apartment block or retail store.

An inspection of a bathroom will check for a wide variety of possible concerns, especially obvious water leaks, cracks and noticeable damage.

We will also consider things like whether there is adequate ventilation, are shower screens and cabinets are installed to safety standards as well as simple things like taps and toilets flushed to ensure there are no obvious issues with water flow or unpleasant sounds from within the pipes. Water pressure will also be assessed by running a shower and taps simultaneously.

Showers, walls and cupboards will be given a detailed once over for signs of damp and we will also look for things like loose grouting, old and tired silicon and gaps in corners can indicate a potential hidden damage that only an expert can spot.

The main cause of leaks in wet areas is due to inadequate installation of waterproofing, poor workmanship, or deterioration over time due to poor maintenance.

Water proofing is only effective if is has been properly installed, maintained and remains in tact. We will check wall tile grout and sealants, and look for any cracks and loose tiles that could allow water to penetrate water proofed structures such as walls and flooring.

The sealants around baths, toilets, sinks and showers are also checked for weak areas that could result in leaks.

It is important to remember that moisture build up can also lead to harmful mould in your home.

Moisture problems can be from the failure of a plumbing system, including washing machines, toilets, or showers. Leaks can also be from a hot water system, a natural disaster (hail damage, flooding), blockage in the gutters that lets water flow back into the building and could be minor or major, depending on the degree of the water intrusion into the property.

Water leaks may also be promoting mould and termites, creating bigger issues. A professional bathroom inspector will inspect the indoor air quality to ensure you’re safe in your home.

If water doesn’t drain to the floor waste then you have a problem with incorrect fall. This could be from movement of the building or because the floor tiling wasn’t installed correctly.

If your bathroom floor is buckling, cracking or beginning to stain for no obvious reason, it is most likely due to hidden water leaking.

This may be due to the shower tray. This can result in damage to the ceiling below. It can also damage the stairs depending on the volume of the leakage. When this happens, it means the membrane has failed, or the steel to the floor waist is damaged or has become undone somehow. The grout seals around the floor may have deteriorated. Sometimes this could be a minor fix by resealing the floors and repairing the damaged grout.

However, it’s best to ask for advice from a professional bathroom inspector incase major repairs are needed.