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Blocked drain repairs for restaurants or cafes in Sydney

It seemed like a simple blocked drain. Although a CCTV inspection of a blocked drain uncovered underlying issues for this restaurant with a collapsed pipe allowing sediment to create water blockages

Blocked drain plumber for a restaurant or cafe

The Ichi-ban Boshi manager neeeded a blocked drain plumber for their restaurant in Sydney because it was overflowing into the dining and cooking areas of the retail business. They had been experiencing blocked drains quite regularly and the assumption was the staff were washing too many food scraps, cooking oil and debris down the sinks that were getting stuck in the pipes. 


Our blocked drain plumbers in Sydney help lots of cafe or restaurant owners to clear blockages or even repair the existing plumbing. This is one of the most common repairs that we do in Sydney for retail business owners operating take away shops, cafes or restaurants that have to dispose of large volumes of waste. Many of them will be using shared drain systems in a shopping centre or apartment block, so it’s important to consider what is being washed down the sinks, especially grease or food scraps. 


Nu-Trend is a licensed plumber that can provide emergency plumbing repairs in the CBD, North Shore, Inner West or Sutherland Shire in Sydney for a retail location that has a business operating in it. Our team has lots of experience and the equipment needed to repair a blocked drain using either a CCTV digital drain camera or high pressure jet blasting tools. If the issue is too severe or the piping system is damaged, we can even replace parts of it as required.


At this restaurant what we discovered was their actual drainage system was broken and needed to be repaired. We were able to determine this after doing a thorough inspection of all their piping rather than just doing a plunge to clear the debris that had built up. Doing a full inspection to determine the root cause of a blockage can help a business owner save thousands of dollars in repairs. If you can solve the underlying issue you can avoid constant short term repair bills.

In many cases people will try and unblock their drain by pouring chemicals down it or maybe even organising a water jet blast service. Although this can hide underlying plumbing issues by not inspecting the pipes to ensure there are not other problems. 

So using an experienced plumber in Sydney gives you the right expertise to work out the cause & available solutions to repair it. In most blocked drain situations a CCTV inspection of the pipes can ensure there wasn’t something else creating the problem in the plumbing system deep into the lines.

The Ichi-ban Boshi restaurant owner had a blocked drain that was causing overflows into the dining and cooking areas of their business. They had been experiencing regular blocked drains and the assumption was their staff were maybe washing too many food scraps or other debris down the sinks. 

Instead of just plunging the drain clear, you can look inside it to see what the issue is, this can uncover other potential problems that need to be repaired. Some plumbers won’t bother to do this because it might mean a repeat job for them a few months down the track. Fixing plumbing correctly is the better long term solution.

Using the CCTV camera we are able to explore the pipe network and visibly inspect it to see if there are any other issues occurring. It takes all the guesswork away and delivers clear evidence as to what the drain blockage issues are. It meant the property owner could see for themselves what the cause of the issue was and then decide how they wanted to fix this blocked drain.

How did we repair the blocked drain in this restaurant?

For this property it would have been very easy for our plumber to assume there was food stuck in the plumbing system. They could have quickly and easily cleared the pipes to remove any of the debris, run the tap water and then demonstrate the sink was working normally.

Although at Nu-Trend we take things a step further.

We carried out a CCTV digital camera inspection inside the system to see if there was anything else getting in the way. What we found was the pipe had actually collapsed, literally broken under the concrete slab floor. So even though we removed the debris, the cracked plumbing would lead to further blockages later on.

Once we provided evidence to the business owner they approved to begin cutting into the floor tiling, then the concrete slab so that we could get to the section of pvc piping that had broken. This enabled us to remove and then repair the plumbing so that it could function as intended.

Taking these extra steps will reduce the ongoing repair requirements and ensure their drainage works as it is intended to.

To help the Ichi-ban Boshi restaurant owner we organised to conduct all our work after hours so they didn’t need to alter their trading hours. Our emergency plumber service is available 24 hours for situations like this. So we scheduled tour he team to be onsite to do the inspection and remedy works as quickly as possible during the night.

Once we had completed the CCTV inspection of the pipes we also made sure we carried out a leak detection process to then identify any services that may be under the tiles before we did the wet saw cutting. 

Once that was completed we were able to begin our work to get access to the pipes and repair the issue. To achieve this we had to use a wet saw to cut into the concrete slab to reach the pipes. This gives us the access we need to get to the source of the problem and fix it. It won’t be needed in all instances but it was this time because the pipe had collapsed and broken.

In the end what we discovered was that the pipe had collapsed and had a large hole in it. This was allowing sand or sediment and other debris to fill the pipe which was leading to the recurring blocked drain. If we had just unblocked the drain we wouldn’t have uncovered this underlying issue for the property owner.

By going the extra step with the CCTV inspection we were able to identify the cause of the recurring blocked drain as well as put a long term solution in place to save the property owner servicing costs in the long term.

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