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Plumber to clear blocked apartment building stormwater pits

These town houses were getting flooded because of a blocked stormwater drain pit in the driveway area. We repaired it by doing a high pressure jet blast and debris removal.

Plumber in Sydney that repairs blocked stormwater pits

Chris got stuck into repairing this blocked stormwater pit that was completely blocked. The recent heavy rain in Sydney was causing flooding in the driveway where cars were parked & threatened the safety of residents. Large stormwater pit systems like this are typically found in shopping centres, schools, car parks, apartment blocks or sporting grounds. Depending on the existing conditions of the surrounding area and the type of use the area gets, if a drain is blocked and overflows it can cause harm to pedestrians, property or even vehicles.

Nu-Trend is often called by real estate agents, shopping centre managers or building managers to repair these types of plumbing problems in Sydney.

Why do you have to keep stormwater pits clear from blockages?

Nu-Trend has a team of licensed plumbers in Sydney that can repair stormwater pits in car parks, driveways or shared easements. Our staff have fully equiped vehicles that have all the tools needed to make sure pipes, drains and stormwater outlets are operating correctly. A lot of the time you can’t see what is causing the issue because it is deep inside the piping. 

A real estate agent called for a licensed plumber in Picnic Point to visit a block of town houses that was experiencing heavy flooding every time there was heavy rain. The driveway had stormwater pits that weren’t handling large volumes of excess water very well. So we had to inspect and clean all the pits on the site to make sure it would be safe for residents.

It sounds obvious, but you have to ensure stormwater pits are clear of debris to ensure that water can be captured & able to pass freely into the local sewage systems. Stormwater inlets, also known as gully inlets, are mainly provided to collect this stormwater from the paved surfaces, parks, landscaped and open space areas, and transfer it to underground pipe drains. Even where an open drain system is used, the inlets connect to the open drains by means of pipes. What can happen is that dirt, tree debris, kids toys or other things can fall into the drain and create blockages in the system.

Depending on the weather & volume of water that can pass through the pipes flooding may occur which is a threat to people living in the buildings surrounding the drains or even pedestrians.

What to do if your stormwater pit is overflowing?

For this property we had to inspect;

  • 3 – 600 x 600 pits spaced down the middle of the driveway with steel grate lids
  • 2 – 1200 x 1200 pits towards the rear of the driveway


All the pits connect to each with the gradient fall of the paved drive way and instead of draining to the street, the pits all make there way to an easement located at the back of the complex. These pits had no been maintained in over 10 years and were full of debris. All the outlets and orifice plates were completely blocked and clogged.

We used our high pressure water jetter with two men between 7:30-10:30 to clear all the pits and get them flowing so they would operate according to building code requirements. Another plumber remained on site between 10-12 with the jetter to ensure all the pits, grates, drive way was all hosed down and cleaned neatly to ensure all the mud or dirt had been removed.

To minimise any mess we bag all the rubbish and dispose of it. 

To get the pits cleaned efficiently we used multiple jet blasting heads that have different functions spraying harder, faster, backwards, forwards or even root cutting facilities. Having these variations can ensure we can clear all types of blockages and in different size pipes. While this equipment is expensive to purchase it is necessary to repair drain blockages in Sydney efficiently & to a high standard. 

The other thing we had to manage was access to the driveway while we completed our work. Everyone needed to get in and out, so we had to open and close the heavy pit lids while relocating the jet blaster, unfortunately there was no better time to do this. 7:30 is the earliest we can run the loud jet blasting motor & it can’t be done late in the afternoon as it disturbs people. 

The other benefit of handling a drain blockage repair early in the morning is that if a major issue is discovered, then there is time available to resolve it.

We completed this drain repair as quickly as we could and managed to work around the owners as they understood the importance of getting the drains cleared. The typical cost for this type of stormwater drain servicing is \$1000 – \$2000 depending on the hours required, number of plumbers needed and how many pits there are or their size.


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