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Plumbing for a new house construction in Sydney

If you are building a new house you can engage us as your plumber to install all the stormwater drainage that is needed for your new build, go behind the scenes & see how we do it

Getting plumbing installed for your new home construction in Sydney

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Nu-Trend is a licensed new home construction plumbing company in Sydney that has tradespeople who are qualified, experienced and have many years of experience working on new building sites. For any type of new home build in Sydney we can always provide a seamless, hassle-free new home plumbing installation service that is complimented with our bathroom renovation expertise.

Just like every other plumbing company we will promise to put you first, but we back it up with real information, advice & our unique behind the scenes stories about plumbing or renovating. Rick will provide a free of charge, written quotation for any new home build plumbing installation in Sydney that doesn’t have any hidden fees or extras, in fact, we list the exclusions so you can specifically see what is or isn’t included in our pricing.

Nu-Trend has worked with thousands of developers, architects, builders, hydraulic engineers and even project managers to install brand new plumbing, drainage and sewage systems to hundreds of new home building sites. Our plumbing has been installed in hundreds of new residential home builds, large scale residential development areas, commercial projects and even renovations which has forged our reputation that few plumbing companies in Sydney can rival. 

We work very collaboratively and you’ll even see an example of this in the video above where we solved a major drainage issue that we discovered. We can very easily work with the leading contractor or developer on a build to deliver a specific scope of work that is within budget, on schedule and completely safely. This is why so many home builders choose Nu-Trend to install their new plumbing systems.


New home construction plumber in Sydney with licensed tradesman

You might leave all the work to your builder or developer to install your plumbing when you are constructing a new home. Although you have the choice, you can specify a plumber to do the work for you & let them engage with a separate contractor. That way you can control who is working on the build of your new home.

If you’re building a new home or completing major renovations, it’s important to consider how plumbing plays into the overall plan of what you are trying to achieve. Plumbing needs to be high on the priority list when it comes to planning your hew home build and it isn’t just about getting water into your home, it is also about stormwater drainage and sewage. All these elements have to work correctly to make sure you don’t get flooded, have blocked drains and always have a reliable water supply, it all begins with digging the right trenches, triple checking levels, gradients and using the right plumbing materials.

It’s easy for home builders to cut corners by hiring cheap local plumbers who don’t construct things to Australian Standards or use poor quality materials – be warned.

It’s important to work with a professional, reliable and trustworthy team of licensed plumbers in Sydney that take pride in their work. You have to be thinking about topography,  stormwater requirements, the right size of piping to suit potential flooding situations and more. Nu-Trend is a leading new build plumbing contractor that will give you a choice about how to complete your new home construction plumbing including gas line installation.

This new home getting built in Bondi needed to have new plumbing installed before the concrete slab could be poured. Our scope of work was very extensive and included;

Sewer and Drainage

  • Install sanitary drainage, connect to the sewer point left by the builder inside the property boundary
  • Install SN8 sewer pipe to extend Sydney Water sewer easement pipe and sparge. No allowance was made to raise the Sydney Water vent to the roof if needed
  • Install stormwater pipes as per the hydraulic plan assuming pits are 450 plastic pits and standard grates, including installation of customer supplied OSD tank (allowance to inspect existing outlets to kerb side, also install subsoil drainage in basement.
  • Supply poly pits (would have been optional to have concrete pits and there was no allowance for RHS or strip drain)
  • Supply and install all subsoil drainage as per stormwater drawings.

Hot and Cold water/gas

  • Install hot and cold-water piping, including additional external water points as per plans
  • Supply and install 1 x Rinnai 32 instantaneous and 1 x recess box
  • Install new gas piping as per plans and co-ordinate gas pick up/install of gas meter
  • Application to Jemena for temp standby and fees, disconnect existing side line 300mm outside property boundary
  • Supply and install new gas meter from Zinfra
  • Fit off customer supplied PC items and tapware
  • Test and commission
  • Supply plumbing certificate on completion

So as you can see it is pretty extensive but this doesn’t include any excavation works which can cost up to $1500 plus gst per day which is the minimum charge as a machine operator will be booked for an entire day. The other thing to consider are things like an allowance for the plumber to supply and install blue metal aggregate where needed for the back fill of all the drainage or this can be builder supplied as it may be difficult to estimate the depths of the trenches in the early stages.

What did this exclude?

  • Any section 73 works required
  • Any major excavation for trenching TBC between builder and plumber
  • Bricks, sand cement or aggregate if needed for drainage
  • Chasing lines or demolition
  • Thermal or acoustic lagging
  • Supply of any floor waste grates, strip drains, tanks, Stormwater outside the scope of work
  • Installation of down pipes
  • Sydney Water vent extended to roof
  • OSD tank which had to be supplied by the client

What you can’t see here that we had to manually dig all the trenches for the piping because the builder didn’t want to risk damaging the footings with an excavator running over the top of it. This added to the cost of labour and the time needed to prepare all the trenches. So we had to dig by hand and also deal with very little space for any rubbish removal.


For this job there was about 10 metres of digging hard clay, jackhammering the sandstone, moving the debris and more. This all added to the labour cost due to the exta people and time needed.

Does a plumber deviate from new home construction plans?

As you will see in the video we had to deviate slightly from the plans provided because on one side of the block the slotted agg line wasn’t going to function correctly due to its height in relation to where the finished slab was. In the video Rob and Rick discuss a couple of solutions but ultimately it meant even more excavation that wasn’t expected.

The main plumbing for storm water and sewer is all designed by hydraulic engineers in conjunction with the builder, council, Sydney Water etc and drafted up on site plans to ensure it’s going to work and drain properly. This in ground stage is most crucial to get done correctly while no concrete has been poured or steel bearers put in place. This is where a licensed plumber will;

  1. Make sure the approved plans are going to work
  2. There are no hidden obstacles/restrictions in the way
  3. Triple check all the measurements with the builder because once steel and concrete is in it will be too late to add or move the plumbing
  4. Work around solutions when the anticipated plan makes sense on paper but in real terms it may not function on the site.
So sometimes changes or ammendments need to be made to allow for the plumbing to be installed correctly & to Australian Standards. That is in between rain delays, managing labourers, delays in engineering plans and other unknown obstacles.

How much does it cost to get plumbing installed for a new home build in Sydney?

For this job the cost of getting the new plumbing installed was around $60,000 + GST but every single job site will be a different cost because the work required will vary. Some installation jobs will be smaller, others larger or some might have really unusual complications that require variations to the expected work.

To get an accurate quote for plumbing installation when building a new house in Sydney, there are a few steps you can take:

  • Create a detailed plan: Before you can get an accurate quote, you need to have a detailed plan for your plumbing needs. This should include the location of all plumbing fixtures, such as toilets, sinks, and showers, as well as any special features, such as a hot tub or a water filtration system or even a septic tank. An architect will normally provide everything needed that includes things like water supply, sewage lines and stormwater drain locations.
  • Consult with a professional licensed plumber: It’s a good idea to consult with a professional licensed plumber to discuss your plumbing needs and get their input on your plan. They can help you identify any potential issues and provide recommendations for the best materials or approach to take with the installation.
  • Get multiple quotes: Contact several plumbing companies and ask them to provide a detailed quote for your project. Make sure they have all the information they need to provide an accurate quote, such as the size of the house, the number of plumbing fixtures, and any special features. You have to be able to provide a very detailed, specific scope of work to get accurate quotes because ideally you just want to compare the overall labour cost to complete the same type of work require.d
  • Compare quotes: Once you have received quotes from multiple companies, compare them carefully. Look for any major differences in price or scope of work and ask the companies to explain these differences if there are any. Be careful here because it is easy for things to seem a little vague and not every company may include the exact same thing, if you see big variances in the pricing then you have to look into that further.
  • Check references and credentials: Before you choose a plumbing company, check their references and credentials. Make sure they are licensed, insured, and have a good reputation in the community. Take a look at their website, does it look like stock library photos taken from the internet or is it the real people who work for the company, are they active on social media etc.
The biggest word of warning is be careful of flashing plumber marketing with nice uniforms, trucks, using iPads to quote etc – just because they present well doesn’t mean they will complete amazing work to match the ‘look’ they offer.

Go behind the scenes to learn more about plumbing or learn about how we completed some of our recent bathroom renovations in Sydney. Nu-Trend are licensed plumbers and bathroom renovators in Sydney that can complete jobs in either new or old homes, units, apartments or for commercial or retail businesses.

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It is why they are able to provide a written guarantee that demonstrates their confidence in standing by the quality of their workmanship and the service they deliver to every single client.

They have a very single minded commitment to deliver a high level of professionalism and quality, they’ve been doing renovation contracting in Sydney since 2009.

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Nu-Trend has been operating since 2009 as an independent bathroom renovation and plumbing contractor in Sydney. Rick and his team provide a wide range of services for home owners in houses, units, apartments or businesses.

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