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Blocked sewer pipe repair in Padstow Sydney

Watch our video to see how another plumber completed a very shonky sewer pipe repair job that blocked the system even more than it was previously.

Blocked sewer pipe repairs done correctly by a licensed plumber

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Nu-Trend is a licensed plumber in Padstow, Sydney, that can inspect a sewer pipe, diagnose any potential issues and then provide options to either repair the section of piping that is either broken, clear the blockage or even replace a line if it is too badly damaged.

For these home owners in Padstow they had been experiencing a blocked sewer pipe for a long, long time and they would call us regularly to have the plumbing jet blasted with our high pressure water jet equipment. This gave them a temporary solution to clear the blocked sewer pipes as we had already shown them their system needed to be replaced due to its age & condition.

Although they decided to get another opinion and another licensed plumber in Sydney was chosen to carry out a ‘repair’ to the blocked sewer line. Our quote to repair the plumbing was more expensive than the other plumbing companies so the owner chose to go with the cheapest options. Little did they realise this would end up costing them even more in costly plumbing repairs.

What they didn’t realise is that the cheapest plumbing quote also gave them a repair that was literally shonky. It wasn’t done correctly & without even explaining all the technical terms, these silly people actually introduced a new piece of piping into the sewer line that blocked the pipe! 

How crazy is that right? Can you believe a licensed plumber in Sydney would perform such a poor quality repair that it actually increased the potential for blockages to occur again?

How did we repair this blocked sewer pipe in Padstow, Sydney?

The dodgy repair
Ok so right now a few of you may be thinking how is it possible for a plumber to do this, even we were scratching our heads. If you are a conspiracy theory lover then you might be thinking it was done on purpose so that the line would get blocked again & the only solution would be to dig it all up. We hope not, but you never know these days. What they repaired was actually contributing to more of a blockage as they had glued the inspection opening riser access half way blocking the main sewer pipe. Basically blocking half of the pipe from water and toilet paper being able to flow through. The sewer junction picks up both parts to the house. Having a sewer junction with an inspection opening directly on top was the first issue that we noticed. It was suffocating the 100mm diameter of pipe by more than half with the dodgy workmanship from the cheaper plumber who won the job. Another issue was the layout of the plumbing where both lines connected so closely to the main junction causing the flow to sometimes not work as smoothly as it should. 

How we resolved it
We excavated around the sewer line access points to uncover the problem, a new inspection pipe had been inserted, but it was pushed so far into the line that it cut off about 50% of the diameter of the pipe. Any debris like toilet paper, tampons, chunks of hair, tissues, baby wipes or other objects going down the toilet, shower or vanity sink can easily get caught on the plastic PVC area that is protruding into the pipe.

Over time what will happen is that sewage will back up in the pipe and while it might drain slowly, most likely any hard materials will then start to wedge themselves and form a larger blockage that will eventually block the whole pipe. The owners won’t realise it straight away, it might take a few weeks, but they will have a problem again most likely.

So we had to excavate the section, remove the incorrect joints and re-install new piping to solve this blocked sewer pipe problem. What we did was put the inspection opening on the straight sewer line and not the junction . We also cut the pipes back more and created a long radius for the main sewer to go through the junction making the meeting point less congested

The home owner has now spent even more money than the original quotes because they have had to pay for two repair services & the work needed was more extensive that it was originally.

The long term solution
The entire sewer line has subsided over the years as it is old earthenware pipe. There was cracks, wrong gradients, sinking pipe and it doesn’t drain correctly, it is one of the worse sewer systems we have seen in Sydney. To repair it long term would be a complete replacement of 30m of sewer line that services the house.

So for this repair it was focussed on the boundary connection point which is a band aid solution and still required 

  • Excavation 
  • Jet blasting 
  • Camera inspection 
  • Rubbish removal 
  • New materials 

What can cause a blocked sewer pipe in Padstow or other suburbs in Sydney?​

For this home in Padstow they have a really old sewer pipe system that is mainly made up of clay piping and doesn’t work as efficiently as it could. So it means they will continually experience blockages unless they have it replaced, relined or a new system installed adjacent to their current one.

The most common causes of a sewer pipe getting blocked for any home, unit or apartment in Sydney typically include;

  • Tree roots: Tree roots are a common cause of blocked sewer pipes, as they can grow into pipes and cause damage as they slowly make their way into the system through a crack and then grow to be much larger over time.
  • Foreign objects: Foreign objects like wipes, sanitary products, and other non-degradable items like toys, condoms, napies etc can also cause blocked sewer pipes as they flow down the pipe and eventually get lodged at a bend, join or directional changes.
  • Grease and fat buildup: When grease and fat are poured down the sink, they can solidify and cause blockages because once it is hard water can’t pass through or around it. Every time you cook you should put the oil in your garbage bin or drink it. Either way don’t put it down the drain.
  • Broken pipes: Broken or cracked pipes can cause blockages as they can collapse, trapping debris and wastewater.
  • Bellied pipes: Bellied pipes occur when the ground settles and causes a section of the pipe to sink, creating a low spot where waste can accumulate.

To repair blocked sewer pipes, a plumber will typically conduct a camera inspection to identify the location and cause of the blockage. Depending on the cause, the plumber may use a range of techniques, such as hydro jetting, pipe relining, or excavation and replacement of damaged pipes. Hydro jetting involves using high-pressure water to clear blockages, while pipe relining involves creating a new lining within the existing pipe to seal any cracks or damage. Excavation and replacement may be necessary if the pipes are severely damaged or collapsed where the other methods simply can’t or won’t be able to resolve the problem.

How much does it cost to fix a blocked sewer pipe in Padstow, Sydney?

The cost to clear a blocked sewer pipe might be $395 for a high pressure jet blast or $30,000 for a complete sewer line replacement. Unfortunately there is no single way to provide a one off fixed cost because it is impossible to tell what is the cause of the issue without inspecting the system first. If you are lucky it is a simple blockage that can be plunged or jet blasted out, but if there are major areas of damage then it is a more serious issue that could take a few days to repair. 

How can you get quotes to repair your blocked sewer pipe?

  • Consult with a professional licensed plumber: It’s a good idea to consult with a professional licensed plumber to discuss your plumbing needs and get their input on your plan. They can help you identify any potential issues and provide recommendations for the best approach to take.
  • Get multiple quotes: Contact several plumbing companies and ask them to provide a detailed quote to show what they will do and why. Where you can, try and get them to prove or show you what is occuring.
  • Check references and credentials: Before you choose a plumbing company, check their references and credentials. Make sure they are licensed, insured, and have a good reputation in the community, take a look at their website, does it look like stock library photos taken from the internet or is it the real people who work for the company, are they active on social media, do their reviews even look legitimate?.
The biggest word of warning is be careful of flashing plumber marketing with nice uniforms, trucks, using iPads to quote etc – just because they present well doesn’t mean they will complete amazing work to match the ‘look’ they offer. On the flip side the cheapest quote may not be the right way to go because it could simply be a quick fix vs a long term solution provided.

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