Paint bubbling on a wall is often a sign of failed water proofing or other water leaking into the wall cavity creating moisture build up





What can you do if you see paint bubbling on your walls?

“Thanks for your time on the phone recently about the issues I have with my bathroom with potential leaks and water damage.  As mentioned on the phone I like your web site and found the information on it very useful. Attached are some pictures of the bathroom, as well as the WC next door. There is bubbling paint and mould on the outside walls next to the bathroom, and the bathroom door frame is also rusted – which I suspect is water damage.”


A request about investigating paint bubbling on a wall that has come directly from one of our clients. 



Sadly she was also correct that the signs of pain bubbling are an indication of failed water proofing or a leaking pipe that is letting water out into the wall cavity of the property. Over time moisture builds up that leads to the paint bubbling. Paint blisters or bubbles occur when the paint film lifts from the underlying wall surface. It is a loss of adhesion or ‘stickyness’ between the paint film and the wall surface that is usually caused by excessive heat, (in this case) moisture or a combination of both. What eventually happens is what you can see in the images above, is that the paint begins to bubble and peel.


What you can’t see is the extent of the damage being caused and this requires a professional plumber like Nu-Trend to assess the room and provide some potential repair solutions. For major damage it would mean demolishing the bathroom and starting again as the wall or floor damage could be so severe that it is unsafe to use. In some situations it might be isolated to an area and maybe that part of the wall can be repaired.


We would perform a site inspection and potentially leak detection if it was required using our professional plumbing equipment and tools. We are qualified and licensed, with Home Owners Warranty Insurance, to be able to then conduct remedial work from basic repairs to a complete bathroom renovation. 


Beware of anyone that suggests sanding back the wall and re-painting it, this could be a disaster waiting to happen and lead to even more costly repairs down the track.



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Rick Karagiannis - Plumber & Bathroom Renovator

Rick Karagiannis is a licensed Plumber, Building Renovator and Director of Nu-Trend, a Sydney Plumber and Bathroom Renovations contractor. Nu-Trend has been operating since 2009 as an independent sole trader in Sydney. Rick provides all types of services for small bathroom renovations, leaking tap repairs, hot water high-pressure jet blasting and more.