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Can a bathroom plumber replace a toilet with a bathtub?

Our licensed bathroom plumbing team can remove an old toilet and replace it with a bath or shower to create more space, see how we do it

Get a Sydney plumber to replace a toilet

  • Moving or changing the location of a toilet can be done by a plumber


  • A licensed plumber in Sydney can also move taps or pipes


  • Get a bathroom plumber to install a new bath in Sydney

Do you own a bathroom that has a layout where you open the door and see the toilet as you walk in? It’s pretty disgusting right, especially if someone leaves the lid open, it is dirty or worse yet, there are skiddies in the bowl. For some cultures it is also really bad feng shui. 


Nu Trend has a team of licensed plumbers that install toilets. There are lots of installation options available;

a) Replace an existing toilet and install a new one

b) Move the location of your toilet by changing the bathroom plumbing

c) Replace a toilet with a bath tub or shower.


What lots of people don’t realise is that you can move the location of your toilet or even replace it with with something else like a shower or bath tub to change the layout of a bathroom. Our bathroom plumbing contractors in Sydney can install a toilet into a unit, apartment or a house. 

Do plumbers install or remove bath tubs in Sydney?

A plumber in Sydney can install or remove any type of bath
Nu-Trend is a bathroom
plumber in Sydney that can help you install a new bath tub into an existing bathroom. You might have an old shower that you want converted to a bath tub or want to move the toilet and fit a new bath into the room. 

Once the bath is removed we may need to repair the walls with new tiling as the room framework will be exposed in most cases.


How is a bath installed by a plumber?
How our plumbing team will do this will depend on exactly where the existing services are & if it is a house or a unit. 

In some situations it might be a simple replacement, other times we might have to add another waste service pipe or cut into the concrete slab to install new bathroom plumbing. Our licensed team of bathroom renovators can also help work out where to position the bath taps so that it all works really well for you.


What is the right way to install a bath?
The right way to do it just depends on the property, but you give us a call, send us a few photos and we can provide you a free quote over the phone so you can get an idea on the costs involved. 


What is the process we follow to install bath tubs?
Our process once a quote has been approved is to;

  • Confirm an installation date and time.
  • On the day we will make sure we protect the property from the entry point all the way to the bathroom. We always make sure the flooring isn’t damaged or made dirty from any demolition or people walking in and out of the room. 
  • Once that is done (& depending on the scope of work) the room might get fully demolished for a complete bathroom renovation or we are simply removing something or moving existing items like a toilet from its existing location to install the bath.
  • When everything is installed we will test and check everything to make sure it is working as expected.

Can a bathroom plumber install a bath or remove a toilet?

Sometimes all we are contracted for is a basic bathtub replacement while in other situations we will remove the existing toilet and replace it with a bath tub. In other situations you might want to move the bathroom plumbing, replace a bathtub shower combo unit or completely remove an existing old bath and install a new shower.
Our team of bathroom plumbers in Sydney can do this type of installation work quickly and efficiently because we are experienced renovation contractors in Sydney. We would check to make sure all of the existing services are suitable, do an inspection of the pipes & prepare to remove the items like the toilet, bath or shower.
The sewage connections will then need to be prepared which may mean chasing the pipes in the concrete slab or adjusting them under floor boards depending on the property type. Typically wastewater follows the same route, wherever it comes from. It is guided down drains and into sewers that run under roads. These carry the water, now called sewage, to the waste treatment or sewage works. 
Once all of that is sorted out and assuming there is no other remedial work required to the floor or wall tiles, we will install the new bathtub, connect it to the floor waste, then install the new spout & mixing taps ready for use.
If the room had been stripped back then the piping would have been installed ready to be used. For an existing bathroom we may be able to cut into the wall, remove some of the tiling to then extend the existing piping – but this will all depend on the layout of the room and where existing services run.

Can you put a toilet where a shower was?

If you are thinking about making changes to the layout of your bathroom you might consider putting a toilet where the shower was located. You might be converting a 3 way bathroom layout, adding a toilet where a shower is located or even transforming a laundry into a bathroom.

As long as the new item getting installed can match the water supply and sewage locations then you can re-arrange things as you like, this includes putting a toilet where the shower was.

The cost to put a toilet where a shower was will vary depending on the type of shower it is. If it was a plastic mould then this is more easily removed compared to one that was fully tiled with walls etc. 



What is the cost for a plumber to remove a toilet or install a new bath in Sydney?

Nu-Trend has a bathroom plumbing team that can provide a free written quotation to get your toilet removed to replace it with a bath or have any other new item installed. Replacing an existing item that doesn’t require any other remedial work is obviously cheaper than getting a licensed plumber to move the required plumbing or relocate services to places they weren’t located before.

Just give us a call and we can provide a quotation over the phone to give you an initial idea & then follow up with a formal, written, quotation afterwards.



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