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Replacing A Exterior Vada Pressure Pump

We replaced a broken Vada Water Pressure Pump for a local RSL Club and added exterior protection to ensure it works for a long time to come

Nu-Trend is a licensed plumber in Sydney that can repair, troubleshoot, service, supply or replace Vada water pressure pumps. Our plumbing team was called out to do a site inspection of a urinal flush system that had stopped working for the male toilets of an RSL club in Sydney. This retail and commercial property had urinals that ran off a recycled rainwater system that was located outside the building which was being serviced by an external Vada Pressure Pump. We have a team of experienced plumbers that can troubleshoot water pump problems to then provide a quote to either repair or replace the unit.

Replacing the original water pressure pump

When we arrived on the site the first thing we did was inspect the installation of the existing water pressure pump to figure out what had caused the failure because normally these type of pumps last a very long time. What we discovered was the site was using an above ground rainwater pump that was about 12 years old which had burnt out. After doing this troubleshooting, we suspect the pump stopped working due to two reasons;


1. The pump was old; this pump was between 10-12 years old and was being used in the public toilets of the busy RSL. So it would have been getting pretty heavy usage every single day & working overtime on weekends or busy periods.


2. Incorrect installation; the way this pump was installed it was completely exposed to the elements. Over time it was exposed to the sun, wind, rain and had become corroded. This reduces the operating life significantly vs one that is properly protected.


So these two factors heavily contributed to its failure. Therefore the best possible solution to this plumbing problem was to replace the old pump rather than repair it. Installing a new Vada Pressure Pump with the right protection from the weather elements would be more cost effective in the long run as well.

A water pump that provides dual water supply system with automatic switching.

One of the things some plumbers might do is install a basic Vada Pressure Pump in an exterior location but to keep the costs down, the installation may not include any protection from the weather elements. It would be a relatively short term repair that would then require a new pump in a few years. It may make troubleshooting the water pump problems pretty easy but you are constantly having to replace the unit when you don’t need to.



Our plumbing team in Sydney knows from our experience that some contractors might do this to then create ongoing maintenance or replacement work for themselves as the pump will eventually fail in a short period of time. This is especially true if the property is close to coastal areas and exposed to salt air.



The approach we took to replace this Vada water pump was to supply and install an above ground model with an automatic switch over from rain water to mains pressure. The cost of this model is slightly higher than a basic pump, but will provide better functionality. The switchover mechanism in the pump allows rainwater to feed the urinal flushing system while the tanks are full with rainwater. When the rain tanks are low with water, the pump senses this and switches over to mains pressure water, ensuring there is always water available for the flushing system. This type of set up is a good environmentally friendly solution to try and save water. 


The extra step we took was to make sure the pump would be protected from the elements as we’ll explain below.


The right way to install exterior water pumps in Sydney

Once we completed the installation of the new Vada Pressure pump we thoroughly tested it to ensure it worked as intended. Although we did two other things to help prolong its operating life;



1) KEEP MOISTURE & DEBRIS AWAY – we installed a Poly Ever hard bottom plate so that the Vada pressure pump was raised off the ground. This will make sure moisture and debris can’t gather under or around the base of the pressure pump. Keeping an electrical item like this off the ground can help maximise its working life while also keeping the area around it safe. 



2) PROTECTING IT FROM THE ELEMENTS – we also made sure an Everhard cover was custom installed on the top of the pump to protect the electronics from the elements like harsh sun, rain or even salt water air. Combined with raising it off the ground these two extra steps will mean the pump will function for many, many years.



Drainage and Submersible Pumps

Whether you are installing a new pump or upgrading existing pumps, Nu-Trend can help you work out what is best for your application. We have experience dealing with sump and drainage pumps as well as submersible pumps, compact units and units designed for heavy-duty installations including commercial or industrial use. Nu-Trend has experience setting up multistage pumps including ready to go units or maintenance for existing units. So whether you need help with a priming pump, pressure control pump and or pump sets, Nu-Trend can help you source the best brands and manufacturers including Vada (download their brochure from the link below)



Pump Spare Parts

Whatever the pump, spare part or accessory you need, Nu-Trend can try and source it for you & then have it installed at your location. So things like jet pumps, circulator pumps, pump controllers and tanks, pressure tanks and more. We have the equipment and tools to do installation or maintenance of your existing pump units. Nu-Trend is a Sydney plumbing service that can install a broad range of pumps and pump accessories for all kinds of applications and projects. 



Download the Vada Pump Range brochure


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