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Plumbing for a Granny Flat in Sydney

Granny flats have become the new way that Sydney property owners can earn an income by using free space in their backyard
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  • Bathroom and kitchen plumbing for granny flat

So much has changed in Sydney in the last 20 years. It is now possible to build a second dwelling on an existing property, the nickname given to these is a ‘Granny Flat’. So yeah the great Australian dream of a big block of land, yard and plenty of space is changing as our society matures. The cost of living is getting higher all the time so property owners are looking for ways to make extra income.

Like any type of renovation or construction you have to use licensed trades like a plumber to install all the required plumbing that is needed for a bathroom or kitchen in a granny flat.

Getting plumbing installed for a granny flat in Sydney

Nu-Trend was called out to help this property owner with the plumbing for a granny flat located in Sydney. We got it connected to main line and ran new drainage to a laundry sink , floor waste , toilet & shower. We also needed to alter the water point for the toilet to suit the new style. We completed the work by getting all the gullies concreted & backfilling the trench.


It was back in 2009 that the NSW government changed the Sydney granny flat laws. What these policy changes meant for homeowners is they could get approvals to build a granny flat within about 10 days. The idea was to help create supply for secondary dwellings in Sydney to aid a housing shortage.


What this has meant for Sydney property owners is they have the ability to add a granny flat into their existing back yard with plumbing for kitchen, toilet and bathroom to create an extra living space. Some of the ways we have seen owners use these new granny flat laws have been to;



  • Build a granny flat for 1 bedroom studio accomodation.
  • Add a granny flat to then rent it out on Airbnb to make extra income.
  • Turn a granny flat into an external studio that can be used to work from home.
  • Create a granny flat sized room that is an outdoor living and dining area for entertaining.



When planning a granny flat it is important to consider the plumbing requirements you might have. In many cases a new granny flat building will include a small kitchen area, bathroom with shower & free standing bath and of course a new toilet. All of this requires a water supply, hot water tank and waste sewage that compliments the existing services in place for the property.


That is why it is so important to choose a licensed plumber like Nu-Trend who have 20 years of experience helping property owners with either new building constructions or bathroom renovation projects. We are skilled and qualified at helping with both the plumbing and certain renovation works.



A granny flat could increase home values by 30%

A report by property analysts Core Logic in 2019 found that more than 500,000 home owners on Australia’s eastern seaboard have enough space on their land to build a new granny flat. The new laws make this quick possible to do and for many it could be cheaper than a house extension or second floor addition.


The benefit of a granny flat is that it is a separate dwelling so it gives you more flexibility. The report found that when you build a granny flat it could boost home values by as much as 30 per cent and add around 27% to rental income earned.


This can help people to pay off a mortgage faster or become a way to earn an extra income during retirement years. Of course like anything to do with investing it is important to seek professional advice. For example constructing a two bedroom granny flat would need an initial capital investment of between $150,000 and $200,000 depending on the size, complexity & products used for the build. Obviously a smaller one bedroom granny flat structure would be cheaper, but then not earn as much rental income, so it pays to do your homework.


Building a granny flat in Sydney

The report highlighted that Sydney has the greatest opportunities for granny flat development, with just over 230,000 properties that meet the Government criteria. Not surprisingly the top suburb for potentially building a granny flat is Castle Hill, where a granny flat could be built on 4670 dwellings.  


Other suburbs included Baulkham Hills, Dennison West & Davidson where the property blocks are all quite large. While St Clair in Penrith was Sydney’s most affordable suburb to build a granny flat. Read the full report on Core Logic’s website here


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