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How Water System Repair for a Swing Check Valve

This property owner tried many times to get their hot water system problem solved. Nu-Trend finally found the answer
Plumber Hot Water System Repair

This property owner was relieved to have a working hot water system

The Nu-Trend plumbing team was called to try repair a hot water system that wasn’t working very well in Sydney. They were having all kinds of hot water issues in their property that other plumbers weren’t able to find a solution for. A number of years ago they were experiencing mixed hot and cold water, when they would only turn on the cold water tap, yes, hot water water would be coming out of the cold tap. 

The property owner had called a plumber and they tried to fix it, but the plumbing issue persisted, in fat it returned within a few days. Over time, they tried another four licensed plumbers, but sadly they had been experiencing the same hot and cold water issue with their hot water system for many years. 

The property was a mansion that had a commercial grade plumbing set up similar to a large city building. It had a plant room with plumbing that had hot water circulating pump system. This made isolating any issues even more difficult than normal. There could be all kinds of pipes or things installed in rooms or hidden wall valves with pumps etc.


How did we find the hot water system problem?

On inspection we found a Spring Check Valve installed but it should have been a Swing Check Valve. 

The  Swing Check Valve had been replaced, so the property owner and every other plumber assumed it wasn’t the issue,  but, this type of valve is actually not designed for commercial hot water set ups and was obviously failing due to the mechanical set up of the valve. 

The return line always stays hot for instant hot water hence it causes the springs to fail in a Spring Check Valve. It’s actually a legal requirement to install the right valve, it’s not necessarily a dodgy plumbing job, but it’s just a job that should have been done with a little bit more knowledge and care. 

This is why it is so important to choose a licensed plumber like Nu-Trend that has plenty of experience working on residential or commercial sites to work on plumbing in Sydney.

So in this instance a Swing Check Valve needed to be installed to prevent the loss of hot water, back charge and the cross connection then prevents dead legs. What was happening with the use of the wrong valve was that the hot water was back charging through the cold water line of the house.

This should have been a simple repair by the first plumber that looked at it.




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