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The quickest way to design a new bathroom

The quickest way to design a new bathroom is to use free online tools like Imagin3D from Reece that does your layout & product selection. See how

What is the quickest way to design a bathroom?

Free tools let you design a bathroom in a few hours

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Nu-Trend is a bathroom renovator in Sydney that can help you design a new bathroom really quickly. In fact you can design your new bathroom within a few hours because there is so much inspiration, information and free online tools available these days.

We explain the different ways you can quickly design your bathroom renovation included;

  1. Draw your own design plan with pencil and paper in minutes.
  2. Download or copy a design from somewhere like the Reece Project Inspiration Gallery here 
  3. Use an online 3D Bathroom Planner like Imagin3D from Reece
  4. Hire an interior designer in Sydney
  5. Work closely with your bathroom renovation contractor to create a design
  6. Copy layouts from bathrooms built on TV shows
No, we are not associated with Reece in any way, but they have some great tools & wide range of quality products so they are an easy reference. We’ll explain each option in a bit more detail below.

Fastest - Draw your own bathroom design with pencil & paper

Drawing up new layout plans for a bathroom


  • Fast
  • Low cost
  • Simple to do



  • Not very accurate
  • Can be vague
  • Ideas vs reality could be wildly different

Forget about all the apps, online tools or interior design services that are available in Sydney. The fastest & cheapest way to design your bathroom is to grab a pencil, paper and eraser to then get drawing. You can sketch your own bathroom design within minutes that can be used as a guide to build your new bathroom.

Sure, it isn’t accurate, could be really vague if you can’t draw well, but most bathroom renovation contractors can at least use it as a guide. You can create one for the top down layout, another for the heights of things etc and then stick colours or photos of bathroom products to indicate where things should go.

For speed it can’t be beaten and at least you have a simple design plan to work from.

Easiest - Download an example from a bathroom renovation gallery

Biophilic design ideas for your bathroom renovation to show off lush plants


  • Easy
  • Low cost
  • Good details



  • Not detailed
  • Size may not be relevant
  • Layouts could be different

Reece, Beaumont Tiles and many other bathroom product companies will have sections on their website full of completed bathroom examples. Many of them will enable you to download a product sheet or even the layout so you can use it for inspiration with your design.

It is a relatively easy way that is low cost to create a specific design for your bathroom that will have the colours, textures, materials and overall style that you want to build. It is a very visual way to build a new bathroom that nearly any contractor can work from.

Visually create - Use an online 3D bathroom planning tool

Play Video about Nu Trend bathroom renovation in Sydney including 2D design drawings


  • Virtual design creation
  • Low cost
  • All details visualised



  • Takes time
  • Too many options
  • Could be difficult to use

There are lots of free 3D bathroom planning design tools available online from different companies and each will have their own levels of difficulty to use. The one that Reece provides, Imagine3D lets you create your layout in 2D with measurements, convert it to a 3D model and place all the items in the bathroom one by one.

You can choose different wall and floor tile colours, fixtures and fittings that are all placed into the design with precise dimension accuracy so you can see how things fit into the room. You can then move them around and create different layouts as needed.

Once you have finalised your design you can export a list of products that need to be purchased which makes the shopping process really simple. Together with the 3D virtual design a bathroom builder in Sydney can use it to construct a new bathroom.

Other companies offer similar tools such as Beaumont TilesHighgrove Bathrooms and  Villeroy Boch.

Use a professional - Use an interior designer to design your new bathroom

Bathroom interior design idea example


  • Latest ideas & materials
  • Every detail managed for you
  • Accurate site plan & drawings



  • Expensive
  • Multiple consultations required
  • A more complex process

To simplify the bathroom renovation process you can hand everything over to an interior designer to create what you are dreaming of. They will talk to you about your needs, preferences and preferred style to then come up with a few different options for you to choose from.

Typically they will create a mood board with textures & colours, a site plan and then the final drawings for the bathroom to mm precision. These plans can be handed to any contractor to work from which means every element is installed in a specific location to the specs provided, there is no interpretation at all. The interior designer can also consider the rest of your home so that the bathroom blends in with the aesthetic of your home rather than creating something that looks completely different.

  • A designer brings professional knowledge of current trends, materials, and space optimisation techniques. They can help you translate your vision into a reality, even suggesting creative solutions you might not have considered.
  • Bathrooms are often compact, and maximising functionality is crucial. A designer excels at creating layouts that ensure a comfortable flow, smart storage solutions, and placement of fixtures that works for you.
  • Designers use tools like 3D renderings and mood boards to help you visualise the final product before any construction begins. This allows you to refine your ideas and avoid costly mistakes.
  • While there’s a cost upfront, designers can actually help you save money in the long run. They can source materials efficiently, avoid costly change orders due to poor planning, and ensure you get the best value for your budget.
  • Designers handle many details, from selecting contractors to ordering materials. This frees up your time and ensures the project stays on track and avoids delays.
  • Designers are familiar with building codes and regulations, ensuring your renovation meets all safety and functionality requirements.
  • Bathroom renovations can be overwhelming. A designer acts as your advocate, handling communication with contractors and problem-solving any issues that arise. This can significantly reduce the stress involved in the project.


Use your renovator - You can work with your bathroom renovator to create a design

Bathroom renovator Lewisham Sydney for new plumbing layout in house or apartment


  • Practical & hands on
  • Done quickly & easily
  • Experienced on different types of property



  • May not be super accurate
  • Multiple consultations required
  • Guided by your style choices

To most practical way to design your bathroom is to stand in the old one with your renovation contractor and agree on a new design. Quite literally we can work out a design together where we agree on the floor & wall tiles, vanity, toilet, shower & all the taps within a short period of time.

When the bathroom is demolished a bathroom renovation contractor can mark out where each item will go so make sure they are in the right place and at the right height. So it is the practical way to design a bathroom where you are involved at each step of the process.

Where this works best is when the new bathroom will be built using the same water supply & drainage points. So everything is a like for like replacement in the same position. It is simple, quick and cost effective to design your bathroom this way

Copy quickly - You can easily copy the design from TV show built bathrooms


  • Easy to visualise
  • Photos and videos available
  • List of products & colours easily accessed



  • May not suit the home
  • Different size rooms may make it hard to use
  • Expensive products

Bathrooms that are seen (and built) on TV shows are a great source of design idea inspiration. You have already seen them come to life with lots of video and photos taken from every angle (maybe even some of the challenges) so it’s the easiest way to visualise your build.

The downsides to taking this approach is that TV show bathrooms might have huge budgets where the cost of products could be $50,000 or more because sponsors are giving discounted products or supplying items to be advertised. The trades that build these bathrooms may also not charge the normal labour rates in exchange for getting exposure on the show so you have to keep in mind that any costs quoted might not be accurate.

In some cases the interior design though will be guided by a professional so at least the look will be on trend, modern and built in a way that will last a long time without looking dated.

We are a bathroom renovator in Sydney that has completed thousands of bathroom renovations.

Nu-Trend has been operating since 2009 as an independent bathroom renovation and plumbing contractor in Sydney. Rick and his team provide a wide range of services for home owners in houses, units, apartments or businesses.

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