Bathroom renovation with subfloor water damage repairs
A small bathroom renovated in Ashbury that need to have the water damaged subfloor completely replaced so we could complete our work. Nu-Trend is a bathroom renovation specialist in Sydney that builds completely new bathrooms starting from $20,000 ex gst for houses, units or a business.
White vanity sink with Pheonix silver tap

A complete bathroom renovation in Ashbury that included floor repairs

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Nu-Trend are a breathe of fresh air considering the way the trade industry is headed. Nu-Trend are extremely professional and their work is always to the highest standard.

If you want a renovation job done right, I can’t recommend them enough. You shouldn’t look anywhere else especially when it comes to bathroom renovations.

We love renovating old homes in the inner west, especially when the owners want to try and preserve some of the character and charm with their interior design.

For the owners of this house in Ashbury their bathroom renovation brief was to give the bathroom a modern look, but keep the styling consistent with the rest of the home. So they wanted a balance between modern materials, colours and finishes that could work with the period look of the home.

They chose Nu-Trend as their bathroom renovation contractor in Sydney because they had seen how much detail we put int our renovating work and impressed by the fact we don’t cut corners.

Fortunately this meant we were able to help them discover and repair their water damaged subfloor that was so badly damaged it would have been unsafe to renovate on. This is common if your property is positioned low to the ground where standing water may accumulate or the underfloor area is not well ventilated. As a result, moisture can seep through and damage the subfloor and even the floorboards over time.

A subfloor’s lifespan depends mostly on the materials used and the amount of moisture that it gets exposed to. If it is protected correctly then it can last for the lifespan of the home. Although there are lots of examples where it is consistently exposed to moisture, thus requiring replacement after twenty years or so.

Renovating old bathrooms in the Inner West

Recent decades have seen the greatest decline in the protection of the built environment, with political control overseen by greed and vested interests where historic or heritage buildings are being removed or significantly changed.

Attempts have been made with the Development Control Plan (DCP) for Ashbury to maintain aesthetic character by enforcing rulings which dictate that new work and additions be located to the rear of the dwelling, although failure to dictate aesthetic compatibility, has resulted in a smorgasbord of unusual variations to this idea.

There was a campaign in the 2000’s to protect the suburb’s period housing. Federation, Californian Bungalow and Art Deco style dwellings were built mainly during a period that spanned four decades, from the beginning of the Twentieth Century, into the 1940s. Californian Bungalow and Art Deco style houses are referred to as Inter-War Period Housing.

The owners of this house wanted to retain a lot of that character and style. Their brief was to refresh their existing bathroom to make it modern, but not too modern. Retaining the same layout was important to help reduce costs, although the damaged subfloor was an unfortunate surprise in the 2.5 m x 1.7 m x 2.5 x 1.7 sized room.

With an older style federation home this can be a common issue to deal with when renovating. We had to be careful of things like the old render on adjoining walls which were bedrooms. 

We also tried to manage things with the small baby located in the bedroom nearby. Our timeline would be organised so that when toxic chemicals are to be used like waterproofing, they will go away for a few days so the baby is kept safe. 

The most complex part of this renovation job was to clear out the subfloor to then install new floor joists and new floor boards to tile over.

Bathroom plumbing and waterproofing

Once all the major floor repair work was completed we could turn our attention to preparing the room with new bathroom plumbing, waterproofing, wall preparation and tiling.

This was relatively straight forward because all the existing locations were going to be used so we didn’t have to move the toilet, shower or sink placements. 

Quite literally this was makeover but at the same time a complete renovation because the room was totally gutted.

The one feature that was retained was the lovely stain glass window in its timber frame. This would ensure it matched the other rooms while giving the exterior a consistent look as well.

Renovating a federation style bathroom

New silver tap installed in a bathroom renovation
White vanity sink with Pheonix silver tap

Most of the heritage listed properties in Sydney will have various restrictions to deal with depending on the style of house, age & location. It’s important to consult with your local council on what might be required and they may even refer you to a Heritage Consultant to help manage your project. This will be especially important if you are considering changing the street frontal areas of your home, although for most internal renovations it is much easier to manage.

Fortunately for this home in Ashbury even though it had an older heritage style the decisions the owners were making was all about adding a modern touch that was in keeping with the original features. There are so many bathroom products available on the market that make this possible from taps to shower heads or even bath tubs that are styled to look like something from the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s if needed.

Photos of the newly renovated bathroom with new subfloor and tiling

How do you know your subfloor is damaged or worn

1. Your floors are uneven or sunken in parts.
If you notice a soft spot under carpet or wood flooring, it could mean that the panels below have weakened. While replacing the entire subfloor may not be necessary, you will have to replace the damaged pieces to prevent the rot from spreading to a larger area.

2. Your floorboards squeak – loudly.
Subfloors squeak when the nails connecting them to the joists are pulled loose. As you walk across the floor, the nails move in and out of the wooden joists, causing the awful, familiar sound of creaky floorboards. If you notice squeaking throughout the entire room, this could be a sign that the material has warped.

3. The room smells musty.
The smell of mould or mildew is a huge sign of water damage, but the tricky part is finding where. If your carpet or wood floor smells musty, you almost certainly are dealing with a water damaged subfloor. Moisture is the most common cause of failed subfloors and a plumber in Sydney can help you locate the source of any potential leak or water build up.

4. Your floors shift or bounce when you walk on them.
If the floor begins to feel spongy, springy or bouncy, or if you notice the floorboards around you shifting when you walk on them, it could mean that it’s time to replace the subfloor.

5. Your toilet is rocking or loose.
If you notice your toilet moves it could mean the subfloor has become so decayed that it no longer securely anchors the fasteners that hold the toilet to the floor,. It could even be from a slow leak in your toilet’s plumbing.

6. Your floor tiles are cracking.
Tiles are rigid and need a firm, solid surface. If you start to see cracks it can mean that everything below them is beginning to move and can’t hold it up. 

Our renovating scope of work
for this renovation

Nu-Trend has renovated lots of properties in the Inner West suburbs in Sydney with lots of experience working with terrace houses, apartments & units in the area. Our scope of work for this renovation in Ashbury was extensive and included the following items;

    • Management of all trades working on the project from initial demolition
    • Plumbing and flooring inspections
    • Strip and demolition of the existing bathroom
    • Removing all the rubbish.
    • Replacing the existing sub floor
    • Waterproofing and certification processes.
    • Prime and waterproof bathroom with waterproofing to be applied below and under the screed with 3 days drying time in between.
    • Re-screed, sand and cement the new floor and allow to dry.
    • Tile all the walls and floors
    • Grout all the floors and walls
    • Paint the existing ceiling with shadow line cornice
    • Fit off the items such as taps, accessories, pc fixtures, mirror etc.
    • Test and commission 

Highlights from this bathroom renovation?


All the internal areas of the home from the front door entry to the bathroom were completely covered to reduce dust or debris spreading through the home.


Nu-Trend is a licensed plumber which is an advantage when you are renovating a bathroom. For every project we inspect all the bathroom plumbing and sub flooring to make sure it is ready for use. When you combine this with our renovation expertise you get total peace of mind.


Some renovation contractors will not include this in their service, they might leave the rubbish from the demolition in your backyard or on the street. Nu-Trend will make sure all the materials and rubbish that are not used are removed neatly ensuring your property isn’t left in a mess and neighbours are happy.


Dealing with less contractors makes renovating easier. So for this project we also ensured the new sub flooring was installed and ready to be used for the bathroom and plumbing.

Examples of our bathroom renovations in Sydney

Are you ready to renovate?

Our company specialises in helping people who want to do a complete bathroom renovation. We strip everything back to the bare framework to build a completely new bathroom. Why? Well it means you can build a new bathroom with total peace of mind knowing every little detail is taken care of & we aren’t building over existing work. You can choose every colour, texture, product and layout you like. It is the ultimate way to renovate your bathroom.

Complete bathroom renovations start from $20,000 ex gst and costs will vary depending on size of bathroom, complexity of the location, the exact work required and of course the products you choose to install.

Rick Karagiannis - Licensed Plumber & Bathroom Renovator
Rick Karagiannis - Licensed Plumber & Bathroom Renovator

Rick Karagiannis is a licensed plumber, building renovator and director of Nu-Trend, a Sydney Plumber and Bathroom Renovations contractor. Nu-Trend has been operating since 2009 as an independent sole trader in Sydney. Rick provides all types of services including bathroom renovations, leaking tap repairs, hot water high-pressure jet blasting and more.

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