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Why Federation Styled Bathrooms Remain Popular Today

Learn more about the most important parts about bathroom renovations from the experience we have gained from 000's of projects.


Renovating in a Federation style is a popular choice

Nu-Trend is a local renovation contractor that specialises in bathroom renovations in Sydney. We can help you renovate any style of bathroom that you can imagine, just find inspiration from magazines, interior design websites or other locations. 

A Federation style interior designed bathroom typically combines tiled floors with a bold pattern and tiled walls that have a border. Most bathrooms in this style will feature a free standing bath, sink, toilet and lots of contrast with elements of timber. It is quite a sophisticated look with a touch of grandeur that can suit older homes in particular.

Although these days there are quite a few modern products like taps or vanities that have a Federation ‘look’ but they are made with the latest materials.

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Federation bathrooms have remained popular for one very good reason, they are simply beautiful and create a sense of luxury in your bathroom quite like no other style. Federation styled bathrooms not only provide that classic look and feel of yesteryear, they allow a more opulent style. This type of bathroom opens up options for an intricate tiling design with the use of tessellated, feature, capping and skirting tiles and is commonly seen with a distinctive patterned tiled floor.


When considering federation style bathrooms, claw baths, antique mirrors and tapware come to mind, although it is a matter of preference as to how true to the nostalgic design to be. Many homeowners simply wish to add a hint of antique styling to their bathrooms by incorporating a just a few aspects of federation style with say perhaps tapware, mirror or floor tiling.


Whether adding just a hint of nostalgia or recreating a complete period style bathroom, federation bathrooms are truly stunning and will create a sense of luxury in your home.


There are lots of local suppliers in Sydney that specialise in Federation style products and materials that can be used for renovating. One of them is Old English Tiles who carry a wide range of products, but also provide lots of advice for creating the ‘look’

Here are some of our recent bathroom renovations in Sydney that Nu-Trend has completed. The majority of the projects we are contracted for are complete bathroom renovations where the room is completely stripped so that the flooring, walls, tiling and waterproofing is installed brand new.

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Nu-Trend is a Sydney company with more than 15 years experience completing bathroom renovations & solving plumbing problems. he Directors Rob and Rick are hands-on, and provide a personalised service.


All the work carried out by Nu-Trend is AS/NZ3500:2018 compliant. It is the Australian Standard for Plumbing and Drainage in NSW as set down by Standards Australia and the Australian Building Codes Board. They give the plumbing industry technical direction to enable compliance with required regulatory frameworks.

15 years experience with a written commitment.

Rick and Rob are the hands-on directors for Nu-Trend. Rather than hire sub-contractors and manage their business from a distant office, they are on the tools, at your site & working towards delivering your bathroom renovation or plumbing service. It means you are talking directly to the owners of the business, the guys who are accountable and responsible rather than via email or through customer service teams.

It is why they are able to provide a written guarantee that demonstrates their confidence in standing by the quality of their workmanship and the service they deliver to every single client.

They have a very single minded commitment to deliver a high level of professionalism and quality, they’ve been doing renovation contracting in Sydney for 15+ years.

Rick Karagiannis - Licensed Plumber & Bathroom Renovator
Rick Karagiannis - Licensed Plumber & Bathroom Renovator

Rick Karagiannis is a licensed Plumber, Building Renovator and Director of Nu-Trend, a Sydney Plumber and Bathroom Renovations contractor. Nu-Trend has been operating since 2009 as an independent sole trader in Sydney. Rick provides all types of services for small bathroom renovations, leaking tap repairs, hot water high-pressure jet blasting and more.

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