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How to create more space in your bathroom

You can create more usable space in your bathroom by making clever decisions with door placements and your floorplan

Renovating bathrooms in Sydney to create more space

How you can create more space for a bathroom renovation in Sydney with Nu Trend renovating contractor removing a door
How you can create more space for a bathroom renovation in Sydney with Nu Trend renovating contractor

The clients that select Nu-Trend as their local renovation contractor in Sydney quickly find out that we think about every little detail when it comes to bathroom renovations. One of the first things we do is check with the Client if they have pets (read our article about pets) or what are the local council restrictions when it comes to parking or even rubbish removal. 

Using our experience working in different types of houses in Sydney we can spot potential opportunities & ideas that can help home owners get better value from a renovation project. Sometimes home owners don’t realise how easy it can be to move a window, wall or door to then create different layout opportunities for their bathroom renovation.

Moving or changing doors to create more usable wall space in a bathroom

We spend the time to understand the needs you have for your renovation project and this includes how you are going to use the space provided. This is one of the little details that other renovation companies might not consider and it is the type of attention to detail that isn’t included in a renovation quotation. What most renovation contractors will do is just take your list of requirements and try to start the work as quickly as possible.

What the team of licensed renovation contractors at Nu-Trend does will be to provide suggestions or ideas on how you can create more usable space in your bathroom. By making clever decisions when it comes to how you use your floor plan or things like the use of available wall space can create totally new ways of using a room. 

Sometimes this might require moving pipes on a concrete slab (read our article about this) or selecting different products or just being clever with creating more walls that you can use.

How did we create more space for this bathroom renovation in Sydney?

Sydney Small Bathroom Renovation behind the scenes demolition of wall tiles
Nu Trend Sydney Renovation Contractor Doing a Complete Bathroom Renovation room preparation

Most home owners in Sydney are trying to figure out how to renovate their house instead of buying a new property. So with that comes the decisions about how to create more space within the existing structure. When you do a complete bathroom renovation it gives you the freedom to create a completely new floor plan that uses space in very clever ways.

Sometimes people will try and take shortcuts or choose for a cheap bathroom renovator but it just means you are paying for someone to install new products rather than designing a new, functional bathroom. Nu-Trend works with lots of interior designers in Sydney who can help this whole process easier (read about it here) it also means the designer takes into consideration your needs and their knowledge of construction and materials. 

Sometimes though it can be the simplest solutions that can solve a problem and in this example it was. We used fibro cement sheeting to remove, or delete, an existing door which helped to maximise the space of the bathroom internally. This meant the floor plan was changed in a way that created more usable wall space & still retained the access from the rest of the house.

This means the Client could install larger fixtures like a bigger vanity, larger shower space area and better space around the toilet. It added to the renovation cost but this was in the budget and meant the end product will be much better and maximise resale value of the property too.

How much does it cost to move a bathroom door in Sydney?

Ok sure, all of this sounds amazing in theory doesn’t it – move a door, move a window, maybe even knock down a wall so that your bathroom can be bigger. Every single thing is possible when you are renovating, it just all comes down to budget, time & the structure of your property.

Nu-Trend provides obligation free quotations to renovate homes in Sydney. We will inspect the site, listen to your requirements & then make suggestions on how we can best fulfil your needs.

Moving a door might cost $200-$300 while knocking down a wall might require an engineer & might cost $5,000 or more. We can explore all of these options with you so that you can figure out the potential costs for renovating and the steps that will need to be taken to get the work done safely & professionally.

Nu-Trend are bathroom plumbing renovation specialists so we can handle most of the work for you – that’s right – deal with one contractor. If there is something we can’t do we will help you manage that with another specialist trade, nice and easy.

What are the best ways to create more space in a bathroom renovation?

Bathrooms that were designed before 1990 can typically waste a lot of space with big gaps between fixtures, poorly designed cabinets and really poor interior design ideas. What worked back then doesn’t work for modern day living. So if you change your floor plan by moving the toilet, vanity or shower you can instantly create more usable space.

Floor plan changes can even include moving waste or water service piping by relocating them to different walls.

Lots of old showers will have shelves or accessories hanging over the shower head to create usable space. One of the more modern techniques is to install a wall niche in the shower area where items can be stored easily. This means you don’t need to leave items on the floor or other areas.

Visual techniques can be used to create the illusion of space. A wall hung cabinet gives visibility to the floor tiles and in our minds creates a sense of space. So what you loose in storage you gain in the sense of space in the room.

By using the same floor and wall tile it creates a more seamless transition from one area to the next. This can create the impression of more space instantly. It also means there is a simpler colour palette to base your styling around as well.

If you do a complete bathroom renovation we can strip the walls back to their bare timber frame. This space can be used to install a storage cabinet so that it doesn’t protrude as far into the room. What might look like a very slim cabinet is in fact quite deep with lots of storage. So the visual look of the room is very spacious, but it is also practical.

We can even install power points inside the cabinet so that charging devices doesn’t take up vanity space.

A back to the wall bath tub can feel like it is using more space because it is connected to two or three sides of the walls in the room. It can feel bulkier compared to a free standing bath tub. 

If you use a freestanding bath the space that is around the bottom of the bath enables you to see the wall tiles and again, it creates the feeling of more space in the room as you are able to see the corners.

For units or apartments there might not be any natural lighting in the bathroom so the use of mood lighting and the right ceiling lights can make the room feel bigger than it is.

For houses normally there is the option of installing a larger window or a skylight to get more natural light into the room which creates a feeling of more space.

So many laundry and bathrooms share a common wall. So it is quite possible to combine these rooms into a single space. This gives you more design options for your bathroom as well as more usable space. These days laundries aren’t used for anything other than storing a mop or washing the clothes, so this can become a more functional space quite easily.

Here are some of our recent bathroom renovations in Sydney that Nu-Trend has completed. The majority of the projects we are contracted for are complete bathroom renovations where the room is completely stripped so that the flooring, walls, tiling and waterproofing is installed brand new.

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