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Clever ways to manage pets when renovating your bathroom

If you have pets that shouldn't stop you from renovating your bathroom. Check out how we solved this bathroom waterproofing step to protect pets

We can help renovate your bathroom in Sydney even if you have a pet

How to manage pets during bathroom renovations in Sydney with renovating contractor Nu Trend

A pet friendly renovating company in Sydney

When Nu-Trend gets selected as a licensed bathroom renovation contractor in Sydney one of the first things we do is check with the Client if they have pets and what are the local council restrictions when it comes to parking or even rubbish removal. 

This is one of the little details that other renovation companies might not consider and it is the type of attention to detail that isn’t included in a renovation quotation normally. Although, that is how we like to do things differently because we know it helps making any type of renovation project less stressful and easier to manage.

How did we manage the pets in this bathroom renovation?

For this bathroom renovation project we had to organise the new waterproofing of the room. As we mentioned we always consider pets like cats or dogs where they might be curious to see what is going on and of course they will smell new people, the materials and chemicals being used during the renovation. So naturally they will want to walk into the room or around the materials to see if everything is ok.

For this project the owner had dogs that wanted to run in and out of the room. Although we can’t close the door because of the angle restrictions and we also needed air to circulate around the room floor area to help cure the water proofing. So what we decided to do was custom make a cardboard door cut out that had a specially sized hole to fit the fan to help get air into the room. The cutout prevents the animals from running into the room and walking on the new waterproofing as well.

Other renovator companies might just ignore this & leave the owner to sort it out, but we believe in being proactive to avoid any situations that will cause disruption to the renovation project being completed. It also means there is no chance of the waterproofing material is spread through the house from the paws of the animals which could damage floors or carpets. 

What are some tips to keep pets or kids safe during renovations?

Depending on your house floor plan it might be possible to set up a different entry for trades to use vs other family members. This can help reduce dust or dirt getting spread into the house. It can also keep smaller children or pets safe by limiting their exposure to the construction area which might have dangerous tools or chemicals sitting around.

If your house has mould, asbestos or even lead paint then it might be safer to stay somewhere else while the renovation is taking place. This means you don’t expose yourself, your children or pets to anything that could be harmful. The renovating contractors can then focus on removing the hazardous materials as quickly as possible.

To keep kids or pets happy it is a good idea to make sure they know which areas in the house are safe to use while the renovation is taking place. This clear communication makes sure there is absolute clarity about where they can go or where they should stay away from

Depending on the floorplan it might be possible to block off the area that is being renovated. This can make it easier to keep kids and pets away from the room. For animals like cats who can jump this might mean blocking off a hallway for example or installing a temporary door.

Depending on the situation it might be easier to have your pet placed in dedicated pet-friendly accommodation during the construction or even sent to doggy day care.

Alternatively, it might be possible to create a room for them by using garage space or an area in the back yard that can have a temporary fence erected. Anything that keeps them away from the renovation room.

You may already realise if your pet is sensitive to noise. So if the renovation requires the use of a jack hammer or other heavy equipment this can give them anxiety or put them into a sense of panic. 

We can let you know in advance so that you can prepare your pet on that day.

It is important to prepare for the worst-case scenario which could be your pet gets anxious and stays away from the house or they manage to escape and wander off down the street.

While we take every possible precaution to make sure doors are closed or pets are kept in mind, having them microchipped can help with easy identification if they do get taken to a local vet or animal rescue shelter.

A pet can feel more comfortable if they know their owners are safe and happy. So by introducing them to the contractors doing the renovation work and letting them see a calm, happy owner it can reduce their level of anxiety.

When renovating a bathroom there are a mixture of chemicals and different adhesive products that are used. Each of these give of different smells and at night time these can spread to other parts of the house as doors and windows are closed.

So it is important to make sure there is good ventilation in the living areas and at the end of the renovation, there is. a deep clean done to make sure everything is returned to normal as quickly as possible

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