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How Should You Renovate Your Ensuite Bathroom?

Here are our tips for renovating your ensuite bathroom so that you can maximise space, light and ventilation.

Clever ensuite bathroom renovation ideas

Ensuite Bathroom Renovation in Sylvania Sydney with beach style with large window

Sure, Nu-Trend started out as a team of plumbers in Sydney but over the years we have evolved and are passionate about renovating bathrooms. We combine the best elements of our expertise so that any home owner can choose us as their bathroom plumbing renovator in Sydney and reduce the number of different trades you have to deal with.

The best part about renovating that we love is the creativity and the problem solving. Every single project has its own challenges, surprises & needs that have to be met. You can have all the planning in the world but sometimes its the hidden surprises that can catch you out. That’s why it makes a lot of sense to use contractors who have a mix of experience like we have.

Now we try and share some of our knowledge on our website to help you learn about what is needed, the costs of renovating and hopefully to pick up some ideas along the way. So here are some ideas for an ensuite bathroom renovation.

Just what is classified as an ensuite bathroom?

For most houses in Sydney they will have just one bathroom that is considered the ‘main’ bathroom for the property. For larger homes there could be a second smaller bathroom for general use but then an ensuite that is joined to the largest bedroom. For a lot of units or apartments in Sydney the modern design trend is to have an ensuite off the main bedroom, then leave the second room to be used either as a study or a bedroom.

Over the years, interior building floor plan designs have evolved and it is pretty common for homes in Sydney to have a main bathroom and then a separate ensuite bathroom that is exclusively used by the people in the master bedroom. Some home owners are even converting their laundry to become a bathroom or combining their bathroom and laundry to create more usable space in the house. 

An ensuite bathroom can do a few things; it can satisfy the need for an extra bathroom and can also be a place of luxury when connected to the master bedroom. The ensuite, with careful interior design, can be renovated to become a sanctuary that you can escape to after long, hard day or a very practical way to add value to your home. Some ensuite bathrooms may be like a small room but large enough to have a bath, shower as well as a vanity. 

What should you consider when renovating your ensuite bathroom?

Try and use wall mounted vanities rather than pedestal basins. You can get these in a range of smaller and slim line styles that can provide an valuable storage space. Although the trick here is that they are wall hung so it shows off more floor space that will make it feel like the room is larger than it really is.

All bathrooms require a mirror. Using a large mirrored wall cabinet that is recessed into the wall can create more storage space within the ensuite, the large mirror makes the room appear larger by reflecting light into the room. The effect of this item being recessed into the wall cavity creates a contemporary addition to your bathroom.

For an ensuite that is particularly small, the use of a cavity sliding door allows more space for the placement of other items as you don’t need to worry about the arc of an opening door. A sliding door can also be designed in a way that conceals the ensuite in the room. So it saves space and adds a design element.

Be sure to incorporate a shower niche within the shower recess. Using a niche avoids the need for protruding shelves thus allowing more room when showering. Shower niches avoid the typical bumps and scrapes that incur on shower shelving. These niches can in addition become a feature when tiled with a contrasting tile adding to the decor of the ensuite. A niche can be incorporated in any wall within the ensuite and used as shelving or purely for a decorative effect with contrast tile and down light.

The colour scheme should match the main bedroom to give the ensuite and main bedroom a continuous flow, unifying the two rooms. Using white or light coloured neutrals for the wall tiles within the ensuite, particularly if the area is small, will make it feel larger. In very small ensuite bathrooms, an entire feature wall could be overpowering and a feature floor tile may be a better option to add character and design to the bathroom. Should the main bedroom have a darker coloured scheme, this can be incorporated into the ensuite by using a darker contrast tile feature whether it be wall or floor, tiled niche or towels.

Using larger tiles on the floor makes a small room appear larger and tiling the walls to ceiling height will draw the eye up and add to the feeling of space.

Whilst it is important to have good lighting within the bathroom for shaving and makeup application, the addition a softer type lighting is useful in the ensuite for use in the late hours at night and the early hours of the morning, to avoid disturbing the sleeping partner in the main bedroom. Having lights on a dimmer or using under cabinet lighting on the vanity are perfect lighting ideas to incorporate when renovating your ensuite. Under cabinet lighting can be triggered by a sensor to turn on with movement and a timer to turn off automatically. This type of lighting is not only a perfect addition in a practical sense, but also adds a beautiful spa type effect to the bathroom.

Be sure to include a 3 in 1 light/ fan/ heater unit. There are more contemporary options for these units available in store to suit all styles of bathrooms. These units not only save space but keep you warm in winter and help avoid mould by extracting moisture from the air. Typically an ensuite may not have a window so ventilation is critical.

If your ensuite area is large enough a bath can add value to your home while also creating a private area in which you can relax after a long hard day without the worry of someone else needing to use the bathroom. Freestanding baths now come in a range of smaller type sizes that are perfect for an ensuite area and built in baths can easily be incorporated into smaller sized bathrooms, like a mini day-spa. 

Using an in-wall cistern or back to wall, close coupled toilet suite can create a clean, sleek modern appearance but also add to the appearance of space by exposing more of the floor

Using mixer taps are not only ergonomically convenient and give a more modern appearance but also reduce the visual clutter in the room to give it a feeling of more space.

An ensuites can be noisy; flushing, showering and exhaust fans can create unwanted noise that can be heard in the adjoining bedroom. Consider choosing an ultra quite toilet cistern with direct odour extraction as an added benefit. Sound proofing the walls with insulation between the two rooms can also help with blocking noise.

Here are some of our recent bathroom renovations in Sydney that Nu-Trend has completed. The majority of the projects we are contracted for are complete bathroom renovations where the room is completely stripped so that the flooring, walls, tiling and waterproofing is installed brand new.

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