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Convert a laundry into a bathroom

We can convert your existing laundry or powder room into a complete bathroom. See how much it costs and what is required to get this renovation work done.

Our company can convert your laundry into a bathroom in Sydney.

Nu-Trend is a renovation contractor in Sydney that can convert a laundry into a brand new bathroom. We actually do hundreds of conversions every year like laundry to bathroom, bedroom to bathroom, powder room to bathroom or even linen cupboard & powder room converted into a single, combined bathroom.

Our company provides a free, fixed price quotation for any renovation project so you can calculate the costs to do a laundry conversion. Our licensed renovation contractors can make changes to the plumbing, walls or flooring so that an existing laundry can be converted to have a toilet, shower, bath, vanity sink and cupboards to make it a fully functional bathroom. 

We we provide a quotation it includes everything such as;

  • Adjusting the existing water and sewage piping.
  • Connecting new taps and drains.
  • Installing a new toilet.
  • Building a new shower or bath.
  • Installing a vanity, sink, mirrors and even lighting.

We can completely demolish the old laundry so that it is completely renovated to be a brand new bathroom with new floor and wall tiling, a new floor layout, skylight or even underfloor heating. There is no limit to what can be converted it just comes down to the available budget.

Converting a laundry into a full bathroom is a great renovation idea for homes in Sydney because it will increase your home’s value by creating a more functional house. Depending on the space you have available in your existing laundry you might even be able to install a new bath plus a shower as well as hide your washing machine. 

If you convert your laundry into a bathroom this is a cost effective way to add more functionality to a house without going to the expense of building an extension or adding another storey to your home.  Working with a licensed renovation contractor in Sydney means you can build clever space saving reno ideas that can add value to your home. It is much more cost effective to renovate compared to doing a room extension or adding another level to your property. 

Converting a laundry in a unit or apartment might be possible depending on the space available and if there is an adjacent room that could be partially converted. This can better maximise the amount of space being used, a great ideal for small living spaces in Sydney. This can potentially help maximise rental returns too by offering multiple bathrooms in a unit or apartment. Our company does bathroom conversions like this all year round especially when it can be added to existing plumbing.

How to convert a laundry room into a bathroom

How you convert a laundry into a bathroom is very similar to renovating a standard bathroom, the steps and process is very similar because they are both wet rooms. What changes is the size of the space available, the products to be installed and the style. A lot of laundry conversions are done to be very simple so the new bathroom is used as a secondary choice and might also have storage for linen and the washing machine hidden in a cupboard, so it becomes a multifunctional room.

For the complete renovations that we do we will always begin with a demolish of the existing room so that we can prepare the plumbing, flooring, walls and ceiling so they are ready to be renovated on. This is the best way to approach a renovation because you are then working from a blank sheet of paper with no nasty hidden surprises.

Once the floors and walls are prepared we will install the new plumbing that is needed for the vanity sink, shower or bath taps and of course the toilet connection. Some of these might be brand new lines if the old laundry didn’t have a shower or toilet, but we can connect these to your existing system.

Nu-Trend can renovate your laundry even when a change to the floor plan is required which may mean the sink is moved from one side of the room to another or a wall is adjusted.  

We can provide a free, written, quotation that gives you some options to renovate with everything in the existing locations or the option to move things to different places in the room. In many cases the laundry is a very small room to start with so this can limit the design decisions that can be made. Sometimes using an interior designer can help you to utilise the space better as they can custom design the room to suit your needs better. An interior designer will look at the overall living arrangements and other spaces in the house to work out clever laundry renovation solutions to maximise space usage, light, ventilation and storage.



Convert a laundry room to bathroom costs

There isn’t a single price for converting a laundry because for every home the work required and the complexity will be totally different. There could be a $5,000 or $10,000 difference between the costs required to convert a laundry between two different homes, that is because many different factors come into play such as;

– What was the access like for the renovation?


– Are existing building materials being used?


– Will a Gyprock or renderer be required?


– Is their stair case or single level access?


– Are there noise restrictions that limit the times we are able to work?


– What is parking like around the location?


– Are the existing depths and heights being used?


– What is the condition of the existing room & does it need repairs?


– Will the plumbing need to be added, moved or repaired?

– How far is the existing plumbing connections to the new bathroom to be built.


You can save money on a laundry conversion if things like the access is easy, you are using existing fixture locations and time is saved on labour from getting into and out of the room faster or using an existing floor plan. A guide for the overall costs would look something like this;

  • Up to $3,000 – add a toilet to an existing laundry that has the space & plumbing already available
  • $5,000 – $15,000 – add a toilet and shower to an existing laundry with no changes to existing plumbing
  • $25,000 – $35,000 – a complete laundry conversion to turn it into a bathroom with toilet, shower, vanity, lighting etc
  • $35,000 – $75,000 – change the layout of a home to add or remove walls, move plumbing locations and make other structural adjustments to create multiple bathrooms in the home.
all of this is a rough guide because every home will differ based on size, complexity & the actual scope of work required. Converting a laundry into a brand new bathroom is the most extensive type of renovation work, especially if walls need to be adjusted that may require an engineer to get involved.


Convert laundry room to be a bigger bathroom

Installing a toilet into the laundry floor plan ideas from Nu Trend

In the photo above, the home has three bedrooms with a single bathroom then two separate powder rooms with toilets and a separate laundry in between. This three way bathroom layout would make the perfect laundry to bathroom conversion with enough space to add a toilet, shower and bath tub. There is enough space to do this conversion and still be able to have a separate master bathroom for the main bedroom then a second bathroom for the rest of the house to use. Laundry to bathroom conversions in Sydney are the smartest way to create more usable living space in your home. It also means you can rent out a bedroom on Airbnb, Flatmates or and let the people use the second bathroom with their own privacy.

A three way bathroom layout on one hand it is practical because both toilets can be used while someone is either in the shower or in the laundry organising clothes to be washed. Although on the other hand, it is wasted space because the % of time when those activities would be done at exactly the same time are extremely rare.

 The other thing to consider when you look at the layout is there are five doors plus the hallway entry space which collectively is a very large surface area that isn’t being used for anything. It means there is all this potential wall space not being used and when you consider the overall space available in this property it is actually wasted space.

So for this home it would be possible to convert the laundry into a bathroom by adding a toilet and walk in shower, but you could actually go a step further;

  • Remove the rear exit door and replace this with a single large window for light and ventilation or brick it to create a wall for a shower or narrow window.


  • Remove the wall between the existing toilet and laundry to make the room larger.


  • Relocate the entry door & remove the two side entry doors so there is more wall space.


  • Install new cabinets that can house the sink, appliances and extra storage cupboards.


  • Install a small shower cubicle.
Not only does it mean you can add a toilet in your laundry but you create a second bathroom by also adding a shower which can increase the property’s value. By renovating the floor plan layout and interior design of the laundry you create a more usable, practical living space. This can also open other opportunities to make the master bathroom larger or turn this space into an ensuite for the main bedroom. By moving the doors you can create more usable wall space that changes the flow for how each room is used but without reducing the practicality.

Common questions about laundry conversions in Sydney

You might have an existing laundry that you want to turn into another bathroom. By removing the sink or using new cupboards it is possible to create the space so that you can install a toilet into the laundry room. This is a great way to create more space in your house and add functionality as well.

Nu-Trend can help you put a toilet into your laundry room in Sydney.

Removing a wall can be relatively simple or extremely complex. It all depends whether the wall that needs to be removed is a structural part of the property. It has to be checked to see if it is carrying any type of load that is keeping the structure of the property in one piece. 

You might be lucky and the wall isn’t necessarily required and can be removed. Normally this would mean demolishing the wall, removing the framing, removing any floor tiles and then starting again.

It is possible to convert a laundry into a bathroom in Sydney with a few different approaches;

  • Remove the wall between the bathroom and laundry which creates a single larger space to work with. Then conceal the laundry appliances within the bathroom.
  • Add a nib wall in the bathroom to place your laundry appliances as a separate section of the room, then turn the laundry into a different type of room to be used.
  • Add a toilet, shower, vanity sink and mirror into your existing laundry to convert it into a bathroom and connect to the existing water and sewage plumbing.


Converting a laundry into a bathroom will really just depend on the type of property you have & where the different walls and rooms are located. There are lots of ways these two functional spaces can be combined together.

Nu-Trend is a professional renovation company in Sydney that can combine your bathroom and laundry.

The cost to move laundry plumbing will really depend on the type of property & exactly what needs to be moved. So there is no set price as it comes down to the labour and time needed. If the house is on a concrete slab we have to do a wet saw cut to expose the pipes and move them. If the house is on timber floor boards and we can get under it then we can move the piping a little easier.

It’s possible to hide your laundry appliances in your bathroom by having either a sliding door, cabinet doors or even a screen installed that can open and close when you need to use the appliances.

Yes we can combine a bathroom and laundry renovation so that it is done together to create a more free flowing space or simply to make sure it matches. Apart from the kitchen the bathroom and laundry area can add immense value to a property.
We can remove any existing shelving in your laundry and replace it with modern laundry cabinetry that gives you more storage space, better lighting & greater ventilation.
With every modern laundry renovation we do we always try to increase the amount of natural light, ventilation and storage to make it a more practical and usable space in the house. Sometimes we might even combine the bathroom and laundry to make it a larger space to enjoy and more functional.
We can help you design your laundry cupboards to fit either existing or new washing machine appliances.
A lot of old laundries might only have tiles that go to the sink but we can do a complete floor to ceiling upgrade that has tiling for the whole room. It makes it feel more luxurious and can help match your bathroom.

Here are some of our recent bathroom renovations in Sydney that Nu-Trend has completed. The majority of the projects we are contracted for are complete bathroom renovations where the room is completely stripped so that the flooring, walls, tiling and waterproofing is installed brand new.

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It is why they are able to provide a written guarantee that demonstrates their confidence in standing by the quality of their workmanship and the service they deliver to every single client.

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We are a bathroom renovator in Sydney that has completed thousands of bathroom renovations.

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