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How much does it cost to install a new bathroom vanity in Sydney?

The cost to replace a vanity unit will depend on the product you buy & then how extensive the replacement process will need to be.

Bathroom vanity installation costs in Sydney explained

Ready to replace the old vanity in your bathroom?

Cost to install a new vanity in Sydney

Nu-Trend can replace your old vanity and install a brand new one, our company does;

  • Bathroom vanity installations every day in Sydney. 
  • Installs for single or double bathroom vanities.
  • The cost is normally between $400 ex gst and $600 ex gst
  • Free quotations for vanity replacements that are specific to your situation
  • Bathroom vanity installs as well as set up your choice of existing or new taps
  • Installation or replacements in a house, unit, apartment or business in Sydney. 

Getting a quote
If you want an accurate quote on the cost to install a new vanity or have an old one replaced then you need to provide certain information so we can work out the scope of work needed. This is why the cost of vanity replacements will vary so much;

  • Is the new vanity the exact same size as the old one?
  • Are the tap and waste pipes going to be in the same location or do they need to be moved?
  • Does the wall or floor tiling need to be adjusted, repaired or replaced?
  • Does the sink have to be removed separately to the vanity or is it a single unit.
  • Will it be a wall hung unit that requires re-enforcement in the wall or is it freestanding.
  • Is it a kit that needs to be constructed or a pre-built vanity.
  • Does a separate wall cabinet or mirror need to be installed on the wall on top of the vanity?
  • Does any of the plumbing need to be moved or adjusted. 

Why costs can be variable
Whether you are living in your own home or have a rental property in Sydney, there could be a time when you start thinking about replacing your bathroom vanity and sink. As we mentioned Nu-Trend provides a bathroom vanity replacement service in Sydney. 

The average labour cost to have a vanity replaced in Sydney is between $400 and $600 depending on the extent of the work required, especially if the whole thing is being completely removed. There could be other work that needs to be done depending on your specific situation and that might need more labour time. You then have to add the cost of the vanity unit itself and the prices will vary from basic ones for around $200 to high end custom vanity designs that sell for many thousands of dollars. Most new vanity units do not include taps or a mixer so you have to budget for that separately as well.


When you combine these three factors;

  • A variable scope of work that could have different levels of complexity
  • A wide range of vanity products that cost from $200 to over $2,000
  • Taps and mixer sets that cost from $50 to over $500
  • Does any repair or remedial work have to be done to the wall, floor or plumbing.

You can better understand why it is literally impossible to give a single fixed cost estimate for a bathroom vanity installation in Sydney but we have given you a price guide on the labour at least. It is easy for you to decide what vanity and tap hardware you would like. From there you can estimate your total costs pretty easily.


Consider remedial repair costs
The single biggest cost could be the remedial work that is needed to repair or adjust the floor or wall tiling if the new vanity is a different shape to the old one. You might be getting a bigger one that covers things up but then a wall hung unit will expose the wall. So therefore the overall costs and time needed to complete the install will vary

If you just want the bathroom sink changed and not the whole vanity then this will cost slightly less, but a lot will depend if it fits onto the vanity or if any other adjustments have to be made to the countertop or pipes underneath. 


Use a bathroom renovator in Sydney not just a plumber
Nu-Trend has a team of licensed vanity installers who are 
plumbers & bathroom remodel contractors that can provide a bathroom vanity installation service in Sydney. We can even provide an obligation free quotation over the phone so you can work out the potential costs to install a vanity and sink in your home.

Small Bathroom Renovation Sydney with frameless shower with white London vanity from ADP and Marques Jet Gris 333x333mm floor tiles installed by Nu Trend

The number one reason that people replace their bathroom vanity is to get a new one that looks more modern and contemporary. Although there are quite a few other reasons that you’d need to replace the vanity and these include;

  1. The old vanity gets water damaged and begins to fall apart as the wood rots or the laminate peels.


  2. The doors or drawers stop opening properly or get stuck due to lots of use and age, the runners or rails get worn or go out of alignment.


  3. The top of the vanity might have become worn or damaged and needs to be replaced.

  4. You are changing the style of the bathroom so a new vanity, basin and top might enhance the look or style of your bathroom.


  5. You want to change the shape or size of the vanity to improve the usability of your bathroom e.g a single vanity to a double unit.


  6. You want more storage in your bathroom and need a vanity with cupboard space or an extra cabinet.

  7. You want to switch from a vanity with a single sink to a double.

  8. Your vanity has two taps but you want to convert to a single mixer instead.

Installing a wall hung vanity will cost more than a standard floor standing unit because your wall might need to have re-enforcement to carry the weight of the cabinetry, sink and taps. Changing the plumbing might cost more as well if the pipes are relocated to be hidden within the wall cavity rather than being exposed.

Who can install a vanity unit is a tricky question.

The simple answer is anyone can install a vanity in a bathroom – the more relevant question though is which type of person is best suited to installing a vanity unit? 

It might be simple for anyone to literally place a vanity unit on the floor, but not everyone will be trained to connect the plumbing correctly. Placing a cabinet onto a floor is similar to putting one in a living room, but the difference is you then have to connect water pipes, taps and the waste pipe which requires a plumber if you want it done properly.

A DIY’er or a handyman may feel comfortable doing basic plumbing jobs but it they don’t have lots of experience working with plumbing then it becomes a risk, especially if pipes need to be moved or you are changing from double to single mixers etc.

The other consideration is whether any other repair work is needed to the floor or wall. You might have to make adjustments to waterproofing, tiling or painting to complete the installation correctly. Not everyone will be comfortable doing this, so it makes more sense to use a bathroom plumber in Sydney.

You could contract a handyman to install a new bathroom vanity although if they don’t have a lot of experience dealing with plumbing it can potentially cause issues, especially if the pipes are not 100% exactly in the same location as the existing ones. 

If any plumbing connection isn’t fitted correctly it could cause leaks inside the vanity, or worse, behind a wall or under a floor.

A plumber can assess what is required to remove your old vanity, check the plumbing and then install your new one so that the taps, mixer and drain are all working correctly. It changes are needed to the direction or length of the piping then a plumber can make this adjustments and ensure everything is connected correctly.

The plumber cost to install a bathroom vanity in Sydney may be a little more expensive than a local handyman contractor, but, you’d have the peace of mind knowing a licensed professional has done the work who is qualified for that specific task. A plumber is experienced at dealing with all the pipes, water or gas in a home, so they can ensure there are no chances of leaks occurring later on.

You could contract a handyman to install a new vanity, but what happens if things like the plumbing, sewage, electrical switches, waterproofing or tiling needs to be changed or updated? Not all handyman will have the tools, skill or expertise to be able to do all of those tasks properly, that’s why you should contract a bathroom plumber in Sydney because they will have experience in all of those areas.

Placing a cabinet onto a floor is similar to putting one in a living room, but the difference is you then have to connect water pipes, taps and the waste pipe which requires a plumber if you want it done properly.

A handyman may feel comfortable doing basic plumbing jobs but it they don’t have lots of experience working with plumbing then it becomes a risk, especially if pipes need to be moved or you are changing from double to single mixers etc. There are too many things that can go wrong and in worse case scenarios you can end up with water leaks under the cupboard or inside a wall cavity that can create water damage.

Bathroom vanities are expensive because you might be looking at one that is hand made from a designer instead of a basic flat pack product from a hardware store that is mass produced. Take the vanities that are available to buy from Reece for example, they range from $400 for their simple entry level vanity product, then $700 for a wall hung timber unit with ceramic top and around $8,000 for a unit designed by ISSY that is a real statement piece.

Are vanities really expensive or is it a case of people not shopping around to understand the options available? 

There are thousands of different vanities available to buy in Sydney even Bunnings sells their Estillo single tap / sink unit for just $193 so most likely there is a product that will suit each person’s budget. You could even buy a second hand vanity to save money instead of an expensive one.


Here is a basic vanity from Reece which is the Base two door that is $470 inc gst



or the Posh Domain 600mm wall hung vanity for $776 with a ceramic top and MDF MR E0 body



or finally there is the ISSY Cloud II 900mm made to order vanity for $6527 inc gst



As you can see just in the examples above, vanities are not expensive, there are a wide variety of products to choose from that will suit different budgets and needs. Very similar to clothing or other types of furniture for your home.


Once you have selected your vanity furniture, depending on the model you have chosen, you might then have to choose a sink and of course your tap mixer hardware. You can create a simple package so that the colour, texture and design of the vanity, sink and taps all matches perfectly with your floor or wall tiles.

The price to install a double vanity may not be too much more than a single vanity. It really depends what is being replaced. So for example if you have a single vanity and want to install a double vanity then extra plumbing may be required or even moving a toilet to make the space.

The only way to find out the installation cost of a double vanity is to organise a free quote and site inspection. The size and shape may be so much larger than the existing unit that the wall tiling has to be changed, if it is wall hung then the wall might have to be re-enforced or the plumbing may have to be adjusted to suit two taps being used.

The cost to switch from a single to double vanity will have two components;

  • Labour for the installation
  • The cost of the vanity and new taps

If you have a single vanity and want to change it to a double vanity the first thing you have to consider is the space available. You might have to move your toilet, shower screen or bath to accomodate a wider vanity unit. This could require additional renovation costs in the bathroom.

If you are lucky enough to have all the space needed then the next consideration is whether the plumbing has to be adjusted so the water supply and waste can suit the two sinks. It could mean the plumbing has to be adjusted slightly to accomodate.

Therefore it is impossible to put a fixed cost price of changing from single to double because the amount of plumbing labour required will vary between one home and another. It also depends on the type of vanity as wall hung units will require changes to the plumbing that is concealed in the wall, so the cost to go from a single floor standing vanity to wall hung could be even higher because of the extra labour involved.

A bathroom sink replacement cost could be as little as $200 ex gst for a plumber to simply remove the old sink and replace it with a new one. In our experience a sink replacement means the whole vanity is getting changed, so it isn’t a simple task as there is more work involved of course. 

The answer to this is similar to what we have already mentioned earlier.

There are lots of styles of vanity that you can buy in Australia. Some might require a separate sink to be placed on the top of the vanity while others may already have a sink built into the design itself. The installation cost will vary depending on the style of the unit and how the taps have to be connected either in the unit itself or mounted on the wall behind it. 

Either way our plumbing team can adjust the piping and move the fittings to suit.

If you have a vanity unit that needs to have the taps moved to a different location then the water supply lines or floor plumbing might have to be adjusted to suit.

A licensed plumber in Sydney can work out the best way to get this completed. 

If your home is built on a concrete slab we may need to do a wet saw concrete cut to move the direction or length of the plumbing to suit the location of the new vanity waste and water supply lines. 

If your home is built using a timber sub floor that has crawl space underneath we may be able to cut a new whole in the floor for the plumbing and run it up to the new location for you. 

Some home owners love to have exposed floor plumbing were you can see the drain pipe and will choose a colour that matches the room like matt black, polished silver or even brushed steel.

Nu-Trend can remove your pedestal sink and prepare your bathroom to have a new vanity installed in its place. Removing the old pedestal may damage the floor depending on how it has been fixed. Although if your new vanity sits on the floor then this can be concealed without needing to repair it. 

If you are installing a new wall hung vanity unit then we can repair the floor tiling and even move the plumbing to run up inside the wall into the wall hung unit. You may even like to have an exposed drain pipe which is in a colour that matches the taps or shower head as part of your interior design. 

Our bathroom plumbing renovating team can help you achieve any outcome you like and this type of replacement may cost between $500 and $800 depending on the work required.

We love this question, our answer is ‘How long is the piece of string you are holding?’ 

Just kidding, but let us explain why we respond like this, there are millions of vanity unit choices available for sale in Australia. So how can we possibly answer the question of ‘how much is a vanity’

You can buy a cheap vanity for around $170 from places like Bunnings, Bathware Direct, eBay etc or you can spend $1,300 on vanity from premium designers like ADP, Loughlan Furniture, Timberline and hundreds of other designers.

Some people will get excited by a quotation that includes the supply of a vanity, but in some cases they don’t realise they might be getting a second hand unit or something bought cheaply that won’t last long. 

Also is it just the vanity we are talking about, or is it a combination vanity with a sink? If it doesn’t include a sink then that is another item you need to purchase which changes your cost estimate.

There are a few steps that need to be taken to correctly replace your bathroom vanity in Sydney. It is recommended you use a qualified plumber as you will be interfering with your water piping systems.

  1. Remove the existing vanity set up and hope that the existing wall or floor tiles are in good condition and don’t need to be retiled or painted.


  2. Check if the existing plumbing needs to be upgraded.


  3. Make sure the selected vanity that has been chosen will  definitely fit the space available as well as the plumbing connections available.


  4. Set up the new vanity and prepare it for installation.


  5. Sit the vanity in place and ensure the client is happy with what it will look like.


  6. Begin connecting all the plumbing including taps and mixers.


  7. Test and commission


  8. Seal with appropriate colour silicone to suite the surroundings


  9. Dispose of the old vanity and clean site

When you are considering the replacement of your vanity unit in your bathroom you have to think about what it is you have now & what you are going to be changing to. So for example you might have a pedestal sink and you want to convert that to a full vanity unit, so you may have to rework the plumbing to suit that type of changeover.

You might want a wall hung vanity unit so this will require not only plumbing changes but could also need wall re-enforcement to take the weight of the unit.

You have to decide what the replacement will be before you can figure out your costs.

Yes, we can help you move the items in your bathroom that are on a concrete slab to alter your floor plan. In this situation, we would have to determine how far each item needs to be moved so that we can check the required services piping. How hard it is to move the floor plan around will depend on how far each item has to move and what the flooring or piping is like. Read our article about changing the floor plan on a concrete slab

Depending on how much space you have in your bathroom and how large or small the new vanity is that you want to install, it might be possible to change the floorplan slightly by putting it in a different location. This can help create more space in the room or change the flow quite considerably. It just really depends on the room and products you are working with.

Generally speaking there are six types of vanity units that you can buy to install in your bathroom. Then of course there are millions of different combinations of base, top, sink & taps to suit your interior design.

  • Pedestal Sink – this is also known as a free standing sink. This does not have any particular storage features around its body but it does come with look that adds a sense of class to any bathroom. It can fit in well with any kind of bathroom.

  • Free Standing Vanity –  is designed with some of the same functional features as a pedestal sink but instead offers a square or rectangular look. It can support one or two sinks and is available in a variety of design choices and finishes.

  • Wall Mounted Floating Vanity – directly mounted onto your walled surface in your bathroom. This is great for how it can fit in well within your bathroom and not take up loads of space in the process. In addition, it does not have to be connected directly to your floor.

  • Vessel Vanity – is often used in fancy restaurants and hotel lobbies. This is a vanity that uses a rising bowl around the sink area. It protrudes from out of the main body of the vanity and is linked to its own separate tap. There are storage spots on the bottom part like with anything else but the sink on its own will have a fancier look to it. This is a beautiful choice to have but it can take up quite a bit of space depending on what you plan on using with it.

  • Under-Mounted Sink – this uses a basin that is built directly inside of the vanity. This adds a more refined and modern look to the vanity as it offers a flatter appearance overall. Sometimes a slight riser can be found around the outside edges of the basin to create a special look all the way through. This is an attractive choice although the under-mounted design does keep the vanity from having as much storage space as some other choices.

  • Vanity Cabinet – the most common type of vanity is designed with a series of pull-out doors similar to what you might find out of a more traditional kitchen cabinet. This is made with a classic design that is attractive and gives off a nice tone when used right. 

Here are some of our recent bathroom renovations in Sydney that Nu-Trend has completed. The majority of the projects we are contracted for are complete bathroom renovations where the room is completely stripped so that the flooring, walls, tiling and waterproofing is installed brand new.

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