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Steam shower installed in an office in Hurstville
The owner of this executive office in Hurstville wanted to update his bathroom and upgraded it to have a full steam shower installed

Nu-Trend is a bathroom renovation specialist in Sydney that builds completely new bathrooms from $23,000 for houses, apartments or businesses
Steam shower installer Hurstville Sydney complete renovation

Installing a new steam shower into an office

6 weeks to complete

$40 – $55,000 budget

SECOND floor

Full renovation

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Nu-Trend are a breathe of fresh air considering the way the trade industry is headed. Nu-Trend are extremely professional and their work is always to the highest standard.

If you want the job done right, I can’t recommend them enough.

You shouldn’t look anywhere else especially when it comes to bathroom renovations.

An office renovation that included the installation of a steam shower in the new bathroom.

Nu-Trend was engaged by the owner of an office in Hurstville to help with their planned renovations. The upstairs office had an old bathroom that was quite old and wasn’t very functional. The executive owner spends a lot of time in the office and decided to get a complete bathroom renovation that included a new steam shower.

Nu-Trend is a steam shower installation contractor in Sydney that can help a home owner, business owner or retail store to design, plan and install a new steam shower. It is a big upgrade from a standard walk in shower with its enclosed design very similar to premium day spas. Beauty salons, hair dressers, massage parlours or even physios could offer a steam shower as a premium service offering as they can provide so many health benefits. 

Our scope of work for this bathroom renovation was very extensive because we had to demolish the old bathroom, then get the room prepared for the steam shower installation and once that was done, complete the renovation with new floor and wall tiling. Part of this process included cutting into the concrete slab to install the new plumbing service piping that was required in the floor.

Contracting a reliable bathroom renovation company in Hurstville.

Nu-Trend is a renovation contractor in Hurstville that does complete bathroom renovations for homes, commercial offices or retail stores. We don’t win every single quote we send out because a lot of people choose a cheaper option, but in the last 12 months we have gone back to at least six properties to correct the work that was done by other contractors. 

Have a look at why you should avoid cheap quotes here.

Our company is a renovation specialist in Sydney that can be contracted to adjust the bathroom plumbing, move walls or create a new floor plan layout in your bathroom. We’ve been performing this type of work in Sydney since 2009 and have completed many different units, apartment & townhouse renovation projects. Our renovating company can help you work out your interior design, demolish your existing bathroom, prepare the room to be waterproofed and tiled, then install all the new fixtures so that it is ready to be used.

Steam shower installer Hurstville Sydney shower glass wall
Steam shower installer Hurstville Sydney mixer taps
Steam shower installer Hurstville Sydney
Steam shower installer Hurstville Sydney new sink installed
Steam shower installer Hurstville Sydney floor waste installed
Steam shower installer Hurstville Sydney new stainless steel sink

How did we prepare the room for a steam shower?

The floors and walls

  • The existing bathroom was completely stripped back to the bare concrete floor and timber wall framing.
  • We had to re-configure the existing plumbing that was servicing the room so that it would have the right sizing and waste pipes to accomodate a washing machine, sink, toilet and the steam shower.
  • To install all the required plumbing we had to cut into the concrete slab and either extend or locate the existing services to then make the appropriate connections.

The steam shower hardware

  • A steam shower requires extra elements to be installed that includes the steam outlet, control unit and the generator, these have to be planned for so they can have spaces built into the wall as needed. This also has to be connected to the water supply.
  • New piping has to also be installed between the generator, steam outlet, hot and cold water supply to the room to then reach the hot water system.
  • For this renovation the bathroom also needed a new hot water system installation which we also helped to complete with new roof mounted units that would also feed the sink and washing machine.

A new bathroom for an office with laundry facilities

For this business they didn’t just want a renovated bathroom, they were really looking to maximise the practicality of their office. With the staff spending long hours at work it made sense to provide additional facilities like the washing machine with dryer & a touch of luxury with the steam shower. By combining the functionality of a laundry together with a bathroom every inch of space is utilised to the maximum.

What products did we install in this bathroom in Hurstville?

What does it cost to install a new bathroom with steam shower?

It is impossible for us to provide a ‘single price’ that can suit any type of bathroom renovation or steam shower installation cost. There are simply too many variables – let’s take a tap as an example, you might buy one from Bunnings for $10 or from a designer like ADP for $1,200. Apply that logic to floor tiles, wall tiles, shower mixer, shower head, toilet and your costs can vary between $1,000 or $15,000 just for the products to be fitted.

Then we have to consider the installation of the steam shower which is a more complex set up because of the additional hardware, piping and electrical work that is needed.

Therefore a budget of between $25,000 and $50,000 is a reasonable ‘window’ to begin with where you can then narrow down your product or design choices to get this to  a more accurate figure. Use our guide below for more information.

Are you ready to renovate your bathroom?

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Our company specialises in helping people who want to do a complete bathroom renovation. We strip everything back to the bare framework to build a completely new bathroom. 


It means you can build a new bathroom with total peace of mind knowing every little detail is taken care of & we aren’t building over existing work. You can choose every colour, texture, product and layout you like. It is the ultimate way to renovate your bathroom.

Complete bathroom renovations start from $23,000 and the total cost will vary depending on size of bathroom, complexity of the location, the exact work required and of course the products you choose to install.

Rick Karagiannis - Licensed Bathroom Renovator in Sydney
Rick Karagiannis - Licensed Bathroom Renovator in Sydney

Rick Karagiannis is a licensed plumber, building renovator and director of Nu-Trend.

Nu-Trend has been operating since 2009 as an independent renovation contractor in Sydney. Rick and his team provide a range of services including bathroom renovations, leaking tap repairs, hot water high-pressure jet blasting and more.

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