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Complete bathroom renovation in Randwick, Sydney
A complete bathroom renovation in Randwick to solve a leak caused by incorrect tiling and waterproofing. See how we renovated this bathroom

Nu-Trend is a bathroom renovation specialist in Sydney that builds completely new bathrooms from $23,000 for houses, apartments or businesses
Bathroom renovation in Randwick with new toilet and vanity

A complete bathroom renovation in Randwick

4 Weeks to complete

$27 – $30,000 budget

First floor

Complete renovation

Bathroom renovation in Randwick with double vanity and white sinks
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If I could give Nu-Trend 6 stars I would.

It’s a scary thing committing a large amount of money to a bathroom renovation but these guys make it as stress free as they possibly can.

Great communication from start to finish, professional, friendly, helpful advice and so easy to work with. They respected my property by providing covers on all the walkways and tidied up every day which was a bonus. Rick, Rob, Chris and all their associates obviously take great pride in their work and it shows.

I am very happy with my stunning new bathroom. Very highly recommended.

A new bathroom built with double vanity in Randwick, Sydney

We were contracted as a bathroom renovator in Randwick, Sydney to help the home owner solve a water leak issue in their old bathroom. You can read about the cause of the water leak here

At first glance the old bathroom looked ok, although what wasn’t obvious was the bathroom didn’t have the correct waterproofing or tiling applied when it was built. So over time gaps began appearing in the joins between the tiles which was letting water leak into the floors and walls. It got so bad the water leak was visible in the downstairs rooms.

Nu-Trend is bathroom renovation company in Sydney with a team of experienced renovation contractors and this includes plumbers; electrician, painter, tiler and carpenter that can manage the plumbing, electrical, tiling, painting and installation of new toilets, vanities and more.

For this home owner the first thing we had to do was identify the cause of the leak, our plumber didn’t take long once we inspected the tiling and realised the walls weren’t sheeted properly, there was incorrect waterproofing and the tiles didn’t have the right adhesives applied.

The scope of work
So the scope of work for this job included repairing the water damage, demolishing the old bathroom & then building a new one. 
Sydney bathroom renovation costs will vary a depending on the skills of the contractor and how much work is involved, for this project our scope of work included;

  • Water leak inspection
  • Bathroom demolition
  • Repairing the water damage
  • Preparing the walls and floors
  • New floor and wall sheeting
  • Waterproofing
  • New tiling installation
  • Finishing off with fixture and furniture installation, painting and lighting. 
The bathroom design brief
The existing layout for this bathroom was retained which included a free standing bath, vanity, toilet, walk in shower and two windows. The new design included a feature wall using 3D wall tiles which really set the room off and showed off the new bath tub really nicely.
Bathroom renovating steps 

The very general list of steps for renovating any bathroom in Sydney include the following;

1. Planning and Design: Helps in mapping out the vision for the bathroom, including the layout, materials, fixtures, and finishes. A well-thought-out plan ensures that the renovation meets your needs and stays within budget.

2. Budgeting: It’s crucial to have a budget in place to manage costs effectively and avoid overspending. A budget includes labour, materials, permits, and unexpected expenses.

3. Permissions and Approvals: Depending on the extent of the renovation, you may need approvals from the local council in NSW or comply with the development standards. This is to ensure safety and legality.

4. Using Professionals: Contractors, plumbers, and electricians may be needed to ensure the job is done professionally, safely, and to code. Their expertise is crucial for a successful renovation.

5. Demolition: The old bathroom fixtures, finishes, and structures need to be removed to make way for the new design. This step must be done safely to avoid damage to existing structures.

6. Plumbing and Electrical Work: These are foundational elements of the bathroom. Getting the plumbing and electrical right is essential for the functionality of fixtures like sinks, tubs, and lights.

7. Installation of New Features: This involves installing new fixtures, cabinetry, flooring, etc. Proper installation ensures the bathroom is functional, aesthetic, and durable.

8. Tiling and Painting: These finishings are essential for the aesthetic appeal and water resistance of the bathroom. Quality workmanship ensures longevity and adds value to the home.

9. Final Inspection: Ensures all works are completed to the planned design, quality standards, and building codes. It’s a critical step to address any issues before the finalisation of the project.

10. Clean Up: Post-renovation clean-up is essential to remove debris, dust, and leftover materials, making the space ready for use.te

Renovate a bathroom in Sydney to remove a leak

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Bathroom demolition incorrect tiling

Pretty shocking video footage isn’t it?

We have written a separate article about why this bathroom had a water leak here

Fortunately nobody in this home was hurt by tiles falling off the wall or the ceiling collapsing on the ground floor due to water damage, although it had the potential for this to happen.

This is an example of being very careful when you select a very cheap bathroom renovation quotation. There is a lot more detail and work that goes into renovating a bathroom and as this home owner has found out, they had to completely redo the bathroom again.

In some situations you might be able to stop the water leak if it is possible to repair just the area that is letting water escape. Although this normally doesn’t look very good as you can visually see a repair was done.



Take a look at our trusted 5 step process that we have refined after renovating thousands of bathrooms in Sydney. 

We document & detail every step so you know exactly what is happening during each stage of the renovation process.

Design ideas for a bathroom renovation in Randwick, Sydney

Double vanity in the bathroom 
One of the most practical things you can install in a new bathroom is a double vanity that has two sinks, two sets of storage drawers and matching mirror cabinet with storage.

This type of vanity is perfect for couples because two people can use the bathroom very easily while also having their own space for their toiletries and gadgets.

Timber vanity in a bathroom
Using timber in a bathroom can give it a feeling of warmth and luxury. Light colour timber can very easily blend into any interior design style to compliment the hard surfaces of the tiles on the floors or walls.

Drain waste
To save money on renovations of a shower some people will choose to install a simple drain waste that you can buy from Bunnings or Reece. 

These are fine of course, but if you want a touch of luxury then, a custom made floor waste can be integrated into the floor tiling so that it becomes almost ‘invisible’ when you look into the room. 

The wider opening can also capture more water too.

Wall hung vanity
If your vanity is wall hung it creates space on the floor that can help make a room feel larger and also cleaner. It is a visual illusion that adds a touch of luxury to any bathroom renovation.

This vanity was the first thing you see when you walk in the room so it immediately makes the bathroom feel larger than it is.

Tap placement
Every bathroom design needs to be checked and double checked. Our tradespeople will make sure that every item is spaced correctly and in the right locations before we complete the renovation work to install them.

Bathroom plumbing changes
Our team includes renovators and plumbers so this means we can adjust bathroom plumbing pipes either internally or externally. We can solve water leak problems, move connections and do other things that some renovators won’t be able to do.

What else did our bathroom renovators in Randwick, Sydney do?


Doing as many house renovation projects as we do, we understand how stressful they can be for people trying to live through them. Most tradies also make a big mess. 

We make sure we protect your property with floor and wall coverings to make sure nothing is damaged while we are renovating your house.


Nu-Trend is a licensed plumber which is an advantage when you are renovating a bathroom. For every project we inspect all the plumbing to make sure it is ready for use. 

We conduct a CCTV Camera Inspection of your piping and if required a high pressure jet blast to make sure everything is ready.


It is the small things that count. We will check things like how your pets get into the house, if neighbours require access to driveways or other things that are important to how you live in your home to make sure everything goes smoothly during a renovation. 


Some renovation contractors will not include this in their service, they might leave the rubbish from the demolition in your backyard or on the street. 

Nu-Trend will make sure all the materials and rubbish that are not used are removed neatly ensuring your property isn’t left in a mess and neighbours are happy.


We make sure that each part of the renovation project is not only done in accordance to Australian Standards but is precise, measured and correctly prepared.

This includes things like doing a laser level check for the screed and tile height pre start off the plan to make sure the right falls are created.


For every bathroom renovation project we do we will typically have custom designed drain grates created so they fit your space perfectly. 

Same applies for most shower renovations that we do, rather than use off the shelf screens, in most cases we will recommend a custom cut shower screen so it can perfectly fit your room.  

At Nu Trend, we are not just renovators; we are your partners in transforming your bathroom spaces into havens of luxury, functionality, and aesthetic delight in Randwick. Our holistic approach, which encompasses an array of services from conceptual design to final completion, caters to the diverse needs of apartments, units, townhouses, and houses. 

1. Personalised Design Consultations:

We understand that every space has its unique attributes and every client, their distinct taste. Our team of seasoned architects and interior designers collaborates with you, turning your ideas into concrete plans that merge functionality and aesthetics seamlessly.

2. Plumbing and Layout Configuration:

Break free from the constraints of existing layouts. Our team of skilled plumbers and engineers are adept at reconfiguring plumbing systems, opening up a world of design possibilities and enhancing space utility and functionality.

3. Expert Demolition Services:

Safety and precision guide our demolition services. We meticulously deconstruct the old, making way for the new, while ensuring the integrity of the structure is unscathed and every regulation adhered to.

4. Professional Tiling and Waterproofing:

Our expertise extends to impeccable tiling services, offering a myriad of quality, durable, and aesthetically pleasing options. Coupled with state-of-the-art waterproofing, we ensure your bathroom is both stunning and structurally sound.

5. Electrical Installations:

Safety, efficiency, and innovation guide our electrical installations. We bring to life a bathroom that’s not just visually appealing but is illuminated to perfection and functionally superior with new down lights, mood lighting, mirror lighting and more.

6. Precision Painting:

Every stroke of our paintbrush is guided by precision, adding the finishing touches that transform your bathroom into a masterpiece of artistry and craftsmanship. We can paint walls, ceilings, doors and even window frames as needed.

7. Fixture Fitting:

From walk-in showers to bespoke vanities, every fixture is fitted with precision, marrying functionality and style, and personalised to resonate with your distinct taste. Fittings for the shower, sink, bath or bidet can be expertly installed.

8. Final Clean and Hand Over:

We don’t just renovate; we transform. Every project is a journey from the old to the new, culminating in a bathroom space that transcends the ordinary and epitomises personalised luxury and innovation, this includes a professional deep clean and every area in your home covered from dust and debris.

With Nu Trend, every bathroom renovation is a symphony of personalised service, professional craftsmanship, and innovative design. 

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Our company specialises in helping people who want to do a complete bathroom renovation. We strip everything back to the bare framework to build a completely new bathroom. 


It means you can build a new bathroom with total peace of mind knowing every little detail is taken care of & we aren’t building over existing work. You can choose every colour, texture, product and layout you like. It is the ultimate way to renovate your bathroom.

Complete bathroom renovations start from $23,000 and the total cost will vary depending on size of bathroom, complexity of the location, the exact work required and of course the products you choose to install.

Rick Karagiannis - Licensed Bathroom Renovator in Sydney
Rick Karagiannis - Licensed Bathroom Renovator in Sydney

Rick Karagiannis is a licensed plumber, bathroom renovator and Director of Nu-Trend in Sydney.

Nu-Trend is a plumbing and bathroom renovation contractor in Sydney that has been operating since 2009. Rick and the team of licensed tradespeople can build a new bathroom, repair leaking taps, hot water high-pressure jet blasting and more.

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