Design a bathroom any way you like.

Billions of choices, that’s right, there are billions of choices when it comes to designing a new bathroom. When you multiply the number of tiles, taps, vanity units, shower styles or even mixers, there are billions of combinations available.

Guess what, we can do bathroom renovations for any style or working with any design that you have in mind. We have created brand new bathrooms from scratch, working with designers, as well as crafting ‘mood boards’ to piece together a bespoke creation.

Bathroom renovations available 7 days a week

A professional Renovation service.

The Nu-Trend Bathroom Renovation team can service any suburb in Sydney to complete a project or help with bathroom plumbing problems. A Bathroom renovation can add value to your property instantly.

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Director & Licenced Plumber


Licensed Plumber


We provide bathroom renovation quotes in Sydney. We know it provides peace of mind to know exactly what will or won’t be included. We guarantee our quotes won’t include any fake discount gimmicks either.