Shared sewer pipes are common in older suburbs of Sydney. When the pipes get blocked it is a big task to identify the location


Fixing share sewer pipe blockages in Sydney suburbs like Lilyfield

Lilyfield is one of the suburbs in Sydney that has a large number of ‘workers cottages’ which use shared sewer systems and piping. In recent years property investors have been keen to capitalise on the suburb’s proximity to the Sydney CBD and developed many of the original workers’ cottages. Although they haven’t been able to improve the shared sewage given the proximity to other properties and the cost involved.


Lilyfield is a suburb in the Inner West of Sydney, in New South Wales, about six kilometres west of the Sydney central business district. It was originally a working-class area although it is now increasingly gentrified.  Although predominantly middle class, the suburb still retains some of its working-class roots and like its neighbouring suburbs, is home to people from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Quiet by nature, Lilyfield’s working-class roots underpin its community-centred vibe. 


Nu-Trend provides blocked pipe repair services to suburbs like Lilyfield, Leichardt, Five Dock and surrounding inner west suburbs. Nu-Trend is actually a qualified plumber and bathroom plumbing renovation company so you only need to deal with one service contractor.



Learn more about why pipes get blocked & how you can avoid it from happening.

What is a shared sewer & what is needed to get it unblocked?

water leak or blocked shared sewer in Sydney

A shared sewer line is considered a “common” sewer line that runs through a number of properties, it could even be ten houses that use one line. It is an old system of providing sewerage services to houses and can be quite problematic in Sydney when the pipe gets blocked


Where there isn’t great access to a direct connection it means the property has to share a common main line. There are a number of disadvantages to this;

  1. Your sewer can be running through someone else’s front or rear yard.

  2. Even though your house may not be effected by a blockage or a collapsed junction point, it is considered a common line so all houses are responsible, similar to a set up for town houses.

For the property owners in Lilyfield they began noticing sewerage water  building up and they were getting some really bad smells in their home. They called Nu-Trend to try and detect the drain blockage.


Using a Sewer Service Diagram from Sydney Water we could determine which properties shared the pipe and its location in relation to the property boundaries. The diagram shows the common line through all the properties and helps us diagnose where the sewer is running that helps us look for inspection openings for high pressure water jet blasting or CCTV pipe camera inspection access.


We managed to local a collapse in the piping but at the same time we uncovered other underlying issues.


To unblock a shared sewer becomes a process of elimination because we are able to use our CCTV digital cameras to inspect the pipes or when the lines are cleared, but there could be other blockages. So it means checking all the way along the shared sewer to be sure.


In blocked sewer pipe situation we had to dig up the 6 inch terracotta pipe that was blocked, but then found more underlying collapses and these could be under living room tiled floors running under the house.

Sydney Water Sewer Service Diagram used to fix blocked pipes in Sydney by Nu-Trend

Be careful of cheap blocked pipe repairs in Sydney.

Company that can fix a shared sewer pipe in Lilyfield photo

Property owners might get excited if the blocked pipe repair company just shows you the one issue that gets fixed and it is a cheap cost to fix. What the repair company might not be telling you is whether there are other issues along the line that will cause issues later on.


Their short term blocked pipe repair may cause further damage later & you are also doubling your labour costs to have it inspected.


That is why Nu-Trend makes sure we check for other underlying issues before leaving a repair job. We believe a property owner should be given the full picture.


Many underground pipe issues are noticed when there is a blockage somewhere in the property. Blockages must be cleared before drainage problems are investigated and you should contact a qualified Sydney plumber to get this done properly.


Signs might include;

  • sink overflowing
  • Waste coming out of an inspection chamber (used for sewer access by inspectors)
  • A toilet emptying very slowly
  • Foul smells that don’t go away
  • Dirty water, toilet paper or sewage coming up on to land
  • Water escaping from an underground pipe and washing away soil
  • Repeated blockings may be the sign of damaged pipes that need to be repaired.


Property owners are responsible for maintaining water and wastewater pipes or equipment up to where they connect to Sydney Water systems and this includes;

  • private water and wastewater pipes and fixtures
  • backflow prevention devices
  • pumps used to boost water pressure in private water pipes
  • flow restriction devices on low pressure water services
  • wastewater pumps, tanks and other equipment (unless we have an additional services agreement with you that says we’ll maintain it)
  • trade wastewater treatment equipment
  • fire services
  • extended private services and private water mains
  • joint private services and encroaching private services.

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Years of experience

Nu-Trend was formed just over 10 years ago by father and son team, Rick and Michael Karagiannis.

Michael has been in the industry for more than 20 years, passing his knowledge and expertise to Rick as the family tradition lives on.

Rick has always enjoyed the finer elements design details. Not content with solving plumbing problems he soon broadened his skills to also do bathroom renovations in Sydney. A perfect match with hundreds of reviews later & beautiful bathrooms being enjoyed by hundreds of people.

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Nu-Trend is a renovations company in Sydney that is available 7 days a week. With 15 years experience, the Directors Rob and Rick are hands-on, and provide a personalised service that is fully licensed, insured and qualified.

You can check online with the NSW Department of Fair Trading here


All the work carried out by Nu-Trend is AS/NZ3500:2018 compliant. It is the Australian Standard for Plumbing and Drainage in NSW as set down by Standards Australia and the Australian Building Codes Board. They give the plumbing industry technical direction to enable compliance with required regulatory frameworks.


Rick from Nu-Trend Plumbing and Bathroom Renovations

The passionate Sydney business owner who loves his job, always goes the extra mile & who many say “is too good for the industry”

Rick dislikes the typical industry behaviour and firmly believes in ‘no gimmicks’ and upfront, honest work.

  • Position: Director
  • Years in the industry: 15
  • Expertise / specialty: A hands-on Director and business owner who provides leadership for the team.
  • Qualifications: Licensed Plumber, Bathroom Renovator.
  • What he loves about his work? I love helping people when someone wants something and we achieve what they are after it’s rewarding for me.
  • Funniest on the job story: Doing a job on a live sewer stack and someone flushing the toilet while we were underneath. It was quite brown, but you had to laugh.
  • Favourite brand of bathroom product: Caroma Products


Company that can fix a shared sewer pipe in Lilyfield photo

Robert is the co-owner of Nu-Trend who loves walking into different scenarios every day & trying to solve problems quickly. 

He is the organiser in the team, keeping the boys on track each day. Some dub him the ‘pretty face’ of Nu-Trend. 

  • Position: Director
  • Years in industry: 14
  • Expertise / specialty: Quoting, team organisation and logistics to keep everything running smoothly.
  • Qualifications: Licensed Plumber and Bathroom Renovator.
  • What he loves about his work? Doing something different every day and working with really good people to solve a range of everyday problems.
  • Funniest on the job story: Pranking the boys with fake emails or calls and waiting to see their reactions. Funny at times but a good way to practice real situations.
  • Favourite brand of bathroom product: Boffi Products


Company that can fix a shared sewer pipe in Lilyfield photo

Chris joined Rick and Robert a few years ago as the number of jobs and bathroom renovations began to increase.

Ever reliable Chris gets stuck in when the hard work is required and provides the Nu-Trend team with a lot of the hard yakka.

  • Position: Plumber
  • Years in industry: 6
  • Expertise / specialty: Maintenance and domestic plumbing for houses or unit apartment blocks.
  • Qualifications: Licensed Plumber with aspirations to learn about renovations.
  • What he loves about his work?  Seeing Nu-Trend customers satisfied after a completed job where they notice the little details or finishing touches.
  • Funniest on the job story: Too many to list and he has been thinking about writing a book about funny plumber stories for everyone to read about.
  • Favourite brand of bathroom product: Boffi Products

15 years experience with a written commitment.

Rick and Rob are the hands-on directors for Nu-Trend. Rather than hire sub-contractors and manage their business from a distant office, they are on the tools, at your site & working towards delivering your bathroom renovation or plumbing service. It means you are talking directly to the owners of the business, the guys who are accountable and responsible rather than via email or through customer service teams.

It is why they are able to provide a written guarantee that demonstrates their confidence in standing by the quality of their workmanship and the service they deliver to every single client.

They have a very single minded commitment to deliver a high level of professionalism and quality, they’ve been doing renovation contracting in Sydney for 15+ years.

Rick Karagiannis - Plumber & Bathroom Renovator

Rick Karagiannis - Plumber & Bathroom Renovator

Rick Karagiannis is a licensed Plumber, Building Renovator and Director of Nu-Trend, a Sydney Plumber and Bathroom Renovations contractor. Nu-Trend has been operating since 2009 as an independent sole trader in Sydney. Rick provides all types of services for small bathroom renovations, leaking tap repairs, hot water high-pressure jet blasting and more.