Demolish your old bathroom and get a completely new one.

Nu Trend Sydney Renovation Company completed ensuite bathroom with laminate slab top with ceramic offset basin from Bathroom Collective
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Complete bathroom renovations Sydney

Nu-Trend is a bathroom renovation contractor in Sydney

Work with a Sydney renovation contractor that does complete bathroom renovations. With every bathroom we renovate we include these standard inclusions and it all begins with a bathroom demolition;

Nu Trend bathroom renovation in Sydney including 2D design drawings
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Do you remember the ‘old days’ when personal service was the thing every business provided? That is how Rick and Rob treat every client who contract Nu-Trend as their renovation company to do a complete bathroom renovation in Sydney. 

You get to deal directly with the owners of the business who have more than 20 years of experience, over 200 written reviews and provide a free, written, fixed price quotation.

They have a very single minded commitment to deliver a high level of professionalism and quality renovation projects. To deliver this they use industry leading brands to create complete bathroom renovations with Caroma, Grohe, Dorf, Kado, Blanco and others.

Nu-Trend is a renovation company based in Hurstville South in Sydney, that focusses on building complete bathroom renovations in homes or apartments. We build modern bathrooms to meet your budget; add value to your home, or improve your business or rental property.

Plan a complete renovation in virtual reality

A 2D & virtual 3D view of your complete bathroom design allows you to quickly visualise each project before its demolition

  • makes planning easier


We can take your bathroom renovation ideas and create a simple 2D and 3D virtual mock up of your room to help get things started quickly. By using your ideas we will create a simple visual interpretation of your room that we can use to do the initial planning and start your renovation project quickly & easily. 

While not as accurate or as detailed as an interior designer plan it does help plan smaller bathroom renovation projects or smaller renovations under $25,000.

Designer for complete bathroom renovations

For every bathroom renovation project valued over $20,000 you will have an interior designer created plan.

Nu Trend bathroom renovation in Sydney including free 2D design drawings 6.jpg 8
  • PRECISE MEASUREMENT & elevation plan of your room
  • A PRECISE 2D drawing to PLAN your floor plan
  • Initial product selection.


For those who want to get a little more serious about their bathroom design we include a specific plan that is created by our interior designer. Start your property renovation with an interior design plan that is hand crafted by an expert. Trying to work out your bathroom design can be a difficult task. Not only is Nu-Trend able to manage your bathroom plumbing and renovation work but we will help get your project started the right way by including an expertly interior design plan for all projects over $20,000. 

It means we can both work from a professionally drafted plan that uses the exact measurements of the room in your property & a precise list of materials or products. It creates the perfect base to work from to help make product selections and plan the project timelines.




You get the inputs from an expert who has many years experience working with property construction, materials & design techniques to create something that meets your brief precisely. It creates a very defined plan that can be worked with to renovate your room to make sure there are no hidden surprises or budget blowouts. 

Most importantly you create a well designed room that is crafted by a professional.

Optional bathroom
interior design services

We will help you with any other bathroom design ideas you have

If our simple 2D/3D design or an interior designed plan doesn’t quite suit, we can help you secure a range of optional design services. Interior design can be a broad and extensive area once you get started so we can make sure that any extra requirements are taken care of. Working together with the Nu-Trend team and our designer we can help provide upgrades to your design package for things like;

  • Further changes to the initial plans provided.
  • Consultation with a designer.
  • Floor plan variations drawn up.
  • Help with fixtures & colour variations.
  • A full 3D Virtual Model created.
  • Plumbing and electrical plans.

If needed we can help you organise these extra steps to plan your bathroom renovation and provide a quotation for each element to help with your budget planning.


Nu-Trend has been contracted by many property owners to completely renovate their homes with a mixture of design inputs.

Some prefer to do it themselves and others enjoy the benefit of using an expert interior designer to make the project easier to manage. 


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Drainer | gas fitter | plumber | renovator

Nu-Trend is a Sydney company with more than 15 years experience completing bathroom renovations & solving plumbing problems. he Directors Rob and Rick are hands-on, and provide a personalised service.


All the work carried out by Nu-Trend is AS/NZ3500:2018 compliant. It is the Australian Standard for Plumbing and Drainage in NSW as set down by Standards Australia and the Australian Building Codes Board. They give the plumbing industry technical direction to enable compliance with required regulatory frameworks.

Complete bathroom renovation packages

Bathroom renovation before and after photos.

Complete bathroom renovation costs per square metre will vary greatly depending on the type of property being renovated and what is being installed. Nu-Trend is a bathroom renovation company in Sydney that can create a complete bathroom package that covers all the labour costs, products and fittings that have to be installed in the new bathroom. We begin by demolishing your old bathroom to strip the room to the bare framework before doing a total renovation to the room.

Quotes for complete bathroom renovations in Sydney

Want to know what a renovation costs on average?

Our most common question is ‘how much does a complete bathroom renovation cost and our response ‘it depends’. We have created a price guide to bathroom renovation costs in Sydney to help you plan and understand the budget required to work out how much it is to completely renovate a bathroom.

We have included a range of tips and hints to help you begin planning your bathroom renovation and to better understand why free bathroom quotations will vary in price. 

Nu-Trend does complete bathroom remodelling for residential, retail or commercial projects in buildings or apartment blocks. 

How long does a full bathroom renovation take?

Renovations can take three to six weeks.

Our most common question is ‘what are the bathroom renovation steps‘ or ‘how long does a full bathroom renovation take‘ and the answer really is ‘it depends’. Every site has different requirements, but normally a full renovation will take up to three weeks to complete. 

The steps include;

  • Planning, layout and design.
  • Floor and wall demolition.
  • Rubbish removal.
  • New flooring, walls, waterproofing.
  • Floor or wall tiling installation.
  • Moving pipes or services.
  • Changing the floor plan.
  • Installing a new shower or bath.
  • Painting, electrical and windows.
Get a quote to build a completely new bathroom

How much will renovating cost in Sydney?

We quite often get asked if we can do different types of bathroom renovation projects where there are other parties involved or to accomodate a certain situation. You don’t need to engage a bathroom demolition contractor, being a Sydney bathroom renovation company you are talking directly to the owners, so we can do everything on a bespoke, personalised basis, to suit you such as;.

  • Working with Architects or Building Designers.
  • Working from building plans or designs.
  • Collaborating with other contractors.
  • Liasing with real estate agents or property developers.
  • Engaging with product suppliers.
  • Dealing with local council or authorities.

We can give you a fixed-price bathroom renovation quotation to help calculate the costs involved.

What does a complete bathroom renovation cost?

A complete bathroom renovation in Sydney will cost between $20,000 and $30,000 in most case. Take a look at our brochure or quotation checklist that outlines how we do our bathroom pricing quotations that are very detailed. 

We have a 30 point checklist that we use to create your free customised written quotation whether you want a small bathroom quote or trying to build a luxury bathroom.


We leave no stone unturned.


Nu Trend Bathroom Renovation Brochure
Complete bathroom installations in Sydney

We can install everything for you

A complete bathroom installation means every single item in the room is installed for you. New walls, flooring, waterproofing, plumbing, floor tiling, wall tiles, vanity, sink, shower, toilet and taps.

The whole room is completely renovated with brand new materials used to make sure the installation is done correctly. This is better than a makeover or a remodel because instead of doing certain elements, everything is completely updated and installed brand new. 

We can give you a fixed-price bathroom renovation quotation to help calculate the costs involved to get everything installed by our complete bathroom company.

Our point of difference

It's all in the little details

Rick and Rob are involved with every step of each bathroom renovation they are contracted for. Nu-Trend is a Sydney bathroom renovation company that delivers a personal touch and concierge-like service. With so many years of experience they have encountered all the common bathroom renovation scenarios and developed a keen level of expertise to solve practically any situation. 

Although, it’s the little things they do that can make all the difference to a delivering a high quality renovation project efficiently, quickly and with little disruption to your daily life.

Property protection

We will make sure your property is protected with coverings from entrance to project site, even furniture to protect from dust or dirt.

Organised & prepared

All of Nu-Trend's equipment and tools are labelled, sorted and organised to deliver a quick, efficient and precise service each time.

Daily Updates

At the end of each day we will provide an update on the progress of your renovation project. This ensures you know exactly what is happening at each step.

Tidy work site

If we need to leave the site at the end of a working day we make sure it is tidy, organised & everything in place to minimise disruption.
...I can’t recommend the Nu-Trend strongly enough, they are professional, tidy, prompt and polite, and above all excellent renovation craftsman...

Rick and Rob are the hands-on Directors for Nu-Trend Plumbing. Rather than hire sub-contractors and manage their business from a distant office, they are on the tools, at your site & working towards delivering your bathroom renovation or plumbing service. It means you are talking directly to the owners of the business, the guys who are accountable and responsible rather than via email or through customer service teams.

It is why they are able to provide a written guarantee that demonstrates their confidence in standing by the quality of their workmanship and the service they deliver to every single client.

They have a very single minded commitment to deliver a high level of professionalism and quality.

Nu Trend Satisfaction Guarantee

Normally a complete bathroom renovation means you are completely stripping the room back to the framework of the building to build an entirely new bathroom. It means that everything from the flooring, walls and tiling is installed as new. This might even include changing the floor plan to create a different layout.

A remodel might include things like changing a vanity, toilet or shower but using the existing bathroom as it is. A remodel is cheaper but normally doesn’t give you the same opportunity to create a new bathroom & add the most value to your property.

By choosing to do a complete renovation you have the freedom to choose a modern or contemporary design that will impress your friends but add value to your home. Modern family bathrooms are easier to clean and maintain. We can install new tiles, taps and electrical fittings, sinks, baths, toilets or showers. We can custom build a new bathroom in an existing space or demolish or build new walls to create new rooms. 

It is impossible to answer this question. On average a complete bathroom renovation will cost between $20,000 and $40,000 for a medium-sized room. The reason there is such a wide price gap is there are millions of choices when it comes to tiling, products & types of properties. Depending on the amount of labour required & the products you choose your costs will vary. For example some bath tubs can cost $5,000 and others are $600.

On average a complete bathroom renovation will cost between $20,000 and $40,000 for a medium-sized room. The reason there is such a wide price gap is there are millions of choices when it comes to tiling, products & types of properties. The room might also need remedial work to the walls or flooring & there could even be water damage that has to be repaired. So it is hard to work out a cost without inspecting the property.

Renovating a bathroom completely will normally cost about 25% more than partially remodelling.

A complete bathroom package may seem like a good idea but be careful, they can be too good to be true. Most often a package will be advertised for $5,000 to $15,000 and presented as a ‘complete’ renovation but it may not actually include fully demolishing the old bathroom or it may include cheap quality tiling or products. 

For any package you should ask for an itemised list to make sure you are getting real value & not just a heap of leftover items being sold cheaply.

Each remodel has to be done in steps from demolition, to room preparation, waterproofing, tiling etc. So a complete remodel might take 4-6 weeks to be finished assuming all the tiles or products are in stock and no other variations need to be addressed.

If it is a house with easy access and there are no complications with the wall structures then it can be faster compared to maybe a bathroom unit revovation with limited access via a lift or stairs.

Sometimes renovations can be delayed due to changes of room plans, product shipment shortages, weather or other unforseen circumstances. Every renovation project is different but will have a specific timeline drawn up to keep you in the loop along the way.